Gold Rush Early Comment: Where is the GEM's continuous decline?

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Affected by the inventory and matching news, the two cities quickly fell back after a small shock, and the recent strong sectors have plummeted, especially the only hot spot ventures that fell yesterday. The hotspots did not continue the market and began to show some panic.

SSE 50 was slightly stronger under the leadership of Baima shares, and the market differentiation was obvious.People's Network,Beibei High-tech,Huakong SEGAnd other strong stocks plummeted,Fudan FuhuaThe low-end stocks represented by the stocks showed a compensatory increase. The number of stocks in the market fell significantly. The wait-and-see mood gradually became stronger, and the transaction volume decreased significantly. The cement and civil aviation sectors led the gains in the sector, while the industrial marijuana and chicken-raising sectors led the decline.

In 15 years there was a rumored conversation, and the fund manager’s net worth did not run past the aunt being laughed at.

The fund manager said,If the bear market is coming, you will not be able to.

Aunt laughed, are you stupid, will the bear market not run?

The bear market is coming, and an aunt has not ran away.

Because no one knows when it is a bear market.

Therefore, the king said that the key to speculating stocks is to pay attention to the hot spot. Yesterday and today repeatedly prompted the market leader.People's NetworkIn the event of a major downturn, it is necessary to be careful that the market enters the risk release. At this time, it is necessary to control the risk, protect the principal, wait for the panic atmosphere of the market to disappear, and then participate in the new hotspot again.

Since last week, the SSE has repeatedly rallied and fell back, with a 4.70% fall in the Yinxian line. Now, the GEM has fallen more than 8% in two days. This is because several major indexes have entered the pressure zone above, which is long. The pressure of time-intensive areas, these chips have been set for half a year, and now basically can be solved.

This part of the chip takes time and money to digest, plus short-term profit-taking, and their resonance has exerted tremendous pressure on the market, but overall,SSE in the 2950 position, the GEM in the gap position 1568 points have great support.

Therefore, in the short-term, the market must enter the shock mode. The most important factor is that the inventory has caused a huge impact on short-term funds. The hotspots are retiring. If there are no new hot spots, there will be no good operational opportunities. Continue to control the position and wait for the new market hotspot to open a new position.

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