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The previous VIP internal reference also taught you a few tricks, but the trend of the stock market is very complicated. It is definitely not possible to rely on these few measures, because some people don’t have time to stare every day, and some of them often use some technical forms. Deceptive, obviously want to go up, he just came to a kill, so that you can't prevent it. Therefore, in order to make big money in the stock market, you must also see the general trend and look for the medium-term direction! The collection of the circle product targets within the month, the VIP target And the three categories of private housing standards, taking into account the issue of the amount of funds for high-end users, the direction of stock selection, the circle of products has a whole set of trend-related yak-related quality courses, to provide you with learning while guiding you to learn stock trading skills, improve their trading system ! The three-day limit of Xiaocheng Technology, which was recommended by the internal reference on March 6, was 63% increase! The Stormwind Group proposed on March 6th has two daily limit evacuations, an increase of 22%!

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    I entered the market for 19 years. In 2008, I successfully predicted the history of the bottom, the financial industry website top ten famous blog, the famous station top ten traders, the Chinese stock market good example third runner-up, 2014 ** annual champion! The famous blogs of major websites have visited more than 100 million times and have received interviews with TV stations and major websites from Guizhou Satellite TV. My operation is: do not chase up, do not kill, from the historical point of view to keep the principal is the first priority! In July 2015, we were invited to participate in the Securities Medium-Term Strategy Meeting. We proposed that 3600 points should not be the low point of the market. The market should fall below 3,000 points and return to the 2850 points. The view was successfully fulfilled! The 2015 A-shares occurred. In the rare stock market disaster in November, it was successfully predicted in November 2015 that the market will fall below 2,850 points and step back around 2,700 points. There are still thousands of stocks in the market!

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