Mu Yang: The strategic significance of the index line in the first half of the year

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The outbreak of the livestock sector today is a premeditated fund for the mid-line. Let’s look at the K-line trend before today, you will findZhengbang Technology,Makino sharesWaiting for the intermediate trend, this intermediate trend is difficult to attract the attention of market funds before it accelerates, but once it accelerates, it is the so-called hot spot formation. This stage is often the most insane, but it is also the risk stage. In order to distribute.

Chicken before the festivalXiantan shares,Minhe sharesWaiting for a short-term outbreak, it is also based onZhengbang Technology,Wen's sharesMakino sharesOn the basis of the cycle of cattle, because the chicken plate is not so high, it has triggered the attention of arbitrage funds, and completed a short-term upswing.

The Internet finance sector also performed well today.Hang Seng ElectronicsIt is also a mid-level market, as the trend continues to accelerate,Gold certificate,Straight flushInternet finance products are also being explored by the market.Gold certificateTwo days and a dozen points,Winning time winsToday’s daily limit, in theoryHang Seng ElectronicsAs long as the trend continues, many low-end varieties of Internet finance will also be mined by low-end funds.

On the weight side, Maotai has gone through a trend of more than a month, and the cumulative increase has reached about 27%. Because of the trend of Maotai, a lot of blue-chip followers have been triggered, and some varieties are second only to Maotai.Gree Electric,Ping An, China Merchants Bank, etc. are also close to the increase of 20 points. If the trend of Maotai continues to be maintained, we can imagine that some low-end varieties that have not yet performed will increase the momentum of the market, such as brokers, real estate, and even two barrels of oil. It is the direction of the pull index that may break out in the future, so the madness of the future index can be imagined. Another good phenomenon today is that the index has been standing above the half-year line for the first time since it fell below the half-year line last year. How much energy is needed to do this, then we can reason, as long as this position is stable, this year The probability of a large fluctuation in the index is not large, as long as it has not fallen below the qualified position this year. Then the future is likely to have a wave of high-level market around the half-year line. At that time, it was the time when the whole market was carnival.

The following is the transaction since the end of December, the cumulative increase of more than 100%, the success rate of 90%.

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