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    How to manage the huge money? Bank insurance fund has a lot of competition for cakes

    2019-02-11 07:38:39

    Securities dailyLiu Meng

    During the Spring Festival, the “National New Year Money Map” produced by a bookkeeping financial app smashed the circle of friends. At the same time, "Where is the money to go?", "Use the counting machine to count the old money", "The old money should not be turned over to parents", "How many lucky money has been harvested", "Sunburn money contest" and other discussions about the New Year's money are also frequently posted. Hot search, how to manage the "big money" is a hot topic.

    The "Securities Daily" reporter recently visited a number of banks and found that many banks have been eyeing the lucky money, and deposits and insurance have become the main products. At the same time, most families also tend to make long-term and steady investment in the New Year's money.

    More money and money management

    According to a survey conducted by the Securities Daily, although there are more and more wealth management products on the market, most families still feel that the money management is always based on stability.

    Ms. Zhang’s baby just turned one year old. She told this reporter: “The child is still young and has no concept of money. I plan to save the lucky money every year and grow up with him. The interest rate is not high, it is good. ”

    At a city business outlet, the staff introduced a “growth savings” product: “This is an automatic transfer of regular products, which are calculated on a regular basis for more than three months.”

    At a joint-stock bank outlet, the staff said: "There is no exclusive money-selling product in our bank. If we want to increase the participation of children and the amount is not large, it is recommended to consider zero deposits."

    There are still many parents who bought insurance for the lucky money. Ms. Du, who works in Beijing, told this reporter: “The child bought him medical insurance and critical illness insurance when he was born. The annual premiums add up to more than 5,000 yuan, pay 20 years, and keep a lifetime. Every year I use my child’s lucky money to pay. This is very ceremonial."

    In the "Securities Daily" reporters visited, many bank staff also recommended education and annuity insurance products.

    According to the financial manager of a joint-stock bank, the education gold insurance with both guarantee and investment has a higher degree of consultation in the near future. He said: "Although the pure wealth management rate of most education insurance is only slightly higher than bank deposits, as a slightly compulsory savings, its 'special funds' characteristics are still attractive to the insured."

    A state-owned big bank recommended an annuity product. The bank’s financial manager said: “From the 6th policy anniversary, you can choose to receive a part of each year, or you can choose to receive the total amount in one lump sum. These funds can be used as education and employment. Expenses at various stages, such as marriage."

    In addition to annuity insurance, there is also a bank financial manager recommending a fund to vote. "The investment cycle of New Year's money can be very long. As an important reserve on the road of children's life, it is not advisable to choose too high-risk varieties. The fund's fixed investment can smooth the short-term fluctuations of the stock market through long-term operation, which is a suitable variety." The bank manager explained.

    Some parents also use their children's "old money" as a reserve fund for stocks. When the "Securities Daily" reporter interviewed the investigation, some parents ridiculed: "Last year, the child's lucky money stocks have been put in, this year's lucky money is intended to cover the position, I hope the child can solve the problem before the age of 18."

    A number of banks launched child-specific bank cards

    During the investigation, some bank staff told the "Securities Daily" reporter that there are many customers to consult the children's card business before and after the Spring Festival, during the winter and summer vacations. With the continuous improvement of citizens' financial awareness, more and more customers hope to set up a special bank card for their children and teach them basic financial and investment skills.

    In the case of a big national behavior, the children's card introduced by the bank is divided into a boy's card and a girl's card. The card design is lively, not only has the basic functions of saving, withdrawing, transferring, and consuming, but also has multi-currency current and regular savings. The function of purchasing money funds and savings treasury bonds, online banking, etc., and the special function of setting the consumption and withdrawal limit for children cards, parents can set the daily credit card consumption and ATM machine cash withdrawal limit according to the child's consumption needs. .

    In addition to the general financial functions, the parent-child card introduced by a joint-stock bank also enjoys a variety of parent-child benefits in conjunction with many parent-child merchants across the country.

    The "Securities Daily" reporter learned that these children's exclusive bank cards are mainly issued to underage customers under the age of 16. Minors who do not have an ID card must be accompanied by a guardian, with a valid ID card and a valid account card, and the account name is the child’s name. Some banks also need parents to provide a copy of the child's birth certificate, and ask the guardian and child accompanying the account to be in a household registration book.

    However, the children's exclusive cards of such banks generally only have the basic service functions of debit cards, such as deposits and withdrawals, consumption, transfer, etc., but for banks, online banking, wealth management and other functions, each bank has different degrees of restrictions. The specific situation is not the same.

    During the visit, the financial managers of several banks told this reporter that they would set up a special account for their children's lucky money and pocket money. The special funds can be used to achieve health protection for children and financial management benefits. And cultivate children's correct financial management concepts.

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