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    China's lowest-profile richest man: squatting for 10 bucks, smashing the world 3 times gambling, achieving 70 billion worth

    2019-03-14 07:57:38

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    Recently, Forbes released the 2019 Global Billionaires List (China mainland). Among the top 20, there is a name that is very strange to many people - Wang Wenyin, who relies on $11 billion (about 73.8 billion) Renminbi ranked 13th, and even the star business leaders such as Lei Jun, Li Yanhong, Zong Qinghou, Liu Qiangdong and Liu Yonghong were behind him.

    Wang Wenyin is the lowest-profile invisible rich man in China. Although he has become one of the richest top ten in China, his name and company are not often seen in the public's field of vision. It can be said that it is a typical "muffled and big fortune". character.

    Wang Wenyin, who is it?

    He is the founder of Zhengwei International Group. Zhengwei International is a global group company led by a complete industrial chain of non-ferrous metals. In 2018, it ranked third among the top 500 private enterprises in China, with revenue of 491.8 billion, second only to Huawei and Suning. Ranked 111th among the top 500 global companies.

    From the beginning with 10 yuan to sway in Shenzhen, starting from scratch, and now sitting on 70 billion net worth, Wang Wenyin's life is legendary!


    With 10 dollars in my pocket, Shenzhen

    In 1968, Wang Wenyin was born in a small mountain village in Anqing, Anhui Province. His ancestors worked in agriculture and lived in poverty. Wang Wenyin of childhood did not have much time to play. When he was not in school, he had to help his parents to do farm work, cut pig grass, feed pigs, transplant rice, and live.

    Although the farm work was busy, Wang Wenyin’s achievements did not fall. When he was in the college entrance examination, he was admitted to Nanjing University with excellent results. For him, this is a major turning point in changing his destiny. He does not want to repeat his father’s “face to the loess”. Life is over.

    After graduation, Wang Wenyin was assigned to Shanghai Gaoqiao Petrochemical Co., Ltd., with a monthly salary of 400 yuan. This was a high-paying job that many people envied. But when he was doing it, Wang Wenyin felt that he couldn’t do anything. He felt that the job was too stable and there was no motivation.

    In 1993, Wang Wenyin, who did not like stability, resigned. Because of the reform and opening up and the southern patrol in 1992, Shenzhen became the vanguard of national development. Wang Wenyin’s vision also aimed at this place. He immediately decided to resign and go to Shenzhen!

    The traffic in that era was not as developed as it is now. The road from Shanghai to Shenzhen was very twisted. Wang Wenyin took the train and dumped the car. The car was dumped. It took ten days to get to Shenzhen. The travel expenses along the way were over. There are 10 dollars left.

    How does 10 yuan survive in Shenzhen? Really can't survive, can't afford to rent a house, Wang Wenyin sleeps for a month under the bridge hole on the side of the road.

    Wang Wenyin’s first job was to work as a porter in a company that produces wire ends. During the work, Wang Wenyin was very serious. He carried all the codes of thousands of materials back. The inventory of all the materials was in his head. The leader looked at him and worked hard. In less than a year, he broke him. Promoted as general manager of material control.

    After that, Wang Wenyin entered the Japanese company Hitachi. He was dug up by high salary. However, this work experience was not as pleasant as he thought.

    At work, he found that a customer seemed to want to delinquently owe the loan. He told the boss that he would not continue to do business with him, but a Japanese sales disagreed and the boss did not adopt his opinion, but this matter In the end, he was right, the customer really ran, and the company lost tens of millions.

    This incident was very irritating to Wang Wenyin and eventually prompted him to resign. Wang Wenyin feels that the Japanese boss may be subconsciously despising him as a Chinese. It is also because of this incident that Wang Wenyin gave birth to the idea of ​​starting a business. He didn't want to work for the boss. He wanted to be the boss himself.


    Three "Gambling" achievements for the rich

    In 1994, Wang Wenyin started to produce power plugs. One year later, he founded the company, which mainly bought and sold power lines. The business became better and better. He founded the Weiwei Wire Products Factory, which mainly produces power cords. The entrepreneurial Wang Wenyuan entrepreneurship is very hard, he delivers during the day, talks about business at night, and soon the company gets bigger and bigger.

    However, soon, Wang Wenyin encountered the first trouble. A Chaoshan customer ran away after placing the order, and lost millions of dollars. Wang Wenyin was too much to eat. In the end, he had to come up with a way to visit the supplier from house to house and persuade the other party to promise that they could pay in installments, and the factory stopped the storm.

    In the next 20 years, Wang Wenyin encountered such troubles as countless, but each time he passed the step by step.

    From the initial small factory to the current top 500 companies, Wang Wenyin and his Zhengwei International have finally achieved his "three gambles".

    First time: Asian financial turmoil

    In 1997, the Asian financial turmoil broke out, the rent of the factory was greatly reduced, the machinery and equipment could not be sold, and the days were not good.

    Wang Wenyin felt that maybe this was a good opportunity for low-cost expansion, so he decided to gamble. He went door-to-door to find suppliers to negotiate, and finally convinced them to pay in installments and sell the equipment to him in a 10% deposit. Wang Wenyin smashed 100 sets of equipment at one time, and the production capacity of the factory was greatly improved, becoming the largest factory in Shenzhen.

    After the economic situation improved, the demand for the power cord was boosted. Wang Wenyin won a lot of customers with the strength of the big factory, and he earned a lot of money. He also gained a reputation in the circle because of this contrarian investment.

    Wang Wenyin's business has gradually expanded, and several branch factories have been opened one after another. In 1999, he brought together the factories and established the “Zhengwei International” Group.

    The second time: SARS

    The business became more and more hot. By 2003, “Zhengwei International” had become one of the largest power line manufacturers in the country, but I did not expect that a SARS suddenly occurred, the entire domestic economy suffered a blow, the employers withdrew, and many enterprises therefore collapse.

    Wang Wenyin’s factory was also hit hard.

    But he is not in a hurry, this time, he still wants to gamble again. In spite of the threat from the company's senior management team and the divestment of partners, he spent 2.8 billion yuan to win the Tongling copper rod production project, and also bought several large copper and tungsten mines in China, and sold more than 20,000 yuan per ton. The price has started with hundreds of thousands of tons of spot copper.

    His judgment is correct again! After the SARS epidemic, the price of copper at home and abroad increased sharply. The copper he bought was sold at a price of 3-4 million yuan, earning 2 times. The mine in his hand was doubled in value. The original 2.8 billion belt was spent. There are billions of dollars in income.

    Third time: Asian financial crisis in 2008

    The third gamble was in 2008, when the financial crisis broke out, copper prices plummeted, and Wang Wenyin continued the previous strategy. He bought several European and American copper processing companies at low prices and bought hundreds of thousands of tons of spot copper. Expanded overseas business and established three overseas headquarters.

    Facts have proved that Wang Wenyin always has an extraordinary ability to judge the trend. After the crisis, the market is warm, and the copper bought at a low price makes Wang Wenyin make a big profit.

    Wang Wenyin believes that "the biggest risk in life is that you can't take risks. Every successful person is actually a madman. If you are a very human person, you can do very good things and build great work."

    These three gambles have made Wang Wenyin a success in a company with a market value of nearly 500 billion.

    Someone once asked him, why do you dare to make such a big bet?

    He replied: "There are 70% of entrepreneurs who can grasp the trend, 10% of those who can grasp the trend change, but only one in ten who can grasp the turning point of the trend change."

    Interestingly, anyone who knows Wang Wenyin thinks that he is a "madman" or "madman". He is an adventurous person who dares to bet. However, he is very low-key, and there are only a handful of interviews and public appearances throughout the year.

    For more than 20 years, Wang Wenyin has been following a principle: to do things in a high-profile manner, and to be a low-key person. He has a kind of 'hidden philosophy' unique to the oriental people. He knows the Chinese culture of "shooting the birds", so he asks himself and asks companies not to be 'birds in the first place." '.

    This is Wang Wenyin's two different sides, and it is also the two sides that make him finally succeed.

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