Performance pressure 2019 Yongcheng insurance how to counterattack?

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According to Yongcheng InsurancePerformance forecastIn 2018, the company's loss will be about 200-300 million yuan, or it will be the biggest year of its losses in the past three years.

According to the person in charge of Yongcheng Insurance, there are three main reasons for the large fluctuations in profit targets in 2018:

First, the impact of investment performance. 2018, domesticcapital marketCompared with the downturn, Yongcheng Insurance's equity asset allocation is relatively high, which is greatly affected by market fluctuations.

two isCar insuranceIncreased competition. In 2018, the underwriting profit rate of the entire auto insurance industry was only 0.14%, and the main profit subjects were mainly concentrated in large and large companies. Small and medium-sized companies generally suffered losses. Yongcheng Insurance participated in it, which dragged down the overall operation quality.

The third is the frequent occurrence of natural disasters in 2018. In 2018, super typhoons such as Yutu, Mangosteen, Skylark, Ambi, and Mountain God successively landed, causing damage to power generation enterprises everywhere. Yongcheng Insurance timely paid various types of indemnities to ensure the reconstruction and normal operation of enterprises after the disaster.

In 2019, it was especially critical for Yongcheng Insurance and its management team. Is there any new strategy for turning losses into profits?

The relevant person in charge of Yongcheng Insurance stated that the company’s new strategy has been completed and will actively adapt to the new situation and conscientiously implement the state’s financialInsuranceThe new requirements for development, based on the overall economic and social situation, adhere to the service of the real economy,Industrial upgradingAnd the people's livelihood, firmly become the powerEnergy industryThe risk management leader takes the innovative and differentiated development path, provides all-round risk management services for customers, and builds a modern insurance operation service platform with first-class products, first-class service, first-class management and first-class benefits, and establishes a customer-oriented approach. Value-centered, innovation-led, technology-driven specialization, internationalization, and groupingInsurance company.

The person in charge also revealed that the company is advancing the second venture and has adjusted and reformed its development concept, growth momentum and business model, aiming at completely liberating internal productivity, establishing a new pattern, implementing new plans, and achieving better and higher levels. Quality development.

According to public information, Yongcheng Insurance was established in 2004. It is a national joint-stock property insurance company jointly established by large and powerful power enterprise groups and industrial investment groups at home and abroad. It is headquartered in Shanghai and currently has a registered capital of 2.178 billion yuan.RenminbiWith more than 5,000 employees. At the same time, the company has established 34 provincial branches, more than 260 central branches and marketing services, and in December 2015,Three new boardIt became the first insurance company in China to land on the “New Third Board”.

According to reports, at present, Yongcheng Insurance covers more than 2,400 types of power generation insurance projects, accounting for nearly one-third of the domestic power generation insurance market underwriting, and exclusive and chief underwriting power generation projects account for 2/3. In the future, Yongcheng will establish electric energyInsurance businessIts leading position, leading the power energy underwriting technology capability ahead of its peers, the power energy market share is ahead of its peers.

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