Strong stocks continue to fall, where will the index go?

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Today, the stock index rebounded slightly and then rebounded to 3041 points and then fell. The decline in the afternoon widened. It eventually fell for two consecutive days. The Shanghai stock index fell 36 points, down 1.2%. The GEM index fell 2.5%, falling for two consecutive days. The two cities have sold more than 810 billion yuan, and the volume can continue to shrink.

The sector fell across the board. In the early stage, the strong sectors such as the Internet, semiconductors, software, pig raising and the media continued to fall sharply, with a drop of more than 4%. Securities, ships, environmental protection and 5G fell by more than 3%, basically The varieties that rose sharply in the previous period, winemaking has become the only rising variety in the two cities, but the increase is relatively limited. The declines in natural gas, building materials, coal, banking, insurance and steel, which were relatively small in the previous period, were relatively small. Obviously, the market is killing high stocks.

We analyzed the previous day, the stock index contraction hit 3100 points failed, the short-term has continued to adjust the demand, the stock index continued to adjust in the next two days, and today fell below the 10-day moving average, fell for two consecutive days, and the volume can gradually shrink, showing the index The adjustment is still a healthier form. We still believe that the index is a relatively important support level at 2960. It is expected that this round of adjustment will end near this point. The reasons are as follows: First, the position is the high point of the super-large line on February 25, and the transaction is very high. Intensive; Second, last Friday and this Monday's low point are near this point; Third, the Shanghai Stock Index 20-day moving average will also move to this position tomorrow, should constitute an important support level; Fourth, the stock index adjustment process, Recent strong varieties such as pig raising, semiconductors, the Internet and 5G stocks have fallen sharply, the risk has been greatly released, and the volume of energy continues to shrink, indicating that market selling pressure has been greatly reduced. Therefore, we believe that if we continue to adjust to around 2,030 points tomorrow, the stock index will most likely stabilize and rebound, not too worried.

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