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    Net red "self-heating hot pot" hidden hidden dangers! The heat pack is a dangerous chemical

    2019-03-14 08:31:38

    China Consumer News

    No fire, no electricity

    Just pour a cup of cold water into the heating pack

    You can eat a steaming small hot pot

    In the past two years

    Self-heating, hot pot quickly became popular

    Last year's "Double 11" period

    Self-heating convenience hot pot turnover of 4.53 million copies

    2.7 times that of the “Double 11” period in 2017

    However, the hot pot

    Convenient for convenience, is it safe?

    Recently, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee purchased 20 self-heating hot pot products including “Haidilao”, “Xiaolongkan”, “Dalongqi” and “Three Squirrels”, respectively, under the supermarket and online platform. The price ranges from 16.9 yuan to 49.9 yuan. The test items include the appearance and packaging label inspection, the surface temperature of the pot body, the gas released by the reaction of the heat pack, the secondary water addition reaction of the heat pack, and the composition and content of the heat pack.

    The results showed that the 30% sample food container would be deformed after heating. Moreover, the self-heating convenience hot pot products have the characteristics of self-heating and high temperature. Regarding the safety management problems of the products themselves and the heat-containing packages therein, China has not yet issued relevant national and industrial standards to regulate, and there are certain safety risks.

    After heating, the external maximum temperature is above 90 degrees.

    30% of the bottom deformation

    Self-heating convenience hot pot is mainly composed of ingredients, food pot, pot lid, outer pot and heat pack. The heating principle is to use the material in the heat pack to contact with water to release heat. The food in the upper layer of food pot absorbs heat and then the temperature. Raise. The test group tested the gas released when the heat pack reacted with water and found that it contained hydrogen.

    There are related warning information and operation instructions on the outer packaging of 20 samples. The warning information content is as small as 3, and more than 10, such as “caution steam burn” “Do not let children operate independently” “only add cold water” When the hand is wet, please do not touch the heating package ""free direct sunlight" "If you need air, please use baggage check" and other relevant warning information.

    The testers were respectively at the center of the outer bottom surface of the outer pot, below the water level on the outer side of the outer pot, above the water level on the outer side of the outer pot, outside the center of the lid, and at the center of the inner bottom surface of the outer pot. The test was injected with different amounts of water from 95 to 328 ml according to the instructions for use of the sample. During the reaction time of 50 minutes to 100 minutes, the initial reaction of some samples was observed to be severe and the temperature rose rapidly. From the highest temperature of each point, the center temperature of the inner surface of the outer pot is generally high, both above 70 degrees, up to 90 degrees.

    The test also found that 106 samples showed different degrees of deformation of the bottom of the food pot during use. The nominal brands were “咔咔莎莫小仙”, “蜀姑娘”, “Old Town South Family”, “Spicy Hot Pot” There were serious deformations at the bottom of the food pot of 6 samples of Runcheng and “Herbs.”

    The heat pack is a "dangerous chemical"

    Deflagration hazard in confined spaces

    The composition and content of the heating pack determines the heating effect and the released gas of the hot pot product. In this test, there are 18 samples of the heating package marked with the main components and the corresponding enterprise standard code.

    According to the test data, the two main components of these heating packs are calcium oxide and aluminum powder, all of which are about 40%, which are “substances or mixtures that emit flammable gases in contact with water”. According to the UN Recommendation on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. . The classification standard of the Model Regulations, self-heating, convenient hot pot products are dangerous goods in transportation. The aluminum powder in the heat pack is classified as “dangerous chemicals” according to the regulations of the State Administration of Work Safety and other departments.

    According to Shang Zhaocong, a member of the Chinese Chemical Industry Association and deputy chief engineer of Shanghai Chemical Research Institute Co., Ltd., in a closed car, the hydrogen released during the use of the hot pot is convenient for self-heating, such as smoking, air conditioning, and launching. Engines, etc., have a deflagration hazard.

    The Consumer Protection Committee said that there are no relevant national or industry standards in China regarding the safety management of such products and their heat-containing packages. At the same time, consumers are also likely to ignore their safety and taboo when choosing such products.

    In this regard, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee will next recommend that the relevant national authorities initiate the relevant certification procedures as soon as possible, relatively unify the product safety performance requirements and risk warning content, and fill in the gaps of relevant standards as soon as possible.

    Consumption tips

    Consumers must read the product instructions before using the self-heating hot pot, and strictly follow the instructions, especially in closed and small environments such as cars, to avoid open flames;

    Consumers should pay attention to placing the product on the anti-scalding table to avoid touching the outer pot to avoid burns;

    Convenient hot pot waste after use by consumers should avoid a large amount of accumulation or direct contact with water, and be classified according to the provisions of the Shanghai Municipal Waste Management Regulations. The used heat packs should be disposed of according to hazardous waste.

    Self-heating food is convenient and delicious

    But there is still some danger

    Whether buying or eating

    Be careful!

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    Editor in charge: Li Limeng RF13188

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