Tomorrow's market is expected to be extremely good.

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Tomorrow's market is expected to be extremely good.

Today, the market was under the influence of the negative news, the two markets opened lower and the market opened lower. Although the intraday market rebounded due to the rise of blue chips such as nonferrous metals, coal and real estate, the market rebounded because there was no energy. The market fell again. At the time of writing, the Shanghai stock market closed down by 48 points. On the market, the two stocks fell, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, pork, last week's strong, Internet, geothermal energy, software, smart TV, intelligent transportation sector. The decline was ahead; a few sectors in the Guizhou sector, luxury jewelry, winemaking, transportation services, etc., nearly 30 stocks in the two cities have daily limit, more than 130 stocks fell, the GEM fell nearly 4%, the trend is weaker than the main board.

The strongest sector this year should be the pork sector. This year is the Year of the Pig. The strength of pork is also normal. After all, it has entered the pork rise cycle, but today the relevant stocks have plummeted across the board.Tiankang Bio,Yisheng sharesDown limit,Zhengbang Technology,Wen's shares,New Wufeng,Young eagle farmingIf you have a number of downsides, you should pay attention to the risks of this kind of stocks that have risen in the previous period.

The strong trend today is blue-chip stocks such as steel, nonferrous metals and coal. The early trend of these sectors is generally weaker than the broader market. It is about to enter the quarterly announcement time. Every time the quarterly report is released, the stocks such as the ChiNext are weaker. Blue-chip stocks are stronger. First, because these stocks have expectations for compensatory growth; second, the performance of the quarterly report is worth looking forward to. Therefore, we are still saying that the market hotspots may turn to blue chip stocks, but the early stage of the GEM involved more funds, there should be a strong rebound in the short term, but in the medium term we are still optimistic about the market of blue chips.

Tomorrow is the weekend closing, and this month's futures delivery, coupled with the end of the important meeting tomorrow, so tomorrow's market is still turbulent, but today's market after the early decline, the market is expected to appear in the market tomorrow, perhaps the market will rebound or Going high and going high, the reason is:

First, after the market fell today, the market basically realized the potential bearish;

Second, there is no amount of energy in the broader market today, indicating that the funds in the market have not been largely evacuated;

Third, Shanghai-Hong Kong Shenzhen-Hong Kong funds have flown nearly 2 billion yuan against the trend today, indicating that external funds are still optimistic about A-shares, and are increasing their positions on dips;

Fourth, after the market plunged continuously, the short-term support will be near the 2,030 points on the 20th line, and the market will start to rebound in the short term.

Therefore, we feel that today's stock market crash should be the opportunity for everyone to enter the market. In the later period, we will see the pressure around 3100 points. If the market is back again, it will not be able to stand at 3100 points, and the market will call back again.

In operation, today I suggest that you start to increase your position, and the short-term or oversold GEM and other theme stocks are the main ones, but you should pay attention to avoiding the risk of the previous strong position and not yet reverting to the individual stocks. For more analysis, please pay attention to "Trend Cruise".

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