Muyang: Performance Ray is currently the biggest risk

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Ping AnAt one time, it was 4 points, and it closed more than one. The drop rate has more than 2 points. This kind of big stock is like this, not to mention the small stocks.

During this period of time, I have been doing trend. Although the index is not good in March, I have a trend to hold shares, and I have lost money and earned at least the past. However, since this round of rebound, the stocks have been trending, and the results have been It is the one that breaks down and loses. It is either a bad luck or a market problem. No matter how optimistic or not optimistic about the market, your account should be the most objective in a period of time.

In March, the adjustments were greatly reduced to the 30-day moving average. Basically, the wave of adjustments, many 30-average support failed to turn back, when a batch of mid-term trend-breaking tickets began to appear, at least the funds Confidence is much worse than in March, so I am not very optimistic about the market here.

The index broke on the 10th last Friday and continues to break today. A short-term moving average of unrestrained breaks means that support is meaningless. Therefore, the probability of the next 30 moving averages is very high. Although there were extreme trends in the early period, there were almost no consecutive stocks, and in the near future, a number of high-end consecutive stocks began to appear. This is also a bad signal. It may have a certain relationship with the recent quarterly reports. Once the industrial performance drops sharply, the down limit is almost inevitable, and many small-cap stocks fluctuate greatly. Compared with insurance and banks, it is easy to become an institution. The object of selling, this may lead to the capital will continue to buy in the direction of high-quality stocks, thus increasing market differentiation, so the recent small stocks should be very cautious, or have a more sophisticated financial analysis ability to avoid buying performance mines, Either simply do not wait for such a stage of performance thunderstorms to come in after the past.

Muyang spring internal reference price adjustment today, the original price of 3288, the current price of 1688 can get a one-and-a-half-month service cycle.

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At the same time, in order to bring you a good experience, Muyang long-term internal reference will be upgraded, and the price increase will be carried out in May:

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