Yan Peng's stock: share of the sea gold and gold wins a phase

Original price 2000, limited time special 1000! ! ! This internal reference includes 4-5 selected stocks of operation plans, providing opportunities for interventions, position recommendations, reasonable sales, up to 2 at the same time, mainly tracking low-incidence opportunities after hotspots, and strictly controlling the profit-loss ratio With the retracement, the pursuit of stable profits. Through the operation concept of private equity institutions, let everyone pay attention to the market with the concept of organization. The internal reference service period shall be subject to the completion of the operation of the individual stocks. The contents of the internal reference are for reference only, the profit and loss are at your own risk, the stock market is risky, and the investment needs to be cautious.

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    1. After subscribing to the internal reference, you can subscribe to the private teacher.

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