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Steady investment system
Wang LunGold medal

Right compound interest trading system|Course ¥ 688

Solve your investment problems from the three perspectives of position management, stock picking and trading strategies, and create the three major methods of bottoming out, chasing up, and playing board. Basically, it covers daily trading, and learning will become your weapon of stock speculation!Enter the live room consultation &gt

Falcon watchSenior investment

Bull Market Nuggets Trilogy|Course ¥ 688

This course includes courses on “How to Rebound the Market”, “Continuous Ups and Downs Buying Method”, “How to Research Individuals Will Enter the Adjustment Trend”, and weekly regular private counseling to help you build a future bull market. logic!Enter the live room consultation &gt

Undefeated queenBeauty investment

Digital ciphers see the main trap|Course ¥ 666

The stock market is unpredictable, how to identify the main intentions? Distinguish the main strength? A string of numbers see through the main card! Let the number of pending orders be invisible! Learn to "pair, straight, flat, leopard" to help you easily defeat the main dishwashing trick!Enter the live room consultation &gt

Zhang GuijieSenior investment

Three-dimensional search for dragon stock selection system|Course ¥ 688

The introductory part of the three-dimensional system focuses on stock selection, mainly on logic, principle, and basic operation direction. Taking market trend analysis as the main direction, through the hot money analysis of the current upside space, the current profit-making effect is continuous, thus selecting the market leader!Enter the live room consultation &gt

The master of investment masters wins the secret
MuyangGold medal

Trend trading main promotion method|Course ¥ 688

The course will tell you from a probabilistic perspective that trend trading is not technology, but mathematics; not four arithmetic, but probability. From the nature of technical analysis, the response of trend trading, and how to make a big loss, how to follow the trend to trade stocks.Enter the live room consultation &gt

Yan Peng's stockSenior investment

The most beautiful daily limit board game method|Course ¥ 688

The daily limit is the target of all investors! This set of courses starts from the trend turning point, judges the trend of the market, and analyzes the daily limit through capital, stock and stock fundamentals, and teaches you to attack the leading stocks in the strong sector!Enter the live room consultation &gt

King of A sharesBeauty investment

The main rise of the detonation trade warfare method|Course ¥ 888

This set of courses focuses on the main wave trend, grasps the secrets of the cycle trend, and judges the turning point of the trend, so as to grasp the signal of the coming of the main wave. In the change of the main market, master the T skills, the band profit is also not missed!Enter the live room consultation &gt

Short-term queenSenior investment

Leading triumphant trading book|Course ¥ 666

Expertise in the limit of the daily limit, good at leading card positions and strong stocks. Focusing on short-term and ultra-short-line transactions, the thinking is quick to follow the hot-spot leader, combined with the characteristics of leading stocks, combined with capital dynamics, and years of experience in leading the relay, summed up this set of courses.Enter the live room consultation &gt

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