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    Liu Yuxian: The gold empty single is not suitable for the long-term change of thinking! ! !

    2019-02-10 11:57:52

    Global Forex 

    Since mid-November last year, gold was priced at $1,200. This year's gold rally began on January 31, when the price was close to $1,330, pushing the price of gold to its peak. In view of the recent amendments, which correctly reflects the soaring price of gold by $130, this is a very substantial rebound. The price recovery in the past few trading days clearly indicates the current elasticity of gold prices and the market demand for precious metals.

    This week's gold V-shaped trend, shocked down at the beginning of the week, began to reverse on Wednesday, out of a good upward trend, it seems that has completed a fairly natural callback. But an important warning is that in this upswing, the market has overbought, but fortunately the upward trend is still intact. Most importantly, this suggests that market sentiment continues to focus on multiple levels of fundamentals.

    In addition, the crisis in Venezuela is also the wind vane of investment. In addition, the Fed has more dovish style, and there are some activities that are very supportive of gold pricing. Interestingly, the recent gold price trend is in line with the strengthening of the US dollar. In the past seven trading days (since January 31), we have seen the dollar index increase for each consecutive trading day. Considering that the low point at the end of January was 94.88, the current US dollar index is 96.41, and the value of the US dollar has risen by more than 1.5%.

    Since there is no important macroeconomic data released in the second half of 2019, investors still need to focus on the market's risk perception, while gold gains momentum by looking for safe-haven demand. From the beginning of this week, all the way to the short position, the week after the dips to do more to see the reversal, completely correct, single is not more than a single pair on the line, Friday classic masterpiece 1308 current price to do more US stocks rose, closed higher than 1315, continue to follow the trend next week There is still a new high.

    Analysis on the next Monday, the parity opened at 1312 and above has a new high, as long as the narrow sideways, the power is followed by a new phase of rising, 1312 or more strong, above the 1318-1321, after breaking through 1317 is a new round The rising step, the theoretical highest point can be seen 1331, step by step, that is to say, next week to pay attention to the breakthrough of the 1317 long and short dividing line, the breakthrough is all the way up, you can do more every day. On the contrary, we objectively re-analyze, if 1317 is not broken or a false breakthrough occurs, how should we respond? The answer is very simple. If you don’t go up, you will see the 1310 or more shocks and then move down to 1305. More than 1305, look at the bottom of the bottom, the total weekly direct rise is feasible, is the bottom, the second low point of the callback is also the bottom of the bottom of the trend, firmly determined to hold more.

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