Why do you go high?

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The four major indices opened higher on the weekend, “outside market rises, social welfare data rose”, and the intraday financial strength, SSE 50 strong, but not much wind, lack of commitment, leading to a high market opening Go low. The daily limit of 40 stocks,200 homes that have risen by more than 3%. More than 400 companies that have fallen by more than 3%How much does it look like?

After 2019, the index rose for four consecutive months, an increase of 27%. In the past four months, the index has not experienced a decent adjustment. After rising from 2440, the index has four gaps, with the nearest gap being around 3100 and the penultimate gap being around 2800.From a technical point of view, the first support of the Shanghai stock index near 3140, strong support near 3100.

Financial data on Friday exceeded expectations, while the probability of RRR cuts fell, both good and bad; the same was true for economic data on Wednesday.As long as the economic data is not particularly good, it is not particularly bad, it will not reverse the current trend of shocks.If the economic data is particularly good, it may be a big sun, but it will still oscillate; and the economic data is particularly bad, it will only accelerate the adjustment.

Still the previous point of view: 2019 has no big cows, no big bears. The wide shock is the main tone, and it is only a small fluctuation in the wide shock!

In fact, today's opening, everyone found that despite the high opening, but the daily limit is very small, the reason is very simple, the capital is not enough; and the rise is the financial stocks, the Chinese word stocks, these are big guys, need big funds to undertake,The current position of the index, it is difficult to continue to attackSo go high and go low, normal!

Operation, control positions can be, can not be full, full warehouse is too passive; can not be empty, empty warehouse you expect to buy at the lowest point is not realistic; according to the rhythm of the index and individual stocks,Do a good job of rolling the differenceWaiting for the adjustment to end, greet the Lord!

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