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The 2018 market is still fresh in our memory. After a wave of goodwill and thunder, the market has caused many stocks to be scarred.Shield environment3 3 word boards after the daily limit limit;GalaxyThe flash crash after midday on January 24; there were other strong daily limit stocks that also fell continuously, and blood flowed into the river. I believe many of my friends have deep memories. It is in such a market environment that he has squandered a bloody road in the scarred stock market; he has always been with the stock market; he, though obscured, is doing his best in the bleak market. He is the routine of the daily limit relay - sniper breakthrough.

抱朴守拙, 笃行致远

As the market has changed, his mode of operation has been adjusted. At the beginning, it was the main feature of the unpopular game, and the technology was the main one. In the market in previous years, it also achieved some gains. However, with the evolution of the market, the unpopular stocks were gradually abandoned by funds, and the funds were increasingly concentrated on the strong stocks in the market, so the operation mode also transitioned from a cold door to a strong daily limit, and it was a daily limit relay!

The core of the daily limit relay mode is the choice of plate continuity and plate leader.The general intervention time is the morning bidding phase. The advantage is to eat as much as possible. The daily limit means that the market has an approval and the continuity represents the follow-up space. The increase in the 3-4 plates of the strong stocks in the sector can often eat meat. Make choices for different hotspot sizes. Early bidding participation gives ample time for operation, so you don't have to see a straight line pulling up your hands and chasing.

The rhythm controls the profit, and the relay captures the daily limit.

The profit in a weak environment comes from the control of the rhythm.The rhythm is to indicate the hand frequency and the empty position. When the market is good, you will frequently take a heavy position; when the market is bad, you will not be able to take a small position. Everyone knows that the truth is that you need to "understand and manage your hands". Early JanuaryWind FanGoing out of the 5th board means that the market is starting to warm up, and the number of stocks will increase. At this point, active participation will have a big gain. This is understanding. And January 24Hua Pei PowerFried plate and 25thBatian sharesThe down limit means that the market is beginning to enter high-risk areas. This requires a hand to manage. At this time, leaving the market to wait and see to avoid the various violent thunder tides. Rhythm, or rhythm.

In November last year, the wave of venture capital had a heavy second board relay.Huayi ElectricProfit 28%; relay in JanuarySpecial informationOnce floating 27%, it is the second board relay industrial Internet faucetShenyang Machine ToolWait.Of course, there are some other relay operations that are not repeated.

1, 2018.11.6 early set auction bid 5 Chengcang intoHuayi ElectricThen, the stock price hit 4 boards and harvested two consecutive boards, an increase of 25.75%.

2, 2019.01.7 early set auction bidSpecial informationThen, he walked out of the 6th board and harvested two boards. The 3% warehouse increased by 18.37%.

3, 2019.01.15 early set of bidding interventionShenyang Machine ToolThen, the stock price hit 4 boards, and the 3% position increased by 24%.

4, latent + relay, lurking in the morning of 2018.11.08Haitai DevelopmentThen, after a wave of 4 boards, the profit is 34%.

Three levels of hotspots, targeted relay strategies

A, a large level of hotspots. Policy high-level hotspots often have a lot of word-boards. The second stock that has no one-word limit has the possibility to change hands. Because the persistence of the plate is there, there will be a lot of money to buy shares that can participate, and there is not much to watch every day.Minfeng special paperJust an example. Internal shareHuayi ElectricIt is also this idea.

B, medium-level hotspots. This type of hotspot is event-driven with more than one daily limit. At this time, the leader is a word board, and other stocks are not easy to distinguish between strong and weak. As long as the enthusiasm of the disk continues to rise, you can participate in the height board above 3 daily limit. Because they are actually coming out and getting funding. For example, the military faucet at the beginning of JanuaryPengqi TechnologyMost of the military board has a daily limit. At this time, select the front row of the 3 boards.Special informationThe success rate will be very high.

C, local small hot spots. There will be a small hot spot for news stimulation every few days. They are generally continual, but it is ok to eat some meat in the short term. For example, the pre-car, home appliance policy stimulated 4 consecutive stocksFenda TechnologyIt is representative. Internal referenceShenyang Machine ToolIt is also a four-connected industrial hotspot.

Position adjustments can also be made for different hotspot levels. A hot spot can be met. Once there is a heavy position chasing; the number of mid-level hotspots will not be too much, and the market atmosphere should be relaxed when doing a good job. Local small hotspots run through the bulls and bears, which is the most common method of frequent trading compound interest. Find out the environment to make the corresponding strategy.

The gold rush strategy has been set, and the future market can be expected

For the future market, the live broadcast has repeatedly stressed that the weekly double-level means that the market will have a good rebound. Blue-chip large-cap stocks have also changed in the near future, and the volume of large-cap stocks has continued to increase, indicating that there are still some incremental funds entering the market. In the short-term, 2700-2800, with a lot of pressure, will be shocked and digested. However, market sentiment has improved significantly.The investment direction can consider short-term technology-type strong daily limit stocks, and also consider some medium-term value investment in home appliances, brewing and other white horse stocks.

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