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No 500,000 can play the board? Read the most complete rules of the board!

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Recently, the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the relevant system of the science and technology board, and opened up the science and technology enterprises to declare the market, the pace of the science and technology board is getting closer. According to regulations, the investment threshold of Science and Technology Board is2Year trading experience and50Ten thousand assets. Then, if not50Wan, can we still invest in the science and technology board? Here is Xi Caijun to talk, please see below.

First, the science and technology board promotion process

2018year11month5On the opening ceremony of the first China International Import Expo, the President of the State announced the establishment of a science and technology board;

2019year1month30On the day, the CSRC and the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued a draft of the relevant policies and rules for the board of science and technology, including5010,000 investment threshold, efficient mandatory delisting, etc., solicitation of comments will be officially released within one month;

2019year3month3On the day, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued the “Guidelines for the Listing of Science and Technology Enterprises”, delineating the field of science and technology enterprises that should be recommended.

Second, which areas of the enterprise can be listed?

A new generation of information technology, high-end equipment, new materials, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, biomedicine and other areas in line with the positioning of the science and technology board. After the company applies for the board to be listed, the sponsor sponsors and declares to the exchange.

Shangjiao5The decision of whether to accept the application within one working day, the CSRC20Make a decision on the registration application within one working day.

Third, the science and technology board trading system

1, science and technology board implementationT+1Trading mechanism (main board and gem are alsoT+1);

2The daily increase and decrease of Science and Technology Board is limited to20%, before the IPO5There is no ups and downs in the trading day (the main board and the GEM are limited to10%The biggest increase on the first day of listing is the issue price44%);

3, science and technology board each hand200Stocks, limit orders do not exceed10Million shares (main board and gem board each hand100Stocks, limit orders do not exceed100Ten thousand shares);

4There are three types of trading methods: competitive trading, block trading, and after-hours fixed-price trading (the main board and the GEM only have bidding transactions and block trades).

Fourth, how to play the science and technology board?

First, the investment board creates a threshold (the following two conditions must be met)

1Before the application permission is opened20The daily trading days of the securities account and the fund account of the trading day are not lower than RMB50Ten thousand yuan.

2Participating in securities tradingtwenty fourMore than a month.

Second, no50What about 10,000 investors?

1And purchase existing public funds that can invest in stocks in the market.

2,buy6Strategic placement fund only

3In order to purchase the relevant fund of Science and Technology Board, there are currently 20 or 30 new funds to be invested in the Science and Technology Board, and eight of them are science and technology boards.3The annual analysis operates flexibly to configure hybrid funds.


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