Review: The real intention of the market index adjustment adjustment!

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Today, the total turnover of Shanghai and Shenzhen was 812.5 billion yuan, a decrease of 238.7 billion yuan compared with the previous day. The industry sector continued its collective decline yesterday. Only a few airports, such as civil aviation airports and super-brands, were red-plated. The rest of the green disk, digital hygiene, pork, smart TV, domestic substitution and other recent hotspots all fell in the first place; 32 stocks in the two cities were daily limit, 49 stocks fell, over 100 stocks fell, the market showed a general trend of adjustment. In the end, the three major stock indexes continued to adjust, with the Shanghai Composite Index closing down 1.20% to close at 2990 points; the ChiNext Index fell 2.58% to close at 1650 points.

Technical analysis, the Shanghai index opened lower and then oscillated lower, eventually lost the 3000-point integer mark and fell below the short-term average of 5 and 10 days. The amount of energy can shrink significantly, which is a shrinking consolidation trend. Today, the Shanghai index has not broken below the recent low of 2,963, setting a new low is a positive side, but the 5-day moving average wears the 10-day moving average and the extension fork has extended the adjustment period. It is expected that after the technical repair, it will still Keep going up. The GEM index hit the 1630 area of ​​the current round of the uptrend line, but it rebounded late and did not fall. If it can stop falling near the area in the near future, it will resume its uptrend.

There are few hot spots in the market, only super-brand white horse stocks, fuel cells, cement and so on. Yesterday's batch-up of the venture capital sector today is now in a batch down limit. Science and technology themes, digital hygiene, smart TV, edge computing, domestic chips, etc. have fallen sharply;Eastern CommunicationAt the end of the day, the stock has risen by more than 8%. The stock is intended to be shipped in any case. In the future, there may be several years of falling expectations. Most of the locks are newcomers. Of course, the 5G concept will definitely not end there. There is a process of new and old exchanges. A new batch of cattle stocks is expected to strengthen and take care of the bargain. In addition, the technological background of the new energy vehicle industry chain, the ubiquitous power Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and semiconductors will continue to strengthen.

Yesterday, I emphasized that the market index rose by a few hundred points. It is normal to adjust only 100 points. It is necessary to pay attention to the adjustment. Remember that the thinking of the bulls and bears should be converted. The current upward trend has been fixed. Then the adjustment is for a better rise. The medium and long-term rise is inevitable. In the short-term, the adjustment will be better and farther in the future! At present, the Chinese stock market is only less than 3,000 points. There is no need to panic and bearish! This year may be the first year of revival of cattle, just to lay the foundation for the next big bull market, the real big market is behind! What's more, this year, the market will launch a science and technology board, the stock market is not good, technology stocks are not strong, how can it attract participation, how to push? After understanding these logics, I believe that you will not be embarrassed, and psychological concerns may have been eliminated. Continue to step on the rhythm to participate in the adjusted trend of technology stocks, and a large part of these will continue to be crazy!

Tomorrow's broader market, the upward pressure is 3014 points and the strong pressure is 3060 points. The support level is 2963 points and the strong support level is 2920 points.

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