How to find out the "household pension" scam

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Recently, a group of elderly people who have been mired in the “house-to-house” scam has become a realistic version of “Su Daqiang”, facing the end of the housing and debts. The official microblog of the Haidian Branch of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a notice saying that the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Haidian Branch has been involved in the case of investors who reported that Beijing Zhongan Minsheng Asset Management Co., Ltd. and Zhongan Minsheng Pension Service Co., Ltd. were engaged in illegal fund-raising activities. The investigation was initiated and 88 suspects were investigated.

One side is a scam, and one side is regular.Financial productIn the face of cold, is it good or bad to "support the elderly with the house?" How to polish your eyes when choosing a product?

In fact, "house-to-house pension" is a very broad concept. Selling a house pension is called "house-to-house pension". Renting a house to collect rent for old-age care can also be called "house-to-house pension", as long as it is used to earn income from the house. It can be called "to support the elderly." In contrast, “householding financial products”, “householding for the elderly”Insurance Products"There are very strict norms and definitions. Generally speaking, legally compliant "household pension financial products" must have at least the following three conditions:

First, the seller is a financial institution with a formal financial license, that is, the company must be qualified. Second, the product is approved by the regulatory authorities, that is, the product must be qualified. Currently, the wholeInsuranceOnly two products of Happiness Life Insurance and PICC Life Insurance acquired the originalChina Insurance Regulatory CommissionThe approval. Third, the rights and interests of the elderly as purchasers are guaranteed. The simplest judgment is based on "room capital", that is, real estate.WarrantIs it still in the hands of the old man himself?

All along, many “house-to-house” scams use high-yield as a bait to attract older people and even use the concept of “receiving pensions” to confuse them. This is essentially different from the real “house-to-house insurance products”.

From a professional point of view, the full name of “household pension insurance products” is “reverse mortgage insurance for the elderly”, an innovative commercial pension that combines housing mortgage with lifelong pension insurance.Insurance business, that is, the elderly who own the full property of the house, mortgage their property toInsurance companyContinue to have the right to dispose of the house, use, income and consent of the mortgagee, and receive the pension according to the agreed conditions until the death; after the death of the old person, the insurance company can obtain the right to dispose of the mortgaged property, and the proceeds will be given priority Reimbursement of pension related expenses.

It should be noted that: First of all, the mortgaged property can not be listed and traded, and all other interests are still owned by the insured elderly. Secondly, pensions are earned for life, which is the biggest difference between other reverse mortgage-type financial products with fixed-term housing. The specific insurance process is more stringent. Taking Happiness Life as an example, after the elderly sign the contract, the insurance company needs to hire a professional lawyer to protect the elderly's right to know; the next is the pricing evaluation of the house. If the heir is involved, the consent of the heir is also obtained. The whole process goes down, and it takes two months at the earliest.

In addition, unlike the various types of “house-to-house” scams, hundreds of people are affected. In 2014, the “Older Housing Reverse Mortgage Pension Insurance” launched in 2014 has signed 194 singles and 133 households, half of which are children without children. .

Zhu Junsheng, deputy director of the Insurance Research Office of the Financial Research Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council, said that “the housing pension insurance products” are subject to many constraints. In terms of concept, it has broken through the traditional concepts of old-age care and housing. In terms of laws and supporting policies, there are still gaps or deficiencies in some aspects of laws and regulations.real estateManagement, finance, finance, taxation, justice and other fields; in terms of risk management and control, we need to consider long-term, interest rate, real estate market fluctuations, real estate disposal, and legal risks.

In fact, even in the United States, where market conditions are more perfect, housing reverse mortgage pension products are still a niche product. The data shows that the penetration rate of this product in the United States has only 1.7% since 1984. The assets involved only account for 1% of the US mortgage market.

However, it is undeniable that for some of the elderly who are just in need of the elderly, “household pension insurance products” do increase the choice of old-age care. For those who have real estate but have low retirement income, they can pass this part of the elderly. Gold spends more and more colorful life in his later years.

The "China Pension Actuarial Report (2019-2050)" just released shows that China's basic pensionInsurance fundThe current balance will show a deficit in 2028 and will continue to expand, and there are hidden concerns about financial sustainability. Zhu Junsheng said that due to the serious aging of China, adding a channel to supplement the income of the elderly,insurance industryThis way of exploring has its positive meaning: "At present, it may not be accepted by most people in a short period of time. It doesn't matter. If someone tries, then his needs will be satisfied, and a certain society will be produced. Influence."

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