China Insurance Regulatory Commission Chen Wenhui: Natural Integration of Insurance and Poverty Alleviation

The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the pioneering and hematopoietic effects of financial assistance for poverty alleviation, and clearly require that all policies be implemented and the financial resources for poverty-stricken areas be increased.Details>>

State Council Poverty Alleviation Office Chen Zhigang: Great Contributions to Poverty Alleviation through Insurance

Financial poverty alleviation is one of the important measures to win the fight against poverty, to promote the flow of production factors to poverty-stricken areas, and to support poverty-stricken areas and poor households to develop...Details>>

7·8 National Insurance Public Information Day

In 2013, in order to further strengthen the publicity work of insurance and continuously raise the awareness of the whole social insurance, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission decided that it willJuly 8Determined as "National Insurance Public Information Day".

The theme of this year’s event is “Being away from poverty and starting from a guarantee”. This is a manifestation of the strategy for the insurance industry to implement poverty alleviation, aiming to improve insurance through innovations such as major illness, poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation, and poverty alleviation in industries. Service quality, shaping the industry image. The launching of public awareness campaigns is a strong starting point for practicing the core values ​​of the insurance industry and enhancing awareness of service in the industry. It is of great significance to raise public awareness and understanding of insurance and further narrow the gap between insurance and consumers.

Preparatory stage
May 1 to June 10
Warm-up phase
June 11 to July 7
July 8
Summary recognition
July 10 to the end of the year
Thematic activities
1. Organize insurance cultural works collection promotion activities

The China Insurance Association is responsible for the organization and development of insurance companies and local industry associations.Details>>

2. “7.8km Poverty Alleviation and Charity Run” Activity

Organize “7.8 km of poverty alleviation and charity run” in open spaces such as parks, campuses, and communities...Details>>

3. Carry out the “Insurance for Life” campaign

Insurance companies, local industry associations, producing "large color-filled walls"...Details>>

4. The "Insurance Poverty Reduction Achievement Photo Exhibition" activity

Insurance companies, local industry associations, through photography exhibitions...Details>>

5. Organize "Insurance Five Entry" activities

Insurance companies and local industry associations continue to carry out "insurance five entry"...Details>>

6, the most beautiful insurance salesman national tour activities

The China Insurance Association is responsible for the organization and development of insurance companies and local industry associations.Details>>

Provinces in action
Public event for insurance publicity day

“Being far from poverty, we must start with a guarantee.” Various insurance companies carry out “7.8 publicity of insurance” series of activities to popularize insurance knowledge, publicize insurance functions, advocate insurance concepts, and tell insurance stories well.

The following are the top ten insurance companies that have enjoyed the most popularity since the event. More insurance company activities, click here to view"Promoting Days of Praise for the Insurance Public"

Insurance Poverty Reduction Case Exhibition
Hebei Fuping Insurance Precision Poverty Alleviation Model

Fuping County, Hebei Province is an old revolutionary base area. It is the first enemy-based anti-Japanese base area established by our party and our army...Details>>

Guangxi Baise "Package Insurance Plan"

Baise City of Guangxi is an old revolutionary area. In 1929 the older generation of revolutionaries led and launched here...Details>>

Rejuvenating Accurate Poverty Alleviation in Laoyingpan Village, Xingguo State, Jiangxi Province

The Xingguo County Government regards poverty alleviation through financial assistance as an important means to help the people get out of poverty...Details>>

Guangxi Chongzuo Insurance Precision Poverty Alleviation Model

Over the past three years since the project was launched, it has provided insurance coverage for more than 2.28 million insured employees in the city...Details>>

Hunan Guzhang designated poverty alleviation project

The first pillar of agriculture in Guzhang County is tea, tea companies and tea specialty cooperatives have hundreds of...Details>>

Hubei Suizhou Elementary School “Intellectual Poverty Alleviation”

Suizhou Changgang Zhenjia Primary School is located on the beautiful Laojiao River in Dahongshan. The existing faculty and staff are 19...Details>>

Sichuan's "Hui Agricultural Insurance" Helps the District Get Rid of Poverty

Sichuan Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture is the largest ethnic minority inhabited in China. The whole country and the whole province have come out of poverty...Details>>

Guizhou Southeast Folk Village Insurance

In 2013, Yao'an County was listed as a key county for the development of contiguous poverty alleviation...Details>>

Anhui Luzhou “532” Loan Guarantee Insurance

Small and medium-sized enterprises are the main force of economic development in Ganzhou City. But for a long time, small and medium-sized enterprises have been lacking...Details>>

Jiangxi Huichang rural poor population health insurance poverty alleviation

PICC P&C Insurance Co., Ltd. organized medical services for the rural poor in 11 counties (districts) in Ganzhou City.Details>>

Yunnan Yao'an Agricultural Products Target Price Insurance

After three years of poverty alleviation, there will be two poverty-stricken townships and 14 poverty-stricken administrative villages by the end of 2016...Details>>

Precise Poverty Alleviation Model in Liangzhu Village, Ji’an County, Jiangxi Province

Liangzhu Village is a “13th Five-Year” poor village with 7 natural villages, 367 households with 1310 people, and 55 poor households with 159 people...Details>>

Hunan "Poverty Alleviation and Special Protection" Insurance Poverty Alleviation Model

In 2015, there were 6.79 million poor people in Hunan, and the number of poor people ranked the 5th in the country...Details>>

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