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    How much did the red envelope get this year? 9-point financial advice tells you

    2019-02-11 07:05:16

    Online loan home, I am Li Caishi.

    After reading the article, I said that financial management is actually very simple and can be very easy. Let's combine the previous ones and then sort out an article for your reference. Tomorrow is the seventh day, and many friends are going to work. All kinds of bonuses, lucky money, and red envelopes for the New Year package, how much money do you have in your hand? Take a look at the following points together.


    Always sort out your own expenses and income

    There are always friends, I don’t know my income and expenses, and I have no balance in one month. In this case, the young people who just graduated from work are the most typical.

    To learn how to manage money, you must first control your spending.

    With money, you can manage your finances, learn to keep accounts, and write down your daily expenses. You can use the online bookkeeping book or the accounting software to clearly record where your money is spent. Looking back a month, what should be spent, and which ones can be saved, you can pay special attention in the next month to adjust your unreasonable income and expenditure, away from the moonlight family.

    Said a lot, re-emphasize, and put in the first place, expenditure = income - deposit. Bookkeeping is a very primitive but effective way of managing money. Only by sorting out their own income and expenses can we further adjust our financial management strategies.


    Saving money is the simplest and most practical way to manage money.

    This year is almost over, have you saved money?

    Although interest rates are not keeping up with CPI growth, compulsory deposits are also essential for individuals and families. Many people believe that “can make money to make money”, but what can be invested in “family spending money and almost no deposits”?

    "You can make money, and you can spend money with plans." It should be the way to invest in financial management.

    Therefore, the accumulation of assets is very important, and saving money is the simplest and most practical means of financial management. You should get a salary every month, and you will save a certain percentage of the money. The rest is the expenditure part.


    Pay attention to the proportion of fixed assets in the family

    The Chinese especially love to buy a house. They feel that buying a house is a very safe way to invest, so if you have money, you can buy a house. Excluding the risk of falling house prices, the risk of shrinking assets, because buying a house and carrying dozens of millions of mortgages, often lead to a decline in the quality of life. The same is true of other household fixed assets.

    The value-added space of fixed assets is limited and the liquidity is poor. Therefore, the proportion of fixed assets in all household assets should not exceed 60%.


    Pay attention to insurance and rationally choose the family members who are insured

    Insurance is a risk management tool in family finance, not an investment tool. The biggest function of insurance is to protect the future life and not be completely changed due to the risk.

    With people's awareness and understanding of insurance, after experiencing the stage of strangeness, resentment, hesitation, etc., they have gradually begun to accept insurance.

    It is worth noting the choice of family members who need to be insured. Modern people love their children and give all their good things to their children, but they ignore the insurance of the family's economic pillar.

    Don't neglect the importance of insurance, especially for young people who are in a rising career, and if they get sick or have an accident, they will bring a huge blow to the family. Therefore, the economic pillar of the family should be the main target of insurance.


    Be a long-term financial plan

    Many people only know how to work hard and make money without thinking about other things. Often personal or family assets exceed a few million, and I don't want to understand how these assets are better. For insurance planning and pension plans, there is no way to take care of them.

    To sum up, it is not much to consider for the future. Therefore, we should establish long-term planning from now on. What is the money I earn enough to support my old age? If you don’t understand things, "When is the money enough?"


    Don't think about getting rich overnight

    We have talked a lot about the misunderstanding of financial management, emphasizing the mentality of getting rich overnight. Some friends think that financial management is an investment to make money, and even some friends think that if the assets are turned over several times a year, it will be regarded as real financial management.

    Wealth management is indeed to earn some income, otherwise we will spend time and energy, but more importantly, through the analysis of household assets and financial goals, we will formulate long-term scientific planning, so that the living standards will flourish and eventually achieve financial freedom.

    It is not a financial management to get rich overnight. The idea of ​​long-term investment is the correct concept.


    Not blindly following the trend

    Speaking of a phenomenon, there is always such a kind of people around. When stocks rise, they invest in stocks, collect collectibles when they are on fire, and invest in gold when gold rises. But in fact, I don’t understand anything. I just blindly follow the trend and invest in it.

    This is really terrible. We must make a long-term financial plan after fully understanding our own situation. Pay special attention to things that you don't understand.


    Establish a scientific asset allocation

    "Don't put the eggs in a basket." The small company has said no less than 20 times, but everyone often ignores it during the actual investment process.

    Some people put 80% of the money into the stock market, some people bought a few houses and want to buy again...

    Be sure to establish a scientific asset allocation based on your own risk tolerance. If most of the money invests in stocks, the risk is too high; and if it is all real estate, it will also reduce the ability of your assets to liquidate. And don't forget to buy insurance when configuring assets.


    Fully prepare for emergency reserve

    Many families have neglected this, stocks, funds, and houses are a lot, but there is very little cash for emergency.

    The funds available for turnover are not sufficient, or the funds are not flexible. Although the money is not much value-added in the survival period of the bank, it should be used as a family emergency fund for 3--6 months of income, in case of emergency.

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