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    The new generation of "financial" and consumer investment map: Where did the money go after 90?

    2019-02-11 07:43:11

    Shanghai Securities News

    A friend taught people how to "age the law": the past is to see the exposed area of ​​the person's scalp, according to which to judge the age group; now is to listen to people within three sentences can not get away with a "poor" word, that is, know its age.

    When the banquet is seated, the grandfather’s mouth is good or not. The mothers love to talk about the child’s final exam. Only after 90, how much money is in the Leica. "Crying poor" has become a "tag" after 90s. Practice has proved that this method has been tried and tested.

    Where did the money after 90 went? This myth that plagues thousands of young men and women is the time to put it on the table and tell it.

    In this paper, field surveys, in-depth interviews, etc. are used. After online coverage of 500 people, the respondents often live in first-, second-, third- and fourth-tier cities and towns and villages. The group includes both professionals and School student. Based on the statistics of this micro-investigation, we have drawn a simple post-90s consumption map, trying to glimpse the leopard, and tap the mystery of the “wallet empty” after 90, looking for the consumption trend of the new generation.

    How much after earning 90?

    In terms of income, the monthly income of 3,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan accounted for the highest proportion, reaching 27.73%. Since the age of entering the society after the 90s is limited, more than 80% of the respondents with a monthly salary of less than 12,000.

    Love where to spend money

    Food, is the head of the 90-year overhead.

    Compared with the post-70s and post-80s, the "Engel coefficient" after 90 is generally higher. Most respondents indicated that eating accounted for the highest proportion of their daily expenses.

    Followed by beauty clothing, rental housing, social entertainment and transportation. Overall, the food, clothing, housing and transportation is still the main structure of the post-90s expenditure.

    Can you save money?

    More worrying than the above income gap is his savings rate. In this survey, more than three adults said they were "moonlight family." At the same time, the monthly surplus accounted for more than 70% of the monthly income of only 1.68%.

    A striking contrast is that 90% of the respondents think it is necessary to save money, but less than half of them choose to manage their money.

    Do you think it is necessary to save money?

    Do you usually manage money?

    Investment preference

    From the statistical data, the Internet wealth management projects such as Yu'ebao and Zero Money are the investment favorites of the post-90s. Second, funds and bank savings are also the choice of more young people.

    Financial self-assessment

    When you score yourself in the stage of free wealth (which can be purchased in a limited category below to meet your needs), you think you are the most "private store free", and nearly 25% said it has been achieved. "Press and game freedom."

    For the individual "buy a car, buy a house and two free", you can only say that it is really "90 after the hero"!

    What's interesting is that there are still a lot of "born faces" in the category after consumption in the 90s compared to the traditional eating and drinking. To this end, I specially made a few "hard cores" 90, and they came out to say: Money, where did you go?

    Charge yourself

    The first act of meeting Hu was started when he took out his 12-pack kit and swallowed two "enzymes" scenes. After the "咕噜", he announced that he officially entered the stage of "big and fast."

    Looking at his chopsticks for a moment, I can't help but laugh.

    "You didn't have to worry about buying health products for your grandmother before, and she had a big fight with her family?"

    "Hey, that's young and ignorant. Where is the old lady's health? Peace of mind."

    The real worries of his eyebrows still linger in front of my eyes, and now he is so reluctant to abandon his position, so I am a little off guard.

    Then, he said, "Do you know how much health our colleagues have? A bottle of milk weeds and liver-protecting pills, a take-off point is a powerful dampness ancient herbal tea, mints have to choose vitamins and collagen. "At the end, he added, "Keep every opportunity to become healthier!"

    I casually asked: "What time do you usually sleep?"

    The opposite man suddenly became silent.

    I know that this problem has set foot on the "forbidden zone" of young workers. Then I knew what the so-called "heart" was buying.

    In addition, in the era of the rise of knowledge payment, the second significant change that Mr. Hu has made is that he has purchased almost all members of the audio website, download software, network disk, paid public number, and Live lecture. At the beginning, the film "resources" of the whole class were handled by him.

    Seeing that I have some suspicious eyes, he smiled and said, "Support genuine! And now there is not so much time to go to school and find drama. It is better to take the ready-made, others, and chew it." Your own."

    Mr. Hu’s attitude clearly conveyed the following views to me:

    Knowledge should never be free. If you don't "fast charge" yourself in time, you will find yourself quickly falling into the poor knowledge. Take the cost of money to offset the time cost, value!

    Was folded for the "master"

    Huang Lisha has a cat and a puppet. She often said that cats are more expensive than her.

    This is not wrong, after all, when she came back from the pet store, she transferred 20,000 yuan to the owner.

    We love to call her "Shanghai Cold Capital Girl" because she prefers black. And this puppet is her companionship in this lonely city.

    If you see her holding a cat in the back seat of a taxi at 12 o'clock in the morning, then the trip destination is a pet hospital.

    Vaccinating cats, removing mites, doing sterilization, cutting nails, and taking a bath can't be done in a few thousand.

    There are also daily expenses:

    Imported cat food: 280 yuan a bag

    Tofu cat litter: 40 yuan a bag

    Cat climbing frame: a group of 1500 yuan


    She licked her finger and read it to me.

    I quickly said: Stop!

    For the first time, I felt that my mother was biased towards the accusation of “selling money” on my growth path.

    Of course, in her portrayal: On Sunday afternoon, I drank a cappuccino for myself, lit a scented candle, and slid into the bed to see a French film. At this time, I needed a cat for her little Bourgeois. Make some embellishments in life.

    But I know more, what makes her feel is that when she returns home from work at eleven o'clock, there is a small life that will peep out from behind the door, and she will still barely reveal her ankle in winter.

    "I didn't see you taking care of yourself so much."


    Fei Ge raised a Labrador. Occasionally he will threaten to throw the dog away, but you better not have to take it seriously. Because of his WeChat avatar, the background of the circle of friends is the "dog uncle". Sometimes, he will also write this man with a weight of 70 pounds.

    Unlike Wang Lisha’s warmth and tenderness of “Cat Master”, Fei Ge talks about his own dog, and his tone always carries the tone of “angry”. But the same thing, they are not soft for the money of these "elf".

    "With the best equipment, let my dog ​​be the most popular dog in the community!"

    This is the dream of Fei Ge.

    Saving money for "idol"

    A wonderful overhead list.

    It can be said that Ayang likes which "fresh meat" can be judged by what kind of product is piled up in the room. Sometimes it is mineral water, sometimes it is laundry liquid, and who is painted on the outer packaging, who is her recent heart.

    According to Ayang, their fan group is an "organized, planned" collective. The division of labor is clear and the grade is strict. Who is responsible for which section is clear at a glance.

    "Money is not a panacea, we still look at the ability to co-ordinate. But no money is not enough, or how to give idol a list, brush data?"

    Here, I can't help but ask a question that has puzzled me for many years. "New York Times Square LED screen writes birthday greetings, put satellites with idol photos around the earth for a week, are these real existence? Fans are too awkward !"

    She waved her hand and said that those actions were all from the "big powder." "Like our small size, it is usually paying for new songs, buying some albums, ordering the magazine covers they have taken, and at most catching up with the airport and going to the event."

    In many "what you have to do with the stars", Ayang thinks that her favorite is to listen to the concert.

    "Sometimes, I think the person who is on the stage is another me, and everyone is like embracing me when I am embracing him. Especially when I buy the infield and sit in the front row, I feel that I have never left. Another life is so close."

    "Buy the front row," I joked. "No wonder you are so poor."

    She smiled and replied, "Is it hot for the idol."

    "There are a lot of people who need to do this."

    "You don't know what it's like to gather a sand into a tower. What is it that the courtesy is light and affectionate? What is the loss of people?"

    To some extent, I was shocked by the enthusiasm of Ayang’s star-hunting. At that moment, I believe that there is indeed a parallel time and space, where A sheep is a singer who does not need to bury his head to sort out the execl table.

    According to her own, chasing stars is a way for her to tear apart the different possibilities of life in the world.

    Compared with Ayang, Axi, who is a "second money" idol, "smack money" seems to be less understandable. When the bookcase is full of hands, when he mentions these palm-sized dolls with his mother, he habitually removes two zeros from the price so that they sound more in line with their absolute value.

    This is the person who hates the hands of the Hatsune, and the skin of the king "does spend money without blinking". When eating the favorite ham ham, put on a few a or d of Adidas, the mantra is "I am happy to have money."

    Worried about "human feelings"

    After many 90s, they are busy setting up their businesses, and some are already planning to become a family.

    Friends and family can't be blessed. People hold the idea that "the thicker the red envelope is, the more iron the relationship is," the higher the threshold of money is: 2000 yuan starts, 3,000 yuan is the base, 5,000 yuan is the brother, 10,000 yuan sees the true feelings.

    However, according to the above survey, there is still a large number of people in the post-90s with a monthly income of less than 3,000 yuan. Can this wine still be eaten?

    Don't worry, there are always some close-knit people who put the slogan "for the sake of the people" into daily communication. This is not the case. A few days ago, a prospective bride in my circle of friends, while publishing her good news of marriage, launched a student money reduction and a friend's money reduction activity within two years of graduation! It attracted a lot of applause.

    In this regard, I specially interviewed our mutual friend Mimi. Mimi shouted: "Tala is very good! God knows that if you attend a friend's wedding in a month, you have to eat the rest of the time."

    Mimi gave me an account: according to the current market price, colleagues get 1,500 yuan for marriage, and the relationship is good. Relatives don’t have to say that there is no 3,000 yuan to take it. With this expenditure, she can swallow her salary for nearly half a month.

    "So I love to be a bridesmaid to others. Although I have to get up in the early morning, I don't have to pay for it!" Mi Mi smiled.

    Of course, when it comes to "economics of dinner", Xiaoge’s character cannot help but mention it. Xiaoge is not surnamed Ge, but because his Gelang desktop character is too deeply rooted in people's hearts, he got this name. His aim is, "There is no guest I am asking, but there is no guest I am not going to."

    According to him, the current 90-year-old AA system. Gone are the days of rushing to buy and sell, and even the big shots are gone. "So, no way. I basically don't go out for dinner now."

    "You think, now I go to the hot pot restaurant at random, the average per capita is 150. If it is a daily store, then 200 can't eat anything. I only have enough money for 20 meals a month, not enough to cover me for a moonlight meal. The overhead."

    Xiaoge point woke me up. I suddenly knew that some of my money disappeared out of thin air, but it actually only went to the kitchen of some restaurants.

    Struggle for "security"

    Are young people no longer saving money, managing money and investing? Not always.

    Almost everyone around me was disturbed by Xiao Li using "Do you buy a house today?"

    This younger than the real estate agent is concerned about whether you are "home-based" young people, is the real thing after the price of 90. He said that his entire sense of security comes from the fact that he has his own room in the city where he works.

    "When I graduated, I took 3,000 yuan a month and rented a house of 2,000. When the landlord asks you to move, you have to pack your luggage. After all, the house you supply every month has nothing to do with you."

    He attributed this concept to being a conservative person. "I always think that you really have a connection with the city because you have a house of your own."

    "The so-called wandering is under the fence. The so-called settlement is the relocation of the land."

    "You don't care about the room, the house ignores you."

    "Rather than letting my current self back wear 20 years ago to ask parents to buy a house, it is better to wake myself up now 20 years later!"

    Xiao Li was stunned and impassioned. At present, Xiao Li is serving two suites at the same time. One is a self-occupied second-hand house and the other is not yet delivered.

    After careful calculation, he rented another idle room in his house to a friend. "The subsidy is for the family. The first payment depends on the parents. I also have a mortgage of about 15,000 per month. There are still thousands of pieces left. ”

    He is very satisfied.

    Liu, who has been trading stocks since the university, won the title of “senior shareholder” while he successfully obtained his master's degree.

    He often said to our group of friends that not letting money make money is a waste of money. Only when you see the money running, can you get a sense of security.

    "The stock market has risen and fallen, and it contains the ups and downs of life." He said with a deep pretenence, "The stocks are playing with humanity."

    I asked him, has your humanity withstood the test?

    He replied, "Inferiority makes me chasing high and low, staying at the bottom, but I always look forward to a bright future."

    “Is it not good to deposit a bank?”

    "But this is human nature!"

    Thank you for your patience and readers to see the end.

    Here, I would like to offer you the most sincere greetings after the 90s: "Congratulations for making money!"

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