A big fall does not mean that the market is over.

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The four major indexes continued to perform weakly today. The GEM fell nearly 8% in two days. Strong stocks staged a scene of slumping and pork led the decline. The Shanghai index continued to weaken after the adjustment last Friday, and built M heads in 60 minutes.Shanghai index MACD has a dead fork. Found ininertiaAfter the rise, the weak, how to treat it?

In fact, this wave of decline began last Friday, you can see my article on Friday:The last copper plate, hot? - Love investment - financial circles, the reason for the decline, or the reason before:A person cannot be tripped twice by the same stone.The bull market in 2015 is vivid, but the systematic stampede events that followed are also vivid. In less than four years, the tragedy will not be staged again, so it is impossible for the "mad cow" to be staged again. Since the mad cow will not be staged again, isn’t it a matter of time to check the funds?

When the market rises, confidence is full, and the bull market’s remarks are flying; it is estimated that it has fallen for two days, and the whole market is a pessimistic argument; in fact, it is not necessary. 2019 is a turning point, there is no bear market that unilaterally falls;Kechuang board is still on the road, it needs a good atmosphere; the funds are deeply involved, and the probability of completing the two days is not large, so the market will be repeated.

From a technical point of view, the index shrinkage is obvious, and the shrinkage is a sign that the balance is long and short.Tomorrow's closing of the National People's Congress, the futures delivery, 315 partyIt is estimated that there are black swan. In operation, control the position, after the release of this risk, there is still a chance. Just the opportunity behind is no longer a general increase, but a differentiation, so it is still necessary to do a good job of rolling and sticking to the principle of fundamental stock selection!

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