Review: What is the intention of the market index to open higher and lower?

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Today, the total turnover of Shanghai and Shenzhen was 775.8 billion yuan, an increase of 118.7 billion yuan compared with the previous day. The industry sector was mixed, with insurance, diversified finance and coal among the top gainers; brokers, paper and environmental protection were among the top losers. 40 stocks in the two cities were daily limit, 7 stocks fell, and the stocks fell more and more. The market opened higher and continued to adjust. In the end, the three major stock indexes closed higher and fell across the board, with the Shanghai Composite Index closing down 0.34% to close at 3177. Point; the GEM index fell 1.70% to close at 1666 points.

Technical analysis, after the Shanghai stock index opened higher, it oscillated lower throughout the day, diving in the afternoon, and finally closed out the high-low and low-yellow line, and continued to run below the 5-day moving average. The K-line form showed two negative clips and one empty square cannon. It may continue tomorrow. Seeking support from the 20-day moving average, the adjustment to the 3129 area tomorrow should be a short-term low-sucking point without panic. The GEM index also opened higher and lower, and finally closed with barefoot. Closed to continue to innovate low, the K-line combination is also not good, the tomorrow's Chuangzhi will have a good low-slow opportunity in the 1630 area, there is no need to panic.

There are few hot spots in the market, only Shanghai Free Trade, 5G, industrial marijuana, Huawei concept and other anti-market performance. In Shanghai Free Trade,Pegasus International,Bright Real Estate,Shanghai Lingang,Shanghai Port GroupThe increase is ahead of the competition; the main reason for the recent activity of Shanghai Free Trade is that the new expansion plan of the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone will be launched in the near future. 5G concept adjustment after a few days, a small performance,Chunxing Seiko,Sobide,Nandu PowerThe daily limit; the overall trend of the new infrastructure concept is upward, and it is now close to the adjustment, and it is possible to select individual stocks to participate in the rhythm. Industrial DM is active again and again,Fuan Pharmaceutical,Kang Kang Pharmaceutical,Huaren PharmaceuticalWait, the overall increase of this sector is too large, many stocks are using counter-pumping, it is not recommended to chase high participation, the risk is greater than the opportunity. In addition, insurance, diversified financial and other financial concept stocks.

The broader market index continued to wash with the help of the weekend, with a minimum of 3,177 points in the session. There is no continued low innovation. The tomorrow index may test the 20-day moving average. It is not ruled to fall back to the 3129 area, and of course the rise of the current round. The position of the trend line, this position has strong support, returning to this point is a rare opportunity for low-stakes, do not operate the reverse, currently only a small back-end finishing in the bull market, tomorrow will usher in a new The best time to enter before the main rally. In operation, the overall position should be controlled. Do not blindly gamble the heavy position, keep about 50%, and wait for the return to the 5th moving average to safely increase the position. In terms of hotspots, the weights continue to focus on big financial institutions such as brokerages, subject matter, 5G, free trade zone construction, and charging piles. Nuclear power nuclear power, etc. are still the targets of key tracking.

Tomorrow's market, the rising pressure is 3207 points and the strong pressure is 3250 points. The support level is 3136 points and the strong support level is 3129 points.

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