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The six major modules, from "theory" to "tools", from "choose buy and sell" to "risk control", teach you a complete "catch-up" trading method.

From Monday to Wednesday, the teacher will lead you to study the quality course, arrange live lessons on Thursday, combine the market conditions and individual stocks, explain the practical application of the knowledge of the quality class, and answer the students' learning confusion and break the market. The situation that the warfare video can't fall to the ground, realizes the seamless connection from learning to practicing.

The Super Toolkit is a smart-tapping tool customized according to the hunter X teacher's trading concept. It is designed to save students' time on the watch, from the "bidding radar", "selling pressure monitoring", "rapid rise" in operation. The four dimensions of “up and stop” are provided in time to provide intelligent monitoring data.

In the 39 trading days of the special training camp, we arranged a scientific and reasonable study plan for everyone. In addition to the above-mentioned courses and tools, there are also all the accompanying analysis and Q&A of the trading day.

Have a weekly study plan, lead everyone to study together, and solve problems together in the classroom;

Have weekly homework, mid-term and final-term assessments, monitor your learning results at any time, and help you master the learning content in the homework review;

With the full trading of 39 trading days, the real realization: learning short-term, catching the daily limit, a special training camp is enough!

Reminder: The above content is only a case of knowledge sharing by the teacher, and does not represent a commitment to future earnings. The stock market is risky and investment needs to be cautious.

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