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    Insurance intermediary practitioners, the practice registration data is cleared.

    2019-03-14 06:51:04

    Daily Economic News Yuan Yuan

    After the end of February issued a document clarifying that the insurance intermediary violated the regulations, the insurance company had to bear the joint and several liability, and the insurance intermediary received the “reorganization” notice again.

    On March 13th, the reporter of "Daily Economic News (Blog, Weibo)" was informed by the industry that recently, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the "Notice on Carrying out the Work of Clearing the Registration Data of Practitioners of Insurance Professional Intermediary Organizations" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice" requires intermediaries to conduct self-examination and rectification from the aspects of personnel demarcation, subordination, information completion, and strengthening maintenance.

    Regarding the clearance work, some practitioners told the reporter of "Daily Economic News" that it is a good thing to strengthen supervision. From this document, we can see that the MCRC's attitude and determination on industry supervision should be actively cooperated as practitioners. Self-examination, making the insurance industry more standardized.

    The self-examination phase focuses on four aspects.

    In recent years, the number of employees in insurance professional intermediaries has developed rapidly, but the practice of management has not been followed up in a timely manner; the information of employees is not completely inaccurate, the violations of false reports, false hangs, and inflated personnel are more common, and the data of practitioners is distorted. More serious.

    Therefore, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission decided to carry out the work of clearing and rectifying the data on the practice registration of practitioners. According to the "Notice", the liquidation work was carried out from two aspects: self-inspection and rectification by intermediary agencies and key inspections by the Banking and Insurance Bureau. In the self-inspection stage, the intermediary institution shall establish a two-level liquidation responsibility system for legal persons and branches. In the jurisdiction of the Banking Insurance Regulatory Bureau, an intermediary agency with multiple branches shall appoint a responsible branch to take overall responsibility for regional clearance work.

    The focus of the self-examination phase has four aspects:

    First, the personnel are deconstructed, correcting the illegal practices in the practice registration, and clearing the illegal and vacant personnel, such as illegal tax avoidance and set-up expenses, and eliminating the false personnel in the intermediary system.

    Second, it is subordinate to the homing, correcting the improper registration of the unified registration in the name of the legal entity, strictly in accordance with the principle of the principle of practice registration, clarifying the subordinates of the employees, and effectively returning to the branches of the actual region.

    The third is information completion. Check the practice registration information of each employee item by item against the intermediary system column item, correct the error information, supplement the missing information, and add personal photos.

    The fourth is to strengthen maintenance, improve the practice management mechanism for self-examination, clarify the practice registration standards for employees, and establish a full-process practice management system from personnel to the company.

    The key inspection stage of the Banking Insurance Regulatory Bureau refers to the fact that the Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Bureau combines daily supervision and intermediaries to conduct self-inspection, and selects more than five (including five) legal person institutions with a large number of employees in the jurisdiction to carry out key inspections and investigate and clarify Institutions that have gone through the game and are not serious about rectification.

    The "Notice" also made specific requirements on the time limit for clearing the work. For example, before April 15 this year, the responsible branch office applied to the local banking insurance regulatory bureau for the intermediary system management account, and the legal person institution and the responsible branch respectively went to the banking insurance bureau. Submit a list of at least one docking person; before August 15, the legal person institution will submit a self-inspection report to the local Banking Insurance Regulatory Bureau; before October 15, the Yinbao Supervisory Bureau will complete the key inspections and timely implement the follow-up punishment work, 11 Report to the Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission on the work of clearing the nuclear work before the 30th of the month.

    “Strengthening supervision is a good thing”

    According to the data, as of the end of 2018, there were 5 insurance intermediary group companies, 240 national insurance agencies, 1,550 regional insurance agencies, 499 insurance brokers, and 353 insurance companies. There are 8.71 million people, 32,000 insurance agencies and more than 220,000 agent outlets.

    By the end of 2018, the insurance intermediary channel realized premium income of 3.37 trillion yuan, accounting for 87.4% of the country's total premium income. Among them, the property insurance premium income was 0.95 trillion yuan, accounting for 77% of the national property insurance premium income; the personal insurance premium income was 2.4 trillion yuan, accounting for 92.3% of the national personal insurance premium income. According to the channel, the insurance professional intermediary channel realized the premium income of 0.49 trillion, the insurance concurrent channel realized the premium income of 1.07 trillion, and the marketer channel realized the premium income of 1.8 trillion, accounting for 12.7% and 27.7% of the national total premium income respectively. 47%.

    Due to the large number of employees, premium income is also the main force of the industry, so mediation chaos has always been the focus of supervision. In February, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the "Notice of the General Office of the China Banking Regulatory Commission on Strengthening the Management of Intermediary Channels of Insurance Companies", clarifying that the management of intermediary channels of insurance companies must achieve management responsibility, management systems in place, sound information systems, and internal coordination. Regulation audit supervision, strengthen the insurance company's responsibility for business compliance management of the intermediary of the intermediary channel.

    This “reorganization” of employees is undoubtedly a clear understanding of the number and status of the practitioners. "Strengthening supervision is a good thing and it is very meaningful. The insurance industry needs supervision and self-examination. Self-inspection at any time can avoid serious mistakes." Some practitioners told the "Daily Economic News" reporter that it can be seen from this document. The Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission's attitude and determination for industry supervision, as a practitioner, will actively cooperate with self-examination to make the insurance industry more standardized.

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