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    Spring Festival Evening hosted the red number on the hot spot. "The lipstick economy" unveiled the spring of many industries.

    2019-02-11 07:42:27

    Securities dailyLi Ting

    It is said that the annual taste of the New Year in the city is getting weaker. The reporter's hometown is the second largest city in a southern province, and it can't escape the charm of the year. However, the family reunion, the CCTV Spring Festival Evening in the New Year's Eve is still a traditional must-see program for the New Year.

    What is meant is that in this year's Spring Festival Evening topic, "The host's Li Sisi's fluorescent lipstick number" actually went to the hot search list.

    Perhaps in the eyes of many male audiences, "CCTV hosted the population red number" is a difficult topic to understand, but the economics principle behind the "lipstick economy" is familiar.

    Looking back on the past 2018, A-shares have experienced more twists and turns, even the valuation of high-quality listed companies are consistently downward. According to the data, as of January 31, the two cities closed, a total of 2,517 listed companies issued 2018 performance forecast, of which 401 listed companies forecast loss of performance, 101 losses of more than 1 billion yuan, "the sky is rolling" The sheer number of loss-making companies is really alarming.

    In the 2019 year, Fujian local private giants bluntly told reporters: "The planning made before 2017 is a multi-billion-dollar expansion investment plan. After 2018, now, for enterprises, how to survive the winter. It is the urgent task at the moment."

    In such a big environment, the lipstick economy is prominent, and this is the economics behind the hot search on the red number of CCTV.

    The "lipstick economy" effect is also known as the "low-cost non-essential consumer goods preference trend". The original meaning is that when the economy is depressed, people's purchasing power declines but consumer desires do not fall, so they tend to buy cheap luxury goods.

    Compared to other luxury goods, lipsticks are relatively inexpensive, on the one hand, they can satisfy people's desire to consume, but they don't cost too much. Even Ma Yun also personally "station" to sell lipstick during the "Double Eleven" period. "Lipstick" hit a record high in the 2018 search list.

    In addition to lipstick, the so-called "milk tea economics" and the sale of many movies in the Spring Festival are similar principles.

    However, don't be too pessimistic. Everything has two sides. The other side of the lipstick effect is that although some areas have faced challenges in the economic downturn, there are always new opportunities, and some industries will become the new darling of the consumer market and gain counter-attacks. Although there are many pessimistic arguments in 2018, don't forget that in the first half of 2018, domestic GDP achieved a year-on-year growth of 6.8%.

    Nowadays, there are new trends and changes in the consumption of Chinese people. Even a small “lipstick” can bring new drivers, and new business opportunities that meet changes and trends can unearth the new Red Sea and enjoy it. The new economic dividend.

    From the exchanges with many consumers, the reporter found that this year's Spring Festival and friends and family gatherings, the "house", "car" is no longer the focus, and family friendship, tourism, health, etc. become the center of the topic, this It is not a good thing.

    Winter has gone in 2018, and spring 2019 has come.

    Hot searchLipstick Spring Festival Evening Red number

    Editor in charge: Li Limeng RF13188

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