If you read it carefully, these benefits and pre-judgments can be mastered!

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A series of key points of interest have recently been reviewed.

First, the pre-judgment of the future stock market."The broker has turned off, is it over? Choosing the best broker through one indicator, as early as when Chairman Yi made his first public appearance,It is clear that the management does not want the financial market to bring financial risks and liquidity risks, nor does it hope that the rapid rise will bring the risk of being detached, because why should the science and technology board be established?The purpose is to feed back the entity. Therefore, it is also normal to release slow cattle that are energized and also properly cooled.Therefore, for many junk stocks, the high point of this wave will be the high point of the junk stock in the future. Once the board is started, the registration system will be implemented and many stocks will not rise again.

Second, in "How to accurately identify changes in market funds? Some market misunderstandings have to be seen. The article expresses a point of view.The source of funds for the recent market is from leveraged funds.The two-funded scale has increased by nearly 200 billion yuan in one month, and is about to return to 900 billion yuan. The recent big gains are both.However, it should be noted that the leverage funds are a double-edged sword. When you are good, you will double your time. When you fall, you will also feel awkward.

Yesterday, the CSRC began to conduct an inventory check on the off-exchange fund, saying that it would learn from the lessons of the leveraged cattle in 2015. Once again, the bull market without performance has not gone long. It also confirms the view of Slow Cow.

Market performance

Therefore, the market wants to continue to break through the pressure and needs more large-scale funds.From the current technology point of view, the 120-week moving average and the 250-week moving average of the Shanghai Composite Index are long-term important pressure levels, which need to be oscillated and digested. The GEM is also facing a lot of locks on the top of the box.In the early stage of the deep set-up, the market needs a larger volume for each further step forward.If not, it will take time to change space.Structured prices are good for research and pre-judgment.

Second, about the opportunities, valuations and risks of technology stocks.The author has always been optimistic about technology stocks, especially the September-October 2018 price. In the last week, "Strong shocks, can technology stocks still play?" "The future is firmly optimistic, the technology stocks slow cattle market continuation of the law" article has always suggested that OTC investors do not chase, while the investors can continue to hold shares, but also can reduce the position.For the author,The cost of September-October 2018,Many stock prices are hard to go back, so thisIt is the capital of the future bull market, don't throw it away easily.If the technology does not make a large wave of adjustments, it will not choose to add warehousing technology, or carry out centralized positions.

"Strong shock, can technology stocks still play? 》

"The future is firmly optimistic, the technology stocks slow cattle market continuation rule"

For the valuation of technology stocks, PS, PEG, and discounted models are all good valuation indicators. They are no longer simple PEs.In the long run, the market is obviously very generous for some technology stocks.

In addition, before the two sessions, the important investment directions and combed listed companies in 2019 were sorted out.Some of the stocks in the stock have seen large gains in the short-term, and the callback has long-term concern.

There is another opportunity that has been prompted, that is, the opportunity brought by the dollar.

Finally, paying attention to one news is China Unicom's capital expenditure.

Why Unicom's capital expenditure is as important as the issuance of 5G licenses. Because only mid-stream operators spend, the upstream infrastructure construction will enter the performance redemption period. For example, in the near future, China Unicom has been bidding for fiber optic cables. Due to overcapacity, prices are close to the waist, leading to recentLong flying fiberThe company's stock price did not perform well. But for some companies with core equipment or materials and areas with high technical barriers will be good.But what I want to say is that 5G will gradually be speculated by the concept (toEastern CommunicationAs a representative, it will gradually turn into performance, and the funds will gradually move toward White Horse.The logic is very simple. Only the core enterprises will benefit from the development of 5G. The high-level theme has no or a small amount of benefits will gradually fade. This is the upstream of 5G, but for the downstream application layer, only 4K HD and power Internet of Things can be realized at present, other technologies are still immature, and there is still room for speculation.

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