1. During the Spring Festival, from the beginning of the New Year to the beginning of the sixth day of the New Year, every day at a fixed time, New Rand's popular investment will launch a cash red envelope. Every user can pay attention to the red envelope notice every day!

2. Participate in the popularity of the live broadcast room, the more interaction, the greater the chance of getting the most cash red packets, actively participate in the interaction, receive a big red envelope!

3. Important little secrets:
Immediately after entering the investment live broadcast room, you can receive the reminder of the red envelope for the first time, and will not let you miss any chance to grab the red envelope!

Upcoming Events:

Since February 11th, New Lander has invested in a number of investment special events for investors to help you grasp the spring market and improve the Year of the Pig! During the event, the user will be given a red envelope without interruption, and the attention will be locked!

Investment is not wrong to grab the red envelope strategy:

                        1. After the opening of the Spring Festival, the platform investment will open red envelopes, pay attention to the special event or the main red envelope list to help you seize the opportunity to grab the red envelope in time!
                        2. Important little secrets: Popularity will also issue targeted red envelopes to users who purchase new products. Double surprises, great value experience, please pay attention!
                        3. Participate in the standing party Valentine's Day and Lantern Festival activities, not only can grab the red envelope, Xiao Ai will also prepare surprise gifts for you!

In-disk video solution Red envelope surprise
Investment special in progress, interactive learning, grab red envelope
Short-term attack
Steady growth
Follow the market, easily do T
Subscribe to the internal reference service to receive red envelopes

1. In February of the new year, all the paid internal reference products that have subscribed to the above-mentioned investment can receive the opportunity to pay the paid red envelopes in the live room! Specific rules focus on the relevant investment live broadcast room!

2. Participate in the event free to receive gold vouchers, you can also enjoy different levels of concessions, immediately receive vouchers, discount subscription!

What should I do if I have a problem with the red envelope and the subscription process?

1, customer service hotline: 400-166-1188 turn 1

2, online customer service: through the financial sector APP trading section - click on the small envelope in the upper right corner - customer service online consultation

3, online QQ customer service: 800089887

Risk warning: The stock market is risky and investment needs to be cautious!

The final interpretation of this activity belongs to Xinlande, and it has the right to make appropriate adjustments to the activities within the scope of the law!

Grab the red envelope, fight for luck
Watch the live broadcast, there are surprises
Order internal reference, collar red envelope