Kunlun Health's illegal shareholding plan is released. Fusheng Steel will become the largest shareholder

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It lasted more than a year,Kunlun Health InsuranceThe company's shareholding company (hereinafter referred to as "Kunlun Health") illegal share settlement plan has finally been released.

On April 12, Kunlun Health announced that it plans to introduce Jincheng Fusheng.SteelCo., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Fusheng Steel"), ShenzhenMiddle construction(Quotes002822,Medical stock) Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Mechanical Construction"), Taizhou Sanfu Ship Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Taizhou Sanfu Ship")New shareseast.

It is reported that the issue price is 1.5 yuan / share, a total of 117.09 million shares issued, the total amount of funds raised is 1.756365 billion yuan. At present, the above changes to the registered capital are still pendingChina Insurance Regulatory CommissionEffective after approval.

  Fusheng Steel's largest shareholder

According to the agreement, Kunlun Health intends to introduce Fusheng Steel, China Construction and Taizhou Sanfu Ship as new shareholders through the issuance of shares, and issue 1.17091 billion shares at a price of 1.5 yuan/share. The total amount of funds raised is 17.56365. 100 million yuan.

After the completion of the capital increase, Jincheng Fusheng Steel replaced Fuxin Group as the largest shareholder of Kunlun Health, with a shareholding ratio of 20.96%, and China Construction Construction became the second largest shareholder of the company with a shareholding ratio of 14.95%. Taizhou Sanfu Ship It became the fifth largest shareholder with a shareholding ratio of 14.09%.

Kunlun Health Announcement Screenshot

The three new shareholders all said that after careful comparisonCompany law》, “Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises” and other relevant provisions of laws, regulations and regulatory rules, there is no relationship between the company, the actual controller and other shareholders, investors, and there is no equity holding or other arrangements.

In December 2017, the former China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued a notice to revoke the relevant administrative license for Kunlun Health, saying that seven companies including Shenzhen Hongchangyu Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. provided falsehood in the process of investing in Kunlun Health and applying for relevant administrative licenses.financial reportThe source of funds is self-owned funds, non-relationships between shareholders, etc.materialThe behavior, ordered Kunlun Health to introduce compliance shareholders.

In the following year, Kunlun Health has been actively introducing new shareholders. The capital increase plan is also expected. In March of this year, China Construction had issued an announcement on this matter. At that time, Kunlun Health's insiders said in an exchange with the "Daily Economic News" reporter that the company actively promoted the introduction of new shareholders, and this work has made breakthrough progress. The successful resolution of the new shareholder introduction will provide strong support for the future development of Kunlun Health, and Kunlun Health will enter a new stage of development.

From the current point of view, the release of the capital increase plan also means that Kunlun Health's introduction of new shareholders has come to an end.

  Department of 7 majorsHealth insuranceOne of the companies

“The negotiation process of our three companies is independent. We belong to the capital increase, so we talked directly with the chairman and legal representative of Kunlun Health.” Yu Guitian, secretary of the board of China Construction, said in an interview with the media, “As for how to split the equity The problem, we only pay attention to how much our company is willing to get, how much we can get. We certainly hope that the more the better, but the newly introduced shareholders are generally limited by 15%."

According to the introduction, after the three shareholders move in, there will be some new reform directions, including the introduction of a better management team. The directors who are stationed are not looking for inside the middle-loading construction. They may find some people with professional backgrounds as the appointed directors from the market, so as to effectively help the board of directors and management of Kunlun to make some decisions.

The reason why the three shareholders are optimistic about Kunlun's health is also very simple. Although Kunlun Health has been closely watched by the market due to equity issues in the past two years, its establishment is of great significance and is one of the few professional health in China. Insurance company. It is reported that Kunlun Health, People's Health, Health, Health and Harmony were established between 2005 and 2006. After 2014, Taibao Lianhe Health, Fosun United Health and Ruihua Health were established, and domestic professional health insurance companies expanded to 7 .

According to public information, Kunlun Health was established in January 2006. Kunlun Health said that the company's shareholding structure is relatively scattered, and there is no controlling shareholder or actual controller. Kunlun has fewer branches, and currently only five provincial branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Shandong.

According to the data of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, in 2018, Kunlun Health achieved a scale premium of 4.29 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17%, and a decrease of 17% in 2017. After two years of premium structure adjustment, Kunlun Health’s original insurance premium income accounted for 45% in 2018. This indicator was only less than 5% in 2016. At that time, the main source of scale premium was short-term and long-term insurance. Household investment and new payment.

The above-mentioned Kunlun health person said: "In recent years, the company has continued to promote the concept of 'treatment without disease', and innovation and upgrading 'treatment is not sick'Insurance ProductsFormed a product system with Kunlun health characteristics; continue to build health insurance + health service model, eightGreat healthThe service has taken root; full embrace of financial technology, it can be said that in the field of professional health insurance, Kunlun health has done deep and solid. ”

OneInsuranceInsiders pointed out that the most fundamental problem in the development of health insurance is to have core competitiveness. The internal performance is the management level and the actuarial technology is constantly improving. The external performance is the right to speak with more hospital medical expenses. Although health insurance licenses are scarce, medical risk control is difficult, and it is easy to cause adverse selection and moral hazard. In addition to a few years relying on investment income, health insurance companies still face difficulties in profitability.

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