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    China Ping An became a 19-year fund company with a heavyweight stock, followed by Guizhou Maotai

    2019-02-11 07:34:14

    Securities dailyWang Mingshan

    In the first quarter of 2019, “uncertainty” is still a topic that cannot be avoided in the A-share market. Which industries and which stocks can break through this year, and which stocks will institutional investors hold in this year? When we are able to accurately understand the answers to these questions, we have lagged far behind the market.

    However, the institutional shareholding of institutional investors may reflect, to a certain extent, their long-term optimism about certain stocks.

    To this end, the "Securities Daily" reporter screened out 25 public funds with equity funds of more than 10 billion yuan, and observed the list of awkward positions of these fund companies at the end of the fourth quarter of last year. It is found that the white horse stocks with stable performance and stock prices are still the main targets of these fund companies.Ping AnThen they boarded the list of awkward stocks of 19 fund companies.Guizhou MaotaiRanked second, appearing in the list of the top ten awkward positions of 15 fund companies.

    Ten billion yuan scale equity fund company

    About 25 at the end of the fourth quarter of last year

    After the rise of the money fund, the ranking of the management scale of the fund company has changed. The fund companies such as Tianhong Fund have become the head company of the public fund industry by virtue of the huge scale of the money fund; the old fund companies are not to be outdone, using it. Strong brand advantage further lays out its product line; as a rising star of the public fund industry, bank-based fund companies quickly deploy bond funds and money funds, and the scale of expansion is staggering.

    However, with the gradual landing of the bank's wealth management subsidiaries, the public fund's fixed-income business will face unprecedented challenges. Many senior executives in the industry have told the "Securities Daily" reporter that the final exit of the public fund industry will return to the origin of the industry - "trusted by people, wealth management", compared to fixed-income products, equity funds have been It is the trump card of public funds, and the performance, scale, and position changes of equity funds at various stages are particularly worthy of our attention.

    In this regard, the "Securities Daily" reporter combed the scale of the equity funds of 132 fund companies in the public fund industry (only those who have open-end fund products). Statistics show that if the three types of funds, such as common stock funds, partial stock hybrid funds and flexible allocation funds, are combined as equity funds, according to the fund size at the end of the fourth quarter of last year, the scale of equity funds in the public fund market exceeds There are 25 fund companies with 10 billion yuan.

    Specifically, there are 9 fund companies that are “old ten” public offerings, namely Guotai Fund, Southern Fund, Huaxia Fund, Huaan Fund, Bosera Fund, Penghua Fund, Harvest Fund, Dacheng Fund and Wells Fargo Fund, and another 16 The fund companies are E Fund, Huitianfu Fund, Guangfa Fund, Huatai Bairui Fund, China Merchants Fund, ICBC Credit Suisse Fund, Invesco Great Wall Fund, China Europe Fund, Xingquan Fund, Yinhua Fund, Bank of Communications Schroder Fund, Shanghai Investment Fund, Jianxin Fund, Rongtong Fund, Bank of China Fund and Huabao Fund.

    According to the "Securities Daily" reporter, according to the size of a single fund at the end of the fourth quarter of last year, the fund company with the highest equity fund is the E Fund, and its total equity fund is 106.647 billion yuan. Secondly, the Huaxia Fund, the total size of the equity fund. It reached 93.806 billion yuan; in addition, the total size of equity funds of Huitianfu Fund, Harvest Fund and Southern Fund also reached 93.779 billion yuan, 88.868 billion yuan and 68.609 billion yuan respectively.

    Ping An

    Into 19 fund companies

    The single fund will have a slight change in the quarterly Awkwardness list, but the fund company's top ten awkwardness list (the top 10 shares of its equity funds) is very stable. The "Securities Daily" reporter noted that the 25 shares of the 10 billion yuan equity public funds are almost always based on stable performance of the White Horse stocks, and the list of heavyweight stocks in the last four quarters has changed very little, just heavy positions The rankings between the stocks are slightly alternating.

    From the perspective of E Fund, its top ten Awkward shares at the end of the fourth quarter of last year were Kweichow Moutai.WuliangyeChina Ping An,Luzhou Laojiao,Wen's shares,Gree Electric,Hualan Bio,Yili,Shanghai AirportwithMidea GroupThe top ten stocks of Huaxia Fund are China Ping An and Guizhou Maotai.China Merchants Bank,Industrial Bank,China Petroleum,Bank of Communications,Minsheng BankYili shares,Agricultural Bank of ChinawithCITIC Securities.

    Followed by the Huitianfu Fund and Harvest Fund, the top Awkwardness stocks at the end of the fourth quarter of last year were also Ping An, showing that the interest fund's preference for Ping An is deep. In fact, since the third quarter of last year, Ping An has been the number one awkward stock of public funds for two consecutive quarters: At the end of the third quarter of last year, a total of 974 funds held heavy positions in China Ping An; by the end of the fourth quarter of last year, There are still 715 funds holding heavy positions in China Ping An.

    "Securities Daily" reporters sorted out the list of the top 20 awkward stocks at the end of the fourth quarter of last year, and found that Ping An appeared in the list of 19 fund companies' awkward stocks, and 11 of them were fund companies. The number one heavyweight stock. Following China Ping An, Kweichow Moutai appeared in the list of abundances of 15 fund companies. A total of 6 fund companies ranked Kweichow Moutai as its number one.

    In addition, the "Securities Daily" reporter also found that compared with the end of the third quarter of last year, the 25 billion-dollar equity fund companies in the fourth quarter of last year, the list of heavyweights changed less, only the list of heavyweights in the list There have been changes, and some of the companies’ positions have changed. The reason behind this is that large-scale single equity funds have a stable holding of stocks, and growth stocks with smaller market capitalizations are hard to appear on their abundance stocks. For smaller single equity funds, they hold Changes in stocks have hardly affected the entire fund company's list of awkward positions.

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