Falcon watch: Band Latent Selection Strategy

The strategy selects the hot theme of the hot theme to lurk in the short-term band to absorb the opportunity to achieve intraday profit, and make the fund stable and compound interest growth, internal reference style: 1, low-sucking is king: green disk buy-based, red plate callback Low-supply supplements, both the pursuit of low cost in the day, can also earn the money of the day. 2, high frequency: a good strategy for a day, a general market 2 & mdash a week; 3, internal reference strategy to achieve efficient operation of funds, to obtain excess returns. 3. High winning rate: The average winning rate of historical strategy is more than 70%. On the basis of high winning rate, users have no chance of making mistakes, and have a good chance of making money. 4, low stop loss: taking the principle of time and space double stop loss, single biggest loss It is 7%, if there is no T plan, unconditional stop loss! In addition, the principle of amplitude + time double stop loss, the longest position does not exceed 5 trading days, can avoid large losses, thus achieving compound interest growth. The stock market is risky and investment needs to be cautious.

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