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Before the start of the bull stocks, the "volume" will have such signs. Once encountered, the decisive warehouse will be dry.

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The market is always right, believe the facts you see. Never complain about the market, complain about the main force, complain about accidents, it is just making excuses for your stupid ignorance. Convinced that the power of the trend, taking advantage of the trend, doing more with less, against the trend, can not escape bad luck. Survival is the most important thing, and there is a chance to live. Have the courage to admit mistakes to the market, not to pay too much for a mistake. When the market is not worth trading, don't be exhausted, you must be able to withstand loneliness. When the market is complicated, you should recharge your batteries and wait patiently for opportunities that are worth doing. In the market, never put yourself at the point where you can't stop. Trading requires a good reason, with a relatively correct analysis, close to the realities of the market. A reasonable trading strategy must be added at all times, only the facts and the market have the final say. To form your own decision-making trading system, there is a pair of eyes that look at the market. The trading process is the learning process, often checking the trading ideas and trading psychology, and trying to listen to your heart. Strictly demand yourself, maintain physical and mental health, and strive to improve the realm of trading.

Avenue to Jane, Dazhi Ruoyu. Put an end to the pursuit of perfection, willing to retain the shortcomings. Do what you can, simplify, simplify, and simplify, making the transaction clearer and more concise. Do something, do something. Eliminate blind transactions that dissipate the spirit, psychedelic mind, and wear out money. People often think that they should seize opportunities as much as possible. Professional traders think more about the opportunities that they can grasp and only capture the chances of winning. Many actions are made by people who are bored. It is boring to do nothing, but it is actually an unhealthy state of mind. Trader actions should be based on objective circumstances rather than psychology. People tend to think that predicting future price trends is the most important part of the transaction. However, the pursuit of perfect determination is often annoying. Why not use predictive trends as probability games and strategy games. In fact, trading discipline is the most important magic weapon.

In the Chinese stock market, the reasons for retail investors losing money:

(1) buck the trend.

The first day of stock market investors will be warned: stocks must be with them. As the saying goes, riding a boat to fall behind! Stocks also true! The so-called homeopathy and refers to the broader market trend showing long term average, the trend run up such a market market timing, if not junk stocks is a high probability of making money ,, ! but most investors in the stock market tend to put that behind, always feel good trends in selected stocks, while decisively to buy, the next day is waiting some sort of relief, as short as a few months to wait, Long waits for a few years.

(2) short-term love.

As long as investors, have hearts of several bull stock rose some 300%, and some have gone up 500%, and even up to 1000%! But you can look at, such as removal of Tellus A few monster, just a few Ten days and a half months can be achieved! Which bull stock has not experienced at least 3 months to have such an increase?

(3) Always full warehouse operation.

No matter how much stocks are invested, every operation must be Soha, buy in the whole position, and then the stock market will fall. You can only look at the loss of your own account, cut the meat, can’t bear it, don’t cut the meat, continue to lose money, etc. No funds to do T, did not wait to reach their own buying price, and began to kill, and eventually retail investors will basically drop blood!

Secret of volume

First, the arc of the trading volume

Taking "Shanghai Petrochemical" as an example, the stock formed a circular arc of trading volume in late May of 1996, indicating that 3.7 yuan became a staged bottom. After the bottom is formed, the upper volume is punched up, showing a stronger power.

Special attention should be paid to stocks with a bottom line. When a stock's decline gradually shrinks or a gap falls, the volume will generally shrink, and then the price will increase. This is the time when the stock price bottoms out.

However, when the volume bottoms out, people's emotions often bottom out. As the stock price fell, the people who originally made money in the market gradually withdrew, and the new arrivals were quilted one by one, so the willingness to enter the game continued to weaken. If the stock price does not fall when the desire to buy stocks is the lowest, it only shows that the desire to throw stocks is also at its lowest state. This state is often characterized by the bottoming stage.

It takes patience to choose stocks and it takes a while to wait for the stock price to bottom out. A bottom super code that will make you big money should last for more than half a month, preferably a few months. How many investors have such patience to watch the stocks they bought and put in stock for a few months?

Most investors are reluctant to wait too long at the bottom. They want to make decisions after seeing the situation. Therefore, they often choose to enter the market when the volume increases rapidly as the stock price rises. The existence of this type of investor has formed a situation of surge after the breakthrough.

In fact, buying at the bottom of the volume is truly conservative and safe. People who buy after the market is bright may be able to make money. But first, they can't make big money, they just grab a section in the middle of the market. Second, the risks they face are actually larger because they buy a price that is much higher than the bottom price. When they buy it, the investors who buy at the bottom are ready to make a profit. Compared with the above, whoever takes the initiative and passive is clear.

Second, the subtle changes in trading volume

A general premise is that, first of all, the volume of transactions must shrink sharply. If you leave this point, you will not be able to pick up the issue of black horses. The shrinking volume reflects many problems. The most critical content is that the chip is safe. That is to say, no one wants to throw this stock, and the stock price does not fall. This shows that the market is exhausted. Only in this way. On the basis of this, in order to develop a rising black horse stocks.

The matter is very simple. People who are willing to work hard find out when the volume changes subtly, and decisively buy the stock. People who refuse to work hard do not know that this stock is undergoing great changes. When things became clear and the stock price rose, everyone flocked to try to share a cup of soup, so that people who know it later can rarely make money, because when they chase the stock, the prophets are Smile Mimi to collect their money.

The analysis method of volume change can be applied not only to the daily chart, but also to the weekly or hourly chart. The key is that the conclusions from what kind of graph analysis can only be applied to the corresponding time period. For example, the bottom seen on the daily chart is often the mid-term bottom, and the subsequent uptrend may last for a month to a few months, while the bottom of the hourly chart can only support ten to tens of hours. If you are a real long-term investor, you should use a weekly chart to analyze the bottom of the weekly chart for a year or a few years.

Third, the bottom momentum of long-term cattle stocks

The volume can be said to be the momentum of the stock price. A stock often has been long-term down or consolidated before it surges. At this time, the volume has shrunk sharply, and then there has been continuous enlargement or a moderate increase in trading volume and the stock price has risen. The stock is like a rocket that needs to have enough fuel before it can be launched. Only with sufficient bottom power can the stock price be pushed to a very high level.

A stock that only rises sharply must have sufficient bottom momentum to push the stock price up. The amount of sufficient abundance here is relative to the traces of the past. That is to say: when the volume of a stock is extremely shrinking, there will be a continuous amount to push the stock price higher.

Volume is a measure of buying and selling gas, which can confirm the direction of the stock price. Therefore, savvy investors must track the stocks with huge volume at the bottom, because when the supply-demand relationship of a stock changes greatly, it will determine the direction of the stock price. Investors must not ignore the stock price when the change occurs. The relationship with quantity, once the price is matched, the stock price will rise rapidly as expected after intervention.

The change in volume pattern will be a precursor to the trend reversal. In the early stage of the stock market, the relationship between the volume and the stock price is a small increase in the price, the volume continues to increase, and the stock price rises with the increase of the volume. Once it enters the strong rise, the price increases. If the stock price falls below the 10-day moving average, it shows that its strength has changed. At this time, it will temporarily end its strength and enter the medium-term consolidation stage.

Therefore, when you have a strong stock, it is best to keep a close eye on the stock price day K-line chart. When the daily K line has been above the 10-day moving average, you can hold it all the way, once the stock price is long or negative. The trend fell below the 10-day moving average and should be shipped immediately, considering the swap operation.

Consolidated stocks should be given special attention on the grounds that the chances of such stocks far outweigh the risks. The unplanned volume of consolidation is shrinking, representing the exhaustion of selling power.

Basically, the volume reduction is a kind of reversal signal. The volume reduction has the possibility of stopping the decline. In the downward trend, the volume must be gradually reduced to have a chance to rebound. However, after the reduction, it may shrink even more. When is the bottom? Only after the volume reduction is the day after the increase in volume can confirm the bottom. If the stock price is already above the 10-day moving average, it is more certain that the rise has begun.

Therefore, basically, we should pay attention to the increase in volume after the contraction. Only the increase in volume reflects the change in the relationship between supply and demand of stocks. Only when the transaction increases, may the stock have a rising bottom momentum.

Starting form of the main rising wave

The launch of the main rising wave is an important means for the dealer to accelerate the stock price and get rid of the holding cost zone. It is also an important manifestation of the wave market during the climax. The start of the main rising wave means that after the stock price has been fully adjusted, it will completely eliminate the important pressure in the upper area, and thus accelerate the upward trend of heavy volume.

Example map, HKUST Intelligence: As can be seen from the figure, although July 16th, 2013 is a daily limit, it does not fully resolve the pressure in front, so the stock price has not formed a continuous upward trend, of course, it is not the main rise. The rising point of the wave market. After the stock price was adjusted sideways for 10 trading days, the pressure on the top was well resolved. On July 31, the stock price showed a daily limit, and this daily limit was the rising point of the main rising wave. At this time, the investor can buy the order at the daily limit. If there is no transaction on the day, it may not be able to close due to the continuous “one-shaped” daily limit in the following trading days. At this time, the investor has to wait for the opportunity, not to follow the stock price. When you open the daily limit, you should wait for the stock price to stabilize and buy again, waiting for the second wave of the main wave.

Before the start of the bull stocks, the "volume" will have such signs. Once encountered, the decisive warehouse will be dry.

Example map, Shanghai Electromechanical: On June 14, 2013, a large-volume Yangyang line with an increase of more than 8 points was not available in the past year. The stock price broke away from the platform consolidation area and opened up the stock price. In this case, you should fight on the same day, this is the starting point of the main rising wave market. When the rising point occurs, the possibility of a large adjustment in the stock price is very small. The occasional callback is also a normal washing trend, or the recovery process after the breakthrough, usually ending in a short period of time. In the process of washing the dishes, the stock price generally does not take the initiative to fall below the 10-day moving average. The limit position is at the 30-day moving average. Sometimes it is the opposite. It deliberately breaks through the moving average system and then pulls back within 3 trading days, so be careful. Observe the change in the disk surface.

Before the start of the bull stocks, the "volume" will have such signs. Once encountered, the decisive warehouse will be dry.

The main characteristics of the nine major characteristics of the rising tide

The negative impact of the dealer's manipulation of the stock price on the securities market has been recognized by more and more investors. For investors, it may be important to use actual actions to make the “banker” lose the important soil for survival, that is, not to chase. Ups and downs, not blindly. To do this, of course, we must recognize the essence of the "doing Zhuang" behavior, and understand some of the market characteristics of "Zhuanggu" to grasp the starting point of the rising tide.

One of the characteristics: the stock price is soaring and the stock price manipulated by the dealer is very easy to appear. Because the market environment is more relaxed, the basic process of doing Zhuang is to push the stock price up, or contact the listed company. The means of sending shares and other means to create the illusion of low stock price; start shipping after obtaining sufficient space, and use the opportunity of investors to rebound or ex-rights to continuously throw out to achieve its profiteering result, the result is that the stock price has been falling for a long time. Inevitable. This situation has a certain relationship with the current imperfect distribution policy of listed companies. The banker objectively cannot rely on cash dividends to obtain returns and reduce risks. It is the only option to earn the difference in the secondary market.

The second feature: the volume of the transaction suddenly fluctuates. Whether it is to build a warehouse or to ship, it needs to have a volume of cooperation. Some dealers will adopt a bottom-up approach to increase the position of the warehouse, and the Zhuang stocks will cause the illusion of a breakthrough in volume. Attract the follow-up disk to achieve the purpose of shipping. In addition, the dealer often uses the method of knocking or falling down to attract chips or attract investors' attention. Either way, it will lead to a sharp enlargement of the volume, and these behaviors have clearly violated the relevant provisions of the law. At the same time, because the stocks of Zhuanggu are mainly concentrated in the hands of a few people, their daily trading volume will be extremely shrinking, which will greatly reduce the liquidity of stocks.

The third feature: the behavior of the trading behavior is abnormal. There are several situations in which the stock market trend often occurs. The stock price is inexplicably lower or higher, and the closing price is higher than the closing price or occasionally there is a big buy or sell order. obvious. There was also a strong unilateral uptrend in the intraday trend, which suddenly fell sharply and fluctuated drastically. This phenomenon was particularly noticeable at the end of the market, indicating that the bookmaker’s control level was already very high.

The fourth feature: the business performance is ups and downs. The market performance of most Zhuanggu shares is closely related to the company's fundamentals. In the process of stock price increase, the company's performance will be significantly improved. It seems that the stock price increase is a reflection of the company's performance growth. Strongly deceptive, such as the doubling of the performance of Yinguangxia's stock price, and the abnormal increase or abnormal deterioration caused by abnormal factors is an abnormal phenomenon, which will cause damage to shareholders' interests. . At the same time, many stocks fell after the stock price fell to a certain stage, and the performance immediately followed a big decline. The data on the profits of listed companies is very doubtful.

Feature 5: Large changes in the number of shareholders According to the annual report of the listed company or the number of shareholders disclosed in the interim report, it can be seen that the stock price of Zhuanggu has completed a process from low to high and then from high to low. Actually, the number of shareholders has increased from Less, then from less to more processes. Zhuang shares are usually represented on the shareholder list by a number of institutional or individual shareholders holding similar numbers of public shares. Because the dealer wants to achieve the purpose of the control while avoiding the fact that an institution or individual holds more than 5% of the total share capital, it must use multiple non-associated accounts to buy at the same time. This also adds to the effective supervision of the market. The difficulty.

Characteristics of the six: against the market and the general stock trend is the same direction with the broader market, but Zhuang shares often perform differently in this regard. In the stage of opening a position, the counter-market pull is easy to get the chips quickly; in the shock stage, using the chips collected in advance, ignore the trend of the market, and suppress the stock price, causing technical breaks, causing market panic and further increasing the concentration. In the pull-up phase, due to the sparseness of the external float, the counter-market rise is effortless. During the period, the stock price manipulation is easy to use, and the stock price manipulation is easy, and it is easy to attract market attention and cultivate the follow-up operation group. In the delivery stage, the general trend of stabilization and recovery, seize the public's no longer cautious mentality, take advantage of the momentum to shock the shipment, wait until the arrival of goods to a certain extent, the stage of high-level diving Suppress the trick of clearing the position until the stock price comes from where to go.

Characteristics 7: The stock price responds to the news unusually Under the fair, open and fair information disclosure system, the stock price will effectively reflect the news, and the good news will help the stock price rise, and vice versa. However, Zhuang shares are not the case. The dealers often join hands with listed companies. What kind of news is there before the listed company, the bookmakers are well aware. Even privately deliberately create so-called bad news, good news, in order to achieve the purpose of the bookmaker's ulterior motives. For example, in order to be able to complete the position as soon as possible, the banker artificially spreads unfavorable news, and then uses vague announcements to finally shake investors' shareholding confidence. Another example is that after the price increase is staggering, the favorable rumors that have not been recognized before have finally been fulfilled, but the stock price is stagflation, and finally collapses.

Feature 8: Chasing the popular concept Once in the market, a concept hype was once formed. Some people think that the concept is easier to create than the performance of listed companies, and it has more room for imagination. The prevailing concept of Hong Kong's return to the stock market, the concept of the network, the concept of the cable network and even the concept of recent WTO accession, the concept of the Olympics. Of course, there are many companies that have benefited, but these concepts are often taken "taken" by the dealers to fish in troubled waters.

Characteristics of the nine: preference for small-cap stocks to open historical stocks, when the stocks are rampant, nine out of ten are small-cap stocks, the reasons for this, I am afraid it is nothing more than the following: First, the small-cap stocks market value is small, right The funding requirements are not high. The time for doing Zhuang is relatively short, and the risk is controllable. Second, the small-cap stocks have little impact on the large-cap index and are not easy to attract the attention of the regulatory authorities. Third, the large companies are relatively standardized, and small companies are easy to support; fourth, small companies There is an opportunity to make rapid changes. Even if it is fakely packaged, it can be used to sneak out of Chen Cang by illegally using unscrupulous means such as related transactions.

Correct trading mentality

First, about the market

If the financial market is analyzed, it will be endless. After analyzing the economic situation, political influence, stock fundamentals, historical charts, industrial prospects, etc., it can be studied and researched. The final is very simple, just buy or not buy, sell or not. The final judgment of selling.

The market is not a real world. It is made up of the minds of all the participants. Investors are admitted with prejudice. Prejudice is the key to understanding the dynamics of the financial market. When prejudice has an interactive influence in the investor community, a herd effect will occur. The market is a result. He goes beyond what everyone understands. No one can accurately predict the market...

In terms of understanding the market, I very much agree with Soros's insights. The so-called market consists of the mind, that is, the market is made up of human emotions. The seemingly rational market is essentially irrational and full of prejudice.

Prejudice is the driving force of the market. If you don’t have a bearish look, how can there be a market up and down every day? In essence, there will be no market. Therefore, prejudice (human emotion) is both the driving force of the market and the fundamental existence of the market!

In this way, we can easily understand that in the market, the crowds who are bullish and bearish are betting. No matter what system, profitable people will inevitably have losses.

We can't predict the outcome of the bet! Because the power of both sides is often changing and changing, the so-called killing more, empty killing. However, the inability to predict is not to say that we cannot grasp the present. Otherwise we will not be able to trade rationally. To achieve a rational transaction, it is necessary to jump out of the circle and keep a distance from the long and short sides of the circle, so that you can see the power of the present is better and worse, and then follow the strong side to easily make a profit.

Second, about patience

Many masters emphasize patience in making transactions, perhaps right, and wait patiently for opportunities to emerge. But the problem is that they never mentioned what kind of opportunity appeared to be an opportunity. In this sense, waiting patiently for this sentence has no guiding significance for the operation. In fact, the education of investment, speculation or trading is full of plausible and non-specific nonsense.

To be honest, no patience is required in trading operations. Patience is a restrictive emotion. In the trading operation, what is needed is the word "quiet". Meditation is also an emotion, but it is a realm. Therefore, such emotions are not restrictive and are natural manifestations.

The reason why most people can't wait in the trading operation is because the future trend of the subject matter being traded cannot be grasped, that is, the uncertainties (risks) of the future cannot be grasped, which leads to fear, greed and hope. And other subjective emotions. Under the disturbance of these subjective emotions, the operation becomes unruly, which is the most fundamental cause of losses.

If you can grasp the future risks in the trading operation, I believe that most people will do the meditation. For example, I promised someone that I would lose money when I lost money. I believe that this person’s trading operation is very safe.

Third, important things in the transaction

1. Only hold the correct position.

2. Overcode the correct position.

3. Sell all the goods within two or three days after the huge amount.


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