Review: A-share pig year is getting off, how to grasp the hot spot!

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Today, the total turnover of Shanghai and Shenzhen is 319.9 billion yuan, an increase of 58.2 billion yuan compared with the previous day. The sector of the industry rose, with the communications industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery, and electronic components leading the way; banks, insurance, and civil aviation airports were among the top losers; 74 stocks in the two cities were daily, and only four stocks fell, followed by the dog year. After a general trading day, the Year of the Pig relayed, and the market once again welcomed the first trading day of the Golden Year with a general increase. In the end, the three major stock indexes rose like a rainbow, with the Shanghai index rising 1.36% to close at 2,653 points; the GEM index soaring 3.53% to close at 1316 points.

Technical analysis, the Shanghai index slightly opened to 2613 points, and then the shock continued to rise, and finally opened lower and almost went to close the bare-headed Yangxian line, closing the first half of the line. The quantity can be enlarged compared with the previous trading day. It belongs to the volume of the recent consolidation platform. After breaking through the platform, there is still a process of inertia. But don't expect continuous rise is unrealistic. The next few trading days will take the opportunity to step back on the platform. Prepare for a low-sucking approach and the next pressure on the market is 2,703. The GEM index continued to rise sharply. A positive line broke through a single line. It not only broke through the 60-day moving average, but also climbed above 1300 points. It also completed the platform breakthrough. The next pressure is in the 1340 area of ​​the semi-annual line.

The hotspots in the session have come and gone, and the weights are all blooming! Among them, pork concept, 5G, domestic alternative technology stocks, sub-new stocks, lithium batteries,Solar energyAnd other themes stand out! The concept of pork on the first trading day of the Year of the Pig may be that the funds are intentional.Young eagle farming,New WufengWaiting for multiple daily limit, its sustainability needs to be observed. In the 5G concept, the daily limit is mostly stocks with large gains in the previous period, such asEastern CommunicationWait, such stocks are too large due to the previous period of increase, do not rule out the pull and induce more shipping behavior, it is not recommended to chase high operations. Many stocks that have just broken through the trend of low-end can participate. Domestic alternatives includeNSFOCUS,Changchuan Technology,Special informationThe three stocks within the daily limit, the overall concept of the sector has not been adjusted, just oversold rebound, more opportunities in the medium and long term.Solar energyLeading faucetSilver Star Energy4 even the board is expected to go to the demon, in its drive the multi-strand performance in the next section, continue to pay attention to the height of the leading stocks. In addition, lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells and other new energy vehicle industry chains are also relatively strong. Today's market general growth pattern, the topic of hot spots emerge one after another, which is the mainstream of the mainstream mainstream has not yet surfaced, the above sectors need to continue to track.

In the first trading day of the Year of the Pig, the first half of the year is the first half of the line. This is a new breakthrough. Of course, it will face new challenges. That is, in 2019, it must not be as bearish as in 2018. It must be step by step and strive to reverse the trend. Going out of the upward trend and laying a solid foundation for the next round of bull market. Years ago, especially the SSE 50 was the only one. The first trading day of the theme stocks showed its enthusiasm. It is expected that the theme stocks will continue to play the leading role in the near future, and a new round of good money will be kicked off. In operation, you can lightly index and reinvest in stocks, and grasp the venture capital and new energy sources.Solar energy, fuel cell, lithium battery), domestic substitution, 5G, military and other concepts of the theme of the upward trend, volume and price with good performance and support for the relevant leading stocks.

Tomorrow's broader market, the rising pressure is 2,685 points and the strong pressure is 2,703 points. The support level is 2634 points and the strong support level is 2605 points.

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