The king's solution: What is the desire for the market to fall back?

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The market was greatly boosted by the good news of the weekend. The financial sector and other stocks in the financial sector performed well, but their performance triggered the trend of the stocks to continue to weaken. The GEM was the first to turn green, and the Shanghai and Shenzhen Composite Index weakened. On the face of the market, the market's willingness to chase high is very small. The wait-and-see mood leads to a strong willingness to ralliable in the market, and the overall sentiment is relatively low. The number of daily limit is significantly lower than before, and the effect of making money is general. In terms of sector insurance, the sugar sector led the gains, and the central government reforms rose, and the chicken and beer sectors led the decline.

Today's market surge in early trading was mainly due to the weight of bank insurance, but the rise of these stocks requires a lot of money, and there is still some fear of the rise caused by the positives.At the same time, the funds did not dare to speculate on the subject matter hotspots to make the market incomprehensible. The market did not lead the hot spot, it is difficult to break through the attack.

From the perspective of the subject matter, today's central enterprise reform and hydrogen energy are still relatively popular subjects in the near future. It is necessary to wait and see whether these two sectors can continue to strengthen and lead the market's popularity and confidence.

Technically, the market directly broke through 3211 points, so the market dispelled the risk of three sales and turned into a central shock.As long as you no longer fall below 3130 points, it is a five-minute level three buy trend, and bargain hunting is an opportunity to participate.Focus on the plateThe reform of central enterprises and hydrogen energy, and the rebound of the broader market is inseparable from the outbreak of large financial sectors such as brokerages and technology stocks. The market outlook is to take advantage of the opportunities for the sector to rotate.

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Perhaps the wisdom of knowing the "machine" should be cultivated for more than ten years, but it is only a matter of days to focus on "people".

Strength builds brand, service wins word of mouth,

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