The third Golden Special Concert? Kim Jong-un opens conditions

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on MondaySpot goldOpening at 1290.69Dollar/ ounce, although gold last week received gold, but withFederal ReserveKeeping patience as always, and the United StatesPPBoth I and the initial jobless claims were better than expected, causing gold to retreat from previous gains and fell below 1290 after the market opened on Monday.

First Gold Network April 15th After Trump publicly expressed his expectation of the third US-DPRK leader meeting, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un also publicly expressed his openness to the third meeting, but there is a condition - the end Previously, Washington proposed a nuclear agreement acceptable to both sides; on Saturday (April 13), the US House of Representatives again asked the IRS to provide Trump’s tax return within 10 days, after the US Treasury rejected the Democratic Party. The request of the two parties in the Congress is very different on this issue.

On Monday (April 15th), spot gold opened at $1,290.69 per ounce. Although gold was closed for the third time last week, with the Fed’s minutes as always, patience was emphasized, and the US PPI and initial jobless claims were better than expected. Gold retreated from previous gains and fell below 1290 after the market opened on Monday. As of press time, spot gold temporarily recorded $1287.33 per ounce, a decrease of 0.26%.


Kim Jong-un responds to the third US-DPRK leader's talks: open attitude but demand

On Thursday (April 11), US President Trump said in a meeting with South Korean President Wen Zaiyi that he is willing to hold the third summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. On Saturday (April 13), North Korean leader Kim Jong-un responded by saying that he was open to Trump’s third summit in North Korea, but Kim Jong-un also proposed conditions: at the end of this year. Before, Washington was able to propose a nuclear agreement clause acceptable to both the DPRK and the United States.

Kim Jong-un said: The US is discussing the holding of the third US-DPRK summit, but we are neither happy nor willing to see a summit like Hanoi re-convene. ”

Kim Jong-un added: "But as President Trump mentioned, the personal relationship between me and President Trump is not as hostile as the relationship between the two countries. We still maintain good relations, if we want, we You can send and receive letters that convey each other's greetings at any time."

Kim Jong-un said that the United States has asked for a third (North Korea-US) summit. "If the US attitude is correct, find a way to share with us, we are willing to try again." Kim Jong-un said that he will wait patiently until the end of this year, when the US decides whether to hold another summit.

However, in the speech, Kim Jong-un also blamed the failure of the DPRK summit in February on the "unilateral requirements" of the United States. Kim Jong-un said that this makes people doubt whether Washington is really willing to improve relations. There are still many uncertainties about the third summit of the top leaders of the United States and North Korea.

  The Democratic Party asks the IRS to provide Trump's tax return within 10 days.

On Saturday (April 13), the US House of Representatives fundraising committee chairman and Democrat Richard Neal once again issued a new deadline for the IRS, requesting local time next Tuesday (April 23) 17 Before the time, Trump's tax return is provided, otherwise it will be considered as rejecting the Congressional request.

Earlier, the US Treasury Department refused to provide Trump's tax return. At present, the Democrats have not given up.

In his letter to Neil, Finance Minister Mnuchin stressed that the request has an "unprecedented nature" and said he will be responsible for the way the Treasury handles the request and is consulting the Ministry of Justice "to ensure that our response is fully consistent." Law and constitution."

“The committee’s request raises some serious questions about the constitutional scope of Congressional powers of investigation, the rationality of legislative purposes, and the constitutional rights of US citizens,” Mnuchin wrote. "The legal implications of this requirement may affect the political motives that protect all Americans from disclosing personal tax information, regardless of which party is in power."

The stalemate between the Congress and the Trump administration on the Trump tax schedule is expected to trigger an unprecedented legal battle that will trigger the court's first test of tax regulations in the 1920s, which was only recently known.

Democrats believe that the request will be made when the previous president takes office, and is usually handled by the IRS itself, not under the supervision of the finance minister.

Republicans believe that Neil’s demands are unprecedented and political. Mnuchin himself believes that the individual’s tax return to the president has risen to the point where he needs to participate.

  Outlook outlook

Last weekGold priceFirst rise and then fall, has fallen below 1290, for this week'sGold trend,ICBCStandard Bank (ICBC Standard Bank) believes that the medium term is yellowGold marketThe performance of the field is neutral. The price of gold is sandwiched between two factors: the Fed’s dovish position on the one hand and the risk assets on the other.

Phillip Futures analyst Benjamin Lu said that becauseFinancial reportAs the season comes, the market is cautious and looks at how the first quarter will perform. "If the company's earnings report is better than expected, then gold may go down further."

And Bart Melek, global strategy director for TD Securities, believes that gold may rise this week, the dollar andChina's economyThe situation is still the key to the impact of gold.

He pointed out that gold will still respond to some positive factors, including the depreciation of the dollar.

“Once investors’ enthusiasm for the North American market has weakened, a lower dollar should help gold out of the woods.”

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