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Nowadays, a large number of "post-80s" have been upgraded to Chao Dao Chao Ma, and they are expected to have an insurance for their own self-consciousness. Why do young children have to buy insurance? The main reasons are: 1. The development of children's functions is imperfect, the virus resistance is weak, and the risk of serious illness is high; 2. Children are naturally active, but self-protection awareness is poor, accidental injuries occur frequently; 3. Education costs are increasing. Become a big expense in the family. Coupled with the deterioration of the environment and the prominent food safety issues, child insurance has become a rigid demand. Children's Day is coming, and it is wise to prepare a health guarantee for the child as a gift. In this issue, we specially selected the children's major illness insurance products of the four major Chinese and foreign insurance companies to compete in order to find a more cost-effective child illness insurance.

Life pressure is big, insurance is just needed

for example

Mr. Chen, 31, is married for 3 years and his family income is about 180,000 yuan. The wife had just given birth to a daughter, and Mr. Chen, who was a father at the beginning, was happy for himself.

Financial status

Household income
Mr. Chen’s income
15,000 yuan
Mrs. Chen’s income
8,000 yuan
housing fund
3,600 yuan
Financial income
2000 dollars
family expense
living expense
4,000 yuan
Humane expenditure
1000 RMB
Mortgage expenditure
3100 yuan
Car loan expenses
2700 yuan
10,800 yuan

to sum up:With a monthly balance of 10,000 yuan, family finances look good. This is just the cost of the young couple. How much does it cost to have a child? And look at the book on the right.

Raising children costs far more than one million yuan

Medical expenses insurance can pay

Because the child is relatively weak, the body is weak, the resistance is not strong, and the environmental deterioration, food safety problems, daily illness is inevitable, this part of the cost also accounts for a large family expenses, according to media reports, Every year, hundreds of thousands of children in China suffer from serious illnesses, and some families will return to poverty due to illness and become poor due to illness. In this way, the cost of raising a baby is far more than the figure of 1 million yuan! It is wise to pay for medical expenses with the financial instrument “insurance”.

Insurance has just been needed

A recent market survey shows that among Chinese urban residents' needs for insurance companies, child insurance ranks third, second only to health insurance and pension insurance. At present, insurance has become a necessity in people's daily life and has become just a necessity. With the children, the parents' awareness of protection is further enhanced. Many families start with understanding the child's insurance and then carry out the insurance plan for the whole family. If you have not given your child a guarantee, then you must be OUT.detailed

Chinese and foreign children's insurance competition

Insurance example

Mr. Chen is preparing to insure a 0-year-old daughter with a 500,000-strong illness insurance policy and pay for 20 years. He plans to purchase sufficient health protection for his daughter!

All-you-to-life (double health)

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Chang Baofuxing

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Healthy life

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Corning Lifetime(2012 edition)

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Insurance age

7 days to 17 years old

7 days to 17 years old

30 days - 60 years old

28 days - 60 years old

Minimum insured amount
(claim amount)



a single 200,000
Parents and children buy 100,000 together


Cover period





Payment period

19 years

10 years / 15 years / 20 years / 30 years

20 years

20 years

Waiting for observation period

90 days

90 days

90 days

180 days

Hesitation period

10 days

15 days

10 days

10 days

Safeguard responsibility

Specific disease

3 types20% of the amount (before 22 years old)

8 severe cases, 120% of the amount




8 kinds20% insured amount (before 75 years old)

10 kindsMild, 20% insured amount

10 kindsMild, 20% insured amount

10 kindsMild, 20% insured amount

Serious illness

34 species
First time: the amount of insurance
Second time: the amount of insurance
Three times: the amount of insurance

48 kinds(including 8 serious cases)
First time: the amount of insurance
Second time: the amount of insurance
Three times: the amount of insurance

50 severe cases
Insurance amount

40 severe casesInsurance amount
When paying a heavy illness, it is necessary to deduct the amount of insurance that has been paid for a minor illness.


150% insured amount(Before 22 years old)

150% insured amount

Insurance amount

Insurance amount

Geriatric care

1/120 basic insurance amount (120 months)




Total disability insurance

Insurance amount

Insurance amount


Insurance amount

End-of-life insurance

Insurance amount

Insurance amount

Insurance amount


Death gold

Premium paid before the age of 18
After 18 years old: insurance amount

Premium paid before the age of 18
After 18 years old: insurance amount

Premium paid before the age of 18
After 18 years old: insurance amount

Premium paid before the age of 18
After 18 years old: insurance amount

Premium exemption

The insured is exempted from subsequent premiums after the first major illness

Exempt premiums after the first heavy illness claim

After mildExempt premium



0-year-old girl, 500,000 insured, 19 years old,
Per year6400 yuan

0-year-old girl, 500,000 insured, 20 years old,
Per year7450 yuan

0-year-old girl, 500,000 insured, 20 years old,
Per year3950 yuan(excluding additional insurance)

0-year-old girl, 500,000 insured, 20 years old,
Per year7250 yuan

Value-added services

More than 50,000 yuan a year, only to reach the VIP standard

Telephone doctor
Secondary illness

Telephone consultation
Special needs, expert outpatient coordination
Whole medical guidance, hospitalization coordination
Online doctor consultation

1+N service

Product and company introduction

product name All-you-to-life (double health) Chang Baofuxing Healthy life Corning Lifetime
company name AIA Insurance Company Zhonghong Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Tongfang Global Life Insurance Co., Ltd. China Life Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd.
company background American International Group (AIG)
Wholly-owned subsidiary
Under the umbrella of Manulife Financial of Canada
Manulife Life Insurance (International) Co., Ltd. and
The core member of China Sinochem Corporation - Sinochem Group Finance Co., Ltd.
Joint venture
Dutch Global Life Insurance Group (Aegon) and Tongfang Co., Ltd. (THTF)
50% of each capital is formed
State-owned large-scale financial insurance company
Fortune 500 companies and top 500 Chinese brands

Detailed explanation of the above four products


Quanyou life Chang Baofuxing Healthy life Corning Lifetime
kind 8 kinds 10 kinds 10 kinds 10 kinds
Compensation amount 20% 20% 20% 20%
limit Before the age of 75 None (lifetime effective) None (lifetime effective) None (lifetime effective)

Xiaobian Review

Mildness is often atLatent phase of severe illness

Quanyou Life (8 species), Changbao Fuxing, Kangjian Life, Corning Lifetime (10 species)

The definition of the mild companies is not the same, the most kind of claims still have toLook at the terms

Please see the terms in the table below.

It is worth noting that:

The mildness of "All-you-to-Life" is only guaranteedBefore the age of 75

Major diseases

Quanyou life Chang Baofuxing Healthy life Corning Lifetime
kind 34 species 48 kinds
(including 8 serious cases)
50 severe cases 40 severe cases
Claim Three payments Three payments Pay once Pay once
Other restrictions / / / When paying heavilyDeductedPaidMildInsurance amount

Xiaobian Review

Major diseases"Three payments"The product divides the major diseases into different groups (for example: Groups A, B, C, D, and E). If the customer is unfortunately suffering from a major disease in one group (assuming Group A), the product is undergoing major disease. After the payment, the remaining two groups (B, C) are still provided with major diseases. By analogy, after the customer receives the second major illness payment, the remaining group of major diseases are still valid.

In summary, this item:Long Baofuxing wins

Specific disease (children's disease)

Quanyou life Chang Baofuxing Healthy life Corning Lifetime
Specific disease Have Have no no
Quantity 3 types 8 kinds / /
Claim 20% 120% / /
limit Before 22 years old None (lifetime effective) / /

Xiaobian Review

Child-specific diseases: severe Kawasaki disease, severe hand, foot and mouth disease, and severe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

For example: hand, foot and mouth disease, only developed into"Severe illness"Can only claim

"Healthy Life" "Corning Life" does not have this item

This item,The advantages of Changbao Fuxing are obvious


Quanyou life Chang Baofuxing Healthy life Corning Lifetime
Extra pay Have Have no no
Compensation amount 150% 150% 100% 100%
limit Before 22 years old None (lifetime effective) no no

Xiaobian Review

One third of childhood tumors are leukemia, followed by brain tumors, malignant lymphoma, and neuroblastoma.

If leukemia is transplanted with bone marrow and the cost of rehabilitation is 500,000, it is recommended to purchase insurance with enhanced this.

Quanyou Life, Changbao Fuxing have this item, but "All-you-Life" is only guaranteed until the age of 22

This item,Long Baofuxing wins

Value for money

Quanyou life Chang Baofuxing Healthy life Corning Lifetime
Annual payment 6400 yuan 7450 yuan 3950 yuan 7250 yuan
Payment period 19 years 20 years 20 years 20 years
Cumulative premium 12.16 million 14.9 million 7.9 million 14.5 million
Maximum amount of compensation 1.95 million 1.95 million 600000 500000
Cost-effective comparison 195/12.16=16.04 195/14.9=13.09 60/7.9=7.60

Xiaobian Review

According to the calculation, under the condition of the same amount of insurance (500,000), “Fuyouyou Life” and “Changbao Fuxing” can get up to 1.95 million claims, according to the ratio of total insurance premium to total premium, Lifetime ratio of 16.04, the most cost-effective

In summary, this item:Quanyou has won a lifetime

Premium exemption

Quanyou life Chang Baofuxing Healthy life Corning Lifetime
Specific disease Not exempt Exemption no no
Mild Not exempt Not exempt Exemption Not exempt
Serious illness Exemption Exemption Exemption Exemption
leukemia Exemption Exemption Exemption Exemption

Xiaobian Review

Premium exemption: the insured canNo longer paying follow-up premiums,InsuranceThe contract is still valid

"Healthy life"MildAfter exemption from premiums; "Corning Lifetime" under what circumstancesNeitherExempt premium

In summary, this item:Kang Jian won the whole life

Disease Protection·Comparition

Specific major disease

Quanyou life Chang Baofuxing
Severe hand, foot and mouth disease
Severe Kawasaki disease
Severe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
Type I diabetes
Severe asthma
Severe myocarditis
Bone growth insufficiency
Severe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
Infantile progressive spinal muscular atrophy

Xiaobian Review

Quanyouyi physiological compensation 20%

Long Baofuxing Claims120%

There are 5 species less than a long life (8 species)

This item:Long Baofuxing wins

Mild species

Quanyou life Chang Baofuxing Healthy life Corning Lifetime
Very early malignant or malignant lesion
Specific malignant lesion or malignant tumor    
Smaller area III degree burn
Specific area III degree burn  
Mild stroke
Specific stroke sequelae  
Coronary interventional surgery (non-thoracotomy)
Heart valve intervention (non-thoracotomy)
Atypical acute myocardial infarction  
Cardiac pacemaker implantation
Seriously impaired vision (starting claims at the age of three)
Intra-aortic surgery (non-thoracotomy)
Pituitary tumor, brain cyst, cerebral aneurysm and cerebral hemangioma
Severe pituitary tumor, cerebral cyst, cerebral aneurysm and cerebral hemangioma
Severe head trauma

Xiaobian Review

Four products claim 20%

Quanyou Life (8 species), Changbao Fuxing (10 species), Kang Jian Life (10 species), Corning Lifetime (10 species)

Pay attention to the degree of differentiation of the disease at the time of claim

Changbao Fuxing is more than Quanyou's life: cardiac pacemaker implantation, severe head trauma, and the rest are the same

in"III degree burn"This one is full of life, long Baofuxing reached"smaller area"You can make a claim, and Kang Jian’s life and Corning’s life must reach"Specific area"Can claim

In summary, this item:Long Baofuxing wins

Major disease types

Major disease Quanyou life Chang Baofuxing Healthy life Corning Lifetime
Malignant tumors - excluding some early malignant tumors Acute myocardial infarction Stroke sequelae - permanent dysfunction Major organ transplantation or hematopoietic stem cell transplantation - allogeneic transplantation
Coronary artery bypass grafting (or coronary artery bypass grafting) - thoracotomy End-stage renal disease (or chronic renal failure uremia) - dialysis treatment or kidney transplant surgery Multiple limb loss - complete disconnection Acute or subacute severe hepatitis
Benign brain tumors - craniotomy or treatment Decompensated chronic liver failure - not including alcohol or drug abuse Encephalitis sequelae or meningitis sequelae - permanent dysfunction Deep coma - not including alcohol or drug abuse
Deafness in both ears - permanent irreversible Binocular blindness - permanent irreversible 瘫痪—permanently complete Heart valve surgery - thoracotomy
Severe Alzheimer's disease - complete loss of self-reliance Severe brain injury - permanent dysfunction Severe Parkinson's disease - complete loss of self-reliance Severe III degree burns - at least 20% of body surface area
Severe primary pulmonary hypertension - heart failure Severe motor neuron disease - complete loss of autonomy Loss of language ability - complete loss and active treatment for at least 12 months Heavy aplastic pelvic blood
Aortic surgery - open chest or open Diversity hardening Systemic lupus erythematosus - type III or more lupus nephritis Severe cardiomyopathy
Human immunodeficiency virus infection caused by blood transfusion Severe rheumatoid arthritis Severe clonal disease Severe myasthenia gravis  
Progressive ball paralysis Progressive muscular atrophy Cortical syndrome Hemolytic streptococcus gangrene      
Chronic recurrent pancreatitis          
Insulin dependent diabetes Vegetative Severe ulcerative colitis    
Severe acute necrotizing pancreatitis            
Elephant skin disease Renal medullary cystic disease Polio sequelae Coronary atherectomy      
End stage lung disease Aggressive mole (or malignant mole) Systemic sclerosis (scleroderma) Primary sclerosing cholangitis      
Necrotizing fasciitis Primary chronic adrenal insufficiency Pancreas transplantation        
Pulmonary heart disease End stage disease Aortic dissection        
End stage lung disease Severe coronary heart disease Acute necrotizing pancreatitis open surgery Serious dementia caused by non-Alzheimer's disease      
Muscular dystrophy Chronic respiratory failure - permanent irreversible        

Xiaobian Review

The above disease occurs, claim 100%

Quanyou has a lifetime (34 species), Changbao Fuxing (48 species, 8 of which are specific serious illnesses), Kang Jian's life (50 species), and Corning Lifetime (40 species).

Kang Jian's life (50 kinds) guarantees the most diseases, and the whole life (34 kinds) guarantees the least disease.

Experts pointed out:Serious illness, more attention to product functions, major diseases"Three payments"The function is a high added value for the consumer. When purchasing heavy illness insurance products, pay more attention to the increase.Incidence of severe illnessIt is not necessarily beneficial for policyholders to pay more premiums to increase the type of severe illness that is not high in incidence.

In summary:Long Baofuxing wins

to sum up

It is not difficult to see from the above comparison"Long Bao Fuxing"Is the most worth buying

1, the most comprehensive protection; three major benefits of major diseases

2, high cost performance

3, children's specific diseases, leukemia have additional compensation

If you feel that the premium is high, Xiaobian recommends that you consider it."Healthy life"

1. Minimum annual premiums

2, after the mild illness exemption premium

3, parents and children to buy together, the minimum amount of protection (100,000)

Children's Insurance · Precautions

First, protect the adult, then protect the child.

Before insuring a child, parents should first buy their own accident insurance, health insurance and life insurance, and it is best to designate the beneficiary as a child.

Can you grow up with him?
Proportion of father's unfortunate death before graduation
25 years old 7%
30 years old 9%
35 years old 15%
40 years old twenty three%
45 years old 34%
The age of the father at the time the child was born

It is best to buy 25 diseases of severe illness insurance.

The major diseases are divided into 6 kinds of diseases and 7-25 kinds of diseases. The specific diseases are listed in the appendix, and 6 of them are critical disease insurance.

6 diseases
Cancer, acute myocardial infarction, stroke sequelae, major organ transplantation or hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, coronary artery bypass surgery, end-stage renal disease
7-25 disease
Multiple limb loss, acute or subacute severe hepatitis, benign brain tumor, decompensated chronic liver failure, encephalitis sequelae or meningitis sequelae, deep coma, deafness, binocular blindness, paralysis, heart valve surgery, Severe Alzheimer's disease, severe brain injury, severe Parkinson's disease, severe III degree burn, severe primary pulmonary hypertension, severe motor neuron disease, loss of language ability, severe aplastic anemia, aortic surgery

Children's exclusive critical illness insurance is Shantou?

Leukemia is a serious illness in children's high incidence (Baidu Encyclopedia data: the sixth place in children's malignant tumors), the responsibility of extra payment is indeed the conscience setting of the product developer, but for this separate additional payment responsibility, bear higher premiums If it is worth it, it is necessary to look at the psychology of consumers.

2015 Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Report
Number of cases (example) 1,997,371
Number of deaths (person) 129
Incidence rate (/100000) 1,465,996
Mortality rate (/100000) 0.0095

According to the statistics of the national legal report on the incidence and death of infectious diseases in 2015

Do your personal protection and consider investing

Insured should not only consider the family economic factors, but also the protection points at different ages. In general, parents should first do the child's personal protection, and then selectively insured some financial insurance.

Child solid tumor classification

According to CCTV, one child died of cancer every three minutes. In China, the incidence of childhood cancer has increased by 2.8% every year for nearly ten years, and the number of newly-increased malignant tumors has reached 30,000 to 40,000 per year. For the treatment effect, parents bring their children to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big cities for treatment, resulting in high medical expenses.

Buy insurance to shop around

Insurance products are more complicated than funds, stocks and bank wealth management products. However, no matter how complicated the products are, there are logical relationships. As long as we do shop around, we can naturally find out the advantages and highlights, defects and problem. If you have any insurance problems, you can contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible!

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