King's solution: heavy volume rebound red envelope market continuation

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Today's market has opened a door, and the market has steadily increased and closed up. The turnover of the two cities has increased by 310 billion. It is worth mentioning that the GEM is listed.Excited,A 3% increase in the station 1300 led the bulls to vigorously attack, individual stocks have also risen, the decline of stocks only in the first few, and the number of daily limit has reached more than 60, the market focus is focused on 5G, new energy and new and In the new retail and consumer sectors, their continued efforts have made the market more profitable. In terms of sectors, the pork and 5G sectors were among the top gainers, while the intraday liquor was active and none of the sectors fell.

Today, the market is ushered in a full-line increase, and the GEM is the first heavyweight.Wen's sharesThe volume has risen and the whole line of riots has occurred. In the year of the pig, the pork stocks rose first, and a group of golden pigs were running. What a creative start! Followed by the next 5g, new infrastructure such as photovoltaics and wind energy also performed well. These topics are the hotspots for the New Year's opening. First of all, we must pay attention to it. From the perspective of ideas, if relevant concepts can be superimposed on new or low-priced attributes. If you are more likely to be favored by the main funds, the market is worthy of digging deep into the stocks to actively participate!

Technically, largeThe disk continues to rise in a small level of divergence. This is a very rare strong state. Although the small and medium-sized divergence still exists, the adjustment may soon be there, but the market is so strong, and the adjustment space is expected to be very small. Too care, the next big market is definitely going to challenge 2691. If you can break through 2691 points, then you will enter a comprehensive view. At this time, you should focus on holding stocks. The spring market has already started, and you can receive market rewards with peace of mind. Let's red envelope.

The daily limit of the king - Newland loves to vote for one of the four gold medals,

The only three consecutive years (2015-2018) selected for the year's top three investment

The only one to vote for the best champion (2017-2018)

The only one who won the best word of mouth award in five years

The only one who has won the sales champion for three consecutive years (2016-2018)

The only investment in the internal sales of 10,000 copies of the investment

Perhaps the wisdom of knowing the "machine" should be cultivated for more than ten years, but it is only a matter of days to focus on "people".

Strength builds the brand, service wins word of mouth, the king broadcasts welcome you

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