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A sing-along competition: the bull market "four big names" collective fire, private equity champion shouted 8000 points

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  stupidPeople's Day A shares were not absent. First, Gree Ali held hands and rumors. Later, the former richest man Huang Guangyu was "released in advance", and the concept stocks were flying.

Bull market F4

Fortunately, the market did not make fun of the stock market, and the surge in weekend ideas was on schedule. The Shanghai stock index broke through the platform, and the Shenzhen Component Index recorded a record of 10,000 points on the 12th Lianyang Station. The GEM index rose 8% on the 2nd. The turnover of the two cities broke through another trillion, and the “smart money” foreign investment continued after the bottom of the billion yuan last Friday. , once again recorded a net inflow of nearly 4 billion.

A bull market is grand.

Bull market F4


  The brokerage "four big names" collectively opened fire

On the weekend, one after another, the manufacturing PMI in March returned to the line of glory, the Sino-US trade negotiations made new progress, the unprecedented implementation of tax cuts, and the big Yangxian line that changed the faith last Friday, the market is already in the mind "Room limit."

The four big bull market "drummers" also sang in concert.

Bull market F4

Great Wall Securities, a "4000 points" hitWang YiFor the third time, he reiterated his views. He said to Tianyan Jun that the core logic of this round of market has not been destroyed (the core position of the capital market has increased, the tax cuts exceeded expectations, the real estate policy has been fine-tuned, the wide currency has been extended to wide credit, and trade friction has eased). The Shanghai index has a high probability of breaking through 3,200 points, and then continues to fluctuate upwards. It is still the beginning of the bull market, and still maintains the judgment that the Shanghai index is 4,000 points during the year.

Known as the first flag bearer of the bull market, CITIC JiantouZhang YulongIt also reiterated its view and firmly optimistic about China's A-share bull market. The second phase of the rise was opened. It is recommended that investors continue to raise their positions in an all-round way, adding blue chips to brokers, real estate, home appliances, aviation, and liquor.

Citicizing the "Reviving Cow" CITIC SecuritiesQin PeijingThe second round of the same issue is coming, and April is the key window for the “three-phase” stack of A-shares (the final verification period of the economy, performance, the easing period of liquidity expectations, and the upward period of overseas disturbance factors), second The best buying point for the round of rising is in the latter half, the real estate industry chain rebound and the large consumer sector is gradually starting to be the most important main line.

Guotai Junan, known as the “Chairman of the Whampoa Military Academy”Huang YanmingRecently, he has become a "long commander", and it is rare to speak intensively. "If you don't get on the train, you can get on the train quickly." "Checking the capital will not hurt the market." "A shares have reversed and there is room for growth." Tianyan Jun was informed that just this afternoon, Huang Yanming, who is old and strong, is on the train again.


  Private equity champion shouted 8000 points

There is more crazy than the brokerage.

On the weekend, Tianyan heard that private equity champion Cui Jun had seen the current round of the market as much as 8,000 points. He believes that this wave of new market launched from 2440 on January 4, 2019 is a wave of super repairs in China's stock market that fell 12 years from 6124 on October 16, 2007. Therefore, the current 3000 points may be just the start-up phase of the market.

Qianhai Open Source Yang Delong directly called out the "Golden Decade". The past ten years is the "Golden Decade" of the property market. The next decade is the "Golden Decade" of A shares. The performance of the latter market will exceed the expectations of many people.

In this sing-along competition, it is no longer a model and logic to test the "drummers" of all the roads, but the language level, whoever wins the title is amazing.

The sound of bearish voices is rare, but it can also attract eyeballs. For example, the “cold water” of Li Xipo’s investment in the summer, she said that the PMI rebounded sharply in March, and part of it was the financial credit pulse, and the incremental demand brought by the centralized project; The other part is brought by the active replenishment library. None of the above can be sustained. The time for this round of small-cycle economy to bottom out is at the end of this year or early next year. Correspondingly, the stock market will once again bottom out.


  National Bull Market 2.0

In the research report of many brokerages, one of the core logics that we saw in April is that A-share internationalization of foreign capital is expected to be intensively entered.

The data shows that the total net inflow of Northbound funds has exceeded 140 billion during the year, and the first time in May of the year, MSCI was included in the window, considering that foreign capital tends to increase in one or two months in advance, so 4 From the beginning of the month, foreign capital is expected to become a core increase again.

Bull market F4

Some analysts said that the previous 10 billion foreign capital outflows mainly came from the volatility of overseas markets and the fulfillment of income. However, the current foreign shareholding ratio in the A-share market is still at a low level. The process of A-shares joining MSCI has just begun. Therefore, foreign capital is stagnant. The increase in A shares is expected to be difficult to occur.

  At the end of February this year, Tianyanjun once said a lot, the national bull market has come, and the top layer needs a strong capital market, which is an important part of the country's core competitiveness. A series of milestones of reform and opening up have come one after another, fully integrated with the international market, the board of science and technology registration system, the release of the rise and fall, the same shares different rights...

The view of Hualin Securities coincides with Tianyan Jun. If the bull market from 2013 to 2015 belongs to “reform cattle, innovation cattle, leveraged cattle”, the 2019 A shares are the 2.0 version of the national bull market. Therefore, simply looking at the economic indicators is easy to ignore the essence of the stock market, and the large probability of the market to see the top will continue until the launch of the Kechuang board.

A week later, the brokers will publish gorgeous March data, and everything looks like the story of 2014-2015.


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