Time is like water

Years like lotus

2018 of you

Is it okay?

Exclamation finally passed

Still in love

Ms. Meng, 2018

But experienced the "most" of this life

The most memorable misfortune, the most memorable, fortunate

The most painful longest experience, the most touching and beautiful


First sight of Meng Dajie, slightly rich

I don’t see any relationship with cancer at all.

The "Thoses of the Owners" column was fortunate enough to meet with Ms. Meng.

Tells the most memorable part of her 2018 in this life.

Deadly cancer

Published by the global authoritative magazine "CA"

The 2018 Global Cancer Statistics Report shows

2018, on a global scale

18.1 million new cases of cancer

9.6 million cancer deaths

Among them, in China

3.840 million new cases of cancer

2.296 million deaths from cancer


Every 100 new cancer patients in the world

Chinese occupy 21 cancer patients

On average, 7 people have cancer every minute

An average of 5 people die from cancer every minute

Cancer incidence, mortality

China ranks first in the world

The top 10 cancers that Chinese men are susceptible to: lung cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, colorectal cancer, esophageal cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer, brain cancer, lymphoma;

The top 10 cancers that women are susceptible to in China: breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, thyroid cancer, stomach cancer, cervical cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer, uterine cancer, and brain cancer.

Approaching cancer patients

Beijing’s Meng Dajie

Living in Baigezhuang, Changping District

Endometrial cancer was discovered in 2018

The "People's Say" column is as close as possible

Into the home of Meng Dajie

What cancer is she suffering from?

How did you find out? What are the precursors?

What did cancer bring to her? How is she fighting cancer?

And through the most dangerous moments in life? ······

Ms. Meng during her cancer treatment

The sad son wrote a letter to her.

I have expressed my love and concern for my mother.

a letter to mom



When I am doing my homework   

Tired when you are too open   

You brought a freshly squeezed orange juice   

Let my mood get relaxed   

Said to me again: Baby is tired.   

Go, rest in bed!   

Waking up at night   

I rushed to get out of bed   

Replenished the homework   

It’s you again   

Cast an unusually firm   

Without losing your loving eyes   

Say to me: Baby, come on   


Such a good mother who can make me live a peaceful life.   

But got cancer   

Since then, I have always thought about my mother.   

When you write homework, when you study, when you sleep,······   


I want to say to you: Mom, I love you!   



"Health and worry-free" adventure

Insurance that Ms. Meng said

It turned out to be a national professional life insurance company.

Fude Life Life’s “Healthy and Carefree”

The "Those of the Owners" column found that this family was once

The 3rd Financial 3.15 Series of Events hosted by Xinhuanet was awarded the “Financial Consumer Rights Protection • Outstanding Enterprise Award”

In 2018, in the 13th Asian Brand Festival sponsored by professional brand evaluation agency Asiabrand, the professional insurance company was awarded the “Asia's Top Ten Credit Brands”.

At the beginning, Ms. Meng and her husband did not recognize insurance.

How did she accept this life-saving insurance later?

We visited the insurance salesman Zhang Xiaoping to catch up.


Insurance salesman Zhang Xiaoping:


At that time, Ms. Meng’s philosophy was:

I have these funds

I put it into the entity.

Not willing to put it into insurance

She thinks this can't make money.


However, the idea I gave her at the time was:

Insurance is not used to make money

It is used to protect


If we have a lot of money

Take a part and put it there.

In the future, we have no risks, and we will not hinder the present.

But if there is risk

That must be a lot of money in the snow.

Money, who has hatred against it?   

Actually, you are not spending money.   

Just put it somewhere and put it   

May become a lot of money when you are in a hurry   

Maybe it might have touched her at the time.   



According to the column group

Fu De Life Life purchased by Ms. Meng is “Healthy and Carefree”

Has already become an explosive product in the market

1 policy will be generated every minute

July 9, 2018

The column group was lucky enough to be invited.

Fude Life Life Chief Actuary Tian Hongjun

Fu Hong Life Life Chief Actuary Tian Hongyi:

"Healthy and worry-free"

Since its listing in the third quarter of 2016

In less than two years

Sold to a total of 1.06 million customers

Provided a guarantee amount of 134 billion yuan

However, in the past two years

Nearly 2,500 claims cases occurred

The amount of claims has reached about 1.3 billion


Design original intentions three concepts

Great health, return to protection, sharing economy

We have to provide a customer

Cost-effective whole family health protection

Therefore, there are 81 kinds of severe diseases and 41 kinds of mild diseases.

Minimal payment for up to five times, and there is a premium exemption

Very cost effective


For critical illness insurance

In fact, the sooner you buy, the better.

The order of buying should be

First consider this pillar of the family

Especially the two middle-aged people in the family.

Because if they have a serious illness

Great impact on the family

Old people must buy as early as possible

Children buy as early as possible when the family economy can afford

As a customer in Beijing   

The column group has the honor to interview.   

Liu Chao, General Manager of Fude Life Life Beijing Branch   

Liu Chao, general manager of Beijing Branch:


A customer like Ms. Meng   

In the whole country of Fude Life Life   

Is a relatively common and common member   

In Beijing, it is also a relatively ordinary member.   

It should be said that it is only a microcosm of many people.   

Maybe she is unfortunate in front of cancer.   

However, she is more than a lot in the hospital   

For customers who receive various treatments   

She is very lucky again   

Because she has done   

Risk Management   

Risk planning   

Bought a serious illness insurance   


How can people not get sick when they eat whole grains?   

It’s not terrible to be sick in this world. It’s terrible that there is no money.   

Life is money   


These languages ​​have impacted everyone’s heart.   

Because this is what we are talking about.   

It may also be our own business.   

Father of invention of serious illness insurance   

Also a famous South African surgeon   

Marius Barnard said a famous saying:   

I can save a person's physical life   

But I can't save his economic life.   


This incidates that   

One patient   

How important is the economic security   

Some people say that insurance is not used   

Even said: insurance is a lie   

So when the insurance salesman is going to the customer   

It may take 50 minutes to recommend an insurance product.   

And customers often refuse it in less than 5 minutes.   

When the customer really has the disease, when he arrives at the hospital   

The doctor told him about a 5-minute treatment plan.   

May spend his 50 years of savings   

For ordinary families   

Is a very heavy burden   


Comments posted by the Chinese government website

In China, major diseases show a trend of “three highs and one low”

Increasing incidence is increasing; treatment costs are getting higher and higher

The cure rate is getting higher and higher; the incidence is younger.

As a socially responsible insurance company

Based on actual needs and market conditions

Fude Life Life is timely

The main product is "Healthy and Carefree"

Major upgrades


Fude Life Health and Carefree Major Disease Insurance (2018 version)

Referred to as "Health and Worry (2018 version)"

On the basis of previous guarantees

Increase life insurance recovery insurance liability

Customers also have the flexibility to choose additional risks


"Fude Life Plus Xin Ruyi Annuity Insurance (2019 Edition)"

"Fude Life Plus Kang Yue Life Expense Compensation Medical Insurance (2019 Edition)"

"Fude Life Attaches Children's Specific Disease Insurance"

Health and worry-free (2018 version)


This is a brand health insurance that is a double-waiver and a life-saving cycle.

Suitable for the crowd: 25 days old - 65 years old

Payment period: 3/5/10/15/20 years of payment, 趸交 (for 3/5 years of payment, and paying no more than 70 years of age; 10/15/20 years of payment, and paying no more than 65 years of age.)

Insurance period: lifetime

Insurance requirements: minimum 600 yuan

Insurance duty:

The following are product disclaimers:


Please read carefully the relevant provisions of the insurance clause exempting the insurer's responsibility, including liability exemption clause, waiting period, deductible, deductible rate, proportional payment (payment) and other exemptions or reduce the insurer's responsibility.   

Official website link: www.sino-life.com/products/cpfl/grbx/507692.shtml   

For product and service experience, please call Fude Life Life's national unified customer service hotline 95535/4008-200-035, or contact the local agent directly.

Be alert to endometrial cancer


What are the precursors of endometrial cancer?   

How to prevent it?   

Capital Medical University Xuanwu Hospital   

Chief Physician Dr. Yang Liqiang:   


Chief Physician of Xuanwu Hospital:


Incidence of endometrial cancer   

In the gynecological cancer is still high   

Some people, no pain, no obvious symptoms   

May feel uncomfortable, menopausal women belong to high-risk groups   


Postmenopausal women   

Should do regular inspections   

Even without any symptoms   

Also go to the hospital regularly for related inspections.   


What is the culprit in endometrial cancer?   


Former Deputy Minister of Health   

Chinese Medical Association Obstetrics and Gynecology Branch   

Former chairman of the committee Cao Zeyi:   

Gynecology Master Cao Zeyi:


The emergence of endometrial cancer and   

Obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes are closely related   

If a woman has these three problems at the same time   

The chance of suffering from endometrial cancer will increase greatly   

The reason is that an enzyme in fat   

Can convert androgen in fat into   

Estrogen stimulates the endometrium   

With the improvement of living conditions   

Chinese people's waistline is getting thicker   

Chronic disease is a blowout development   

In this context   

Endometrial cancer is bound to increase   

In addition   

Women are not married   

Married late, no childbirth   

Will also increase the risk of endometrial cancer   

In addition to women who meet the above characteristics   

Young women with always menstrual menstruation   

If the methods are still not well adjusted   

Also need to be vigilant, it is recommended to do B-ultrasound   

Nuclear magnetic or hysteroscopy   

(Expert speech only represents the expert's personal opinion)

Prevent cancer, keep in mind four suggestions


1. Develop healthy lifestyles and habits


Developing healthy habits and eating habits is an important measure to prevent cancer, fight cancer and promote recovery.   


Note: This form is derived from studies of thousands of cancer patients. Source: Gansu Satellite TV   

2, exercise well


Exercise begins with youth, and it is too late to consider when you are 40 or 50 years old. Exercise in youth is like saving money in a "healthy bank." Every exercise is like having a few dollars to go in. When you are old, you can spend enough. The study found that exercise significantly reduced the incidence of 13 cancers.   

3, keep a cheerful, sunny mindset


Be sure to keep your spirits cheerful, mentally sunny, helpful, don't be stingy, sly, negative energy will reduce your immunity, the greater the pressure, the more you want to open.   

4, do a good job of health risk prevention


Ill is not terrible, terrible is no money! In the face of unpredictable health risks, you must purchase health insurance (including critical illness insurance), which is the best choice for hedging and avoiding health risks. According to the principle of household asset allocation, insurance is a more basic and lower-level configuration in the pyramid.   


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