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Northeast Securities--Chemical Industry: Safety Supervision is expected to replicate environmental protection supervision and valuation, preferred leader, first push pesticide [industry research]

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[Summary of research report content]

    The concept of short-term chemical safety supervision benefits has dropped back. We believe that the following main concerns are: first, pay attention to relevant policies, secondly, pay attention to the price increase of related products, and third, predict the supply and demand brought by the third quarter of the 70th anniversary or centralized maintenance. Further mismatch. Safety supervision has duplicated the valuation opportunities brought about by environmental supervision in the past two years.

    We believe that the short-term water disaster park will be closed across the board, which is of great significance, reflecting Jiangsu's determination to see the Jiangsu park rectification in the medium and long term. In particular, it is important to note that chemical industry is the mother of all things, and the learning effect is outstanding. Any behavior can be imitated very strongly. How to do a park or a province means that there are potential demonstration effects in all the parks in all provinces in China, and the imagination space is huge. The first fundamentals to determine the upward pesticide sector, the preferred leader Yangnong Chemical, followed by shares, Hailier, Limin shares, Jiangshan shares. On the whole, the industry focuses on pesticides and dyes, and the leading stocks are recommended to integrate Zhejiang Longsheng, Yangnong Chemical, Wanhua Chemical, Jinhe Industrial, and Xinhecheng.

    On March 25, the State Council Security Committee issued an urgent notice to comprehensively carry out centralized investigation and rectification of dangerous chemicals safety hazards, and organized a comprehensive investigation of all enterprises involved in nitrification process equipment and production and storage of nitrates, and immediately carried out special safety management. We believe that this statement is worthy of attention. Once the final water pollution accident is qualitative, it will trigger the relevant industry to investigate. Most of the chemical production processes involve nitrification, and aniline does not preclude tension. It is optimistic about Wanhua Chemical, the integrated leader of aniline, and Yangnong Chemical, a pesticide model with strong nitrification capacity, and Guangxin shares, which has the capacity of neighboring nitrate.

    The overall strategy of 2019: mining the counter-cyclical quantity-driven varieties from the bottom up, and suggesting to regain the bottom opportunity of the low-value Baima. Main line: The sub-industry mainly recommends pesticides. In the direction, it is recommended to pay attention to (1) weak cycle, volume-driven counter-cyclical varieties; (2) low valuation and excellent white horse.

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