Market style is quietly changing

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Market style is quietly changing

Today, the market was under the influence of favorable news on the weekend. The two markets opened sharply higher, and then the highest attack reached around 3254. However, due to the lack of market hotspots, the two cities had a large selling pressure, and the market appeared to fall back. The small and medium-sized board and the Shenzhen-Shenzhen index all replenished the gap in the early trading. The Shanghai stock market was weak due to the strong trend of the banking and insurance sectors. The morning market did not make up the gap, but the afternoon trend gradually weakened. With the decline, the stocks in the two cities fell more and more, insurance, hotel catering, transportation facilities, Shanghai self-government, household appliances, banking, communications equipment and other sectors rose; papermaking, cultural and educational leisure, new retail, grass Glyphosate, chemical fiber, brokerages, sapphire and other sectors fell more than the top, nearly 40 stocks in the two cities daily limit, 7 stocks fell, the GEM fell more than 1%, the trend is weaker than the main board.

In the morning, we published the blog, "Can I pull out the Zhongyang Line today?" The analysis said that the economic data released on the weekend is beyond the positive, but it is not the same as February 15. The main reason is that the current market is different. Second, the size is not lifted. The pressure is greater; the third is that this annual report and a quarterly report will be released intensively, with more violent performance. In the end, the market did not close the original Zhongyang line, but instead the market fell back. Its trend is basically rich in line with our analysis.

The biggest economic data released on the weekend was the financial sector, so today the financial sector is strengthening across the board, and the bank insurance sector is rising.Xinhua Insurance,China Pacific Insurance,XishuiInsurance stocks rose by more than 5%.Ping An Bank,China Merchants BankBank stocks rose across the board; but because the credit data has not yet been announced, today's real estate stocks are falling back, Jindi Real Estate,Vanke AThe final turn of green, which is the main reason for the market's final decline.

Technically, today's market rallied to a high point just before the 3250 pressure level in our previous tip, and then up is the strong pressure near 3288. The market did not expand upwards, indicating that the late market has a downward callback. This is also very Normally, mainly blue-chip stocks are falling back today, the quarterly report began to announce, the theme stocks face a lot of performance uncertainty, and the probability of thunderstorms is relatively large. Therefore, the theme stocks are not afraid to speculate, and the blue-chip stocks are weak in the upswing. Triggered the market callback, but last Friday we reminded everyone to add a position, today's high is just the opportunity to evacuate, this operation should be accurate, the current market is still recommended to do more bands, market hotspots have no continuity, do not recommend a Individual stocks are dying to stay, and if they fail, they may end up in the elevator and return to the market.

Although there is still an upside in the late market, as for the current high, the market still has to step back down to around 3100 points and then attack. Therefore, the overall operation is still recommended to be cautious, and the stocks will be evacuated first. In the later period, the market will gradually buy back near 3100 points. On the plate, the market hotspot is shifting from the previous theme to the performance end. For example, today's gains are ahead of banks and insurance, and the top losers are basically the previous hype. Subject stocks, because these stocks basically have no performance support, the late release of the quarterly report is bad for these sectors, so it is recommended that you still focus on oversold blue-chip stocks, such as non-ferrous metals, coal, engineering infrastructure, etc. For more analysis, please pay attention to "Trend Cruise".

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