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    Five complaints and reports hotline will be unified this year to ensure that consumer complaints fall

    2019-03-14 10:26:25

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    Promote the integration of complaints and reports by the former industry and commerce, quality inspection, food and drug, price supervision, and intellectual property rights.

    Five complaints and reporting hotlines will be unified this year

    The State Administration of Markets has recently formulated and issued the "Opinions on Integrating and Building the 12315 Administrative Law Enforcement System to Better Serve the Market Supervision and Enforcement" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions"), clearly requiring that the original complaints be reported to the five hotlines before the end of December this year (12315, 12365, 12331, 12358, 12330), unified use of 12315 hotline number, the national market supervision departments at all levels use the national 12315 platform.

    2019 is the transition period

    Initial unified complaint reporting entry

    After the establishment of the General Administration of Market Supervision, the market supervision department has five complaints and reports hotlines and platforms such as the original business and industry 12315, quality inspection 12365, food medicine 12331, price supervision 12358, and intellectual property 12330. How to speed up the integration of these complaints reporting hotlines and platforms, and better unblock the channels for consumer complaints and reports, the community is very concerned about this. The General Administration of Market Supervision responded promptly to consumer concerns, and the “Opinions” issued a clear schedule and roadmap for platform and hotline integration.

    The overall goal of the Opinions is to basically establish a unified, authoritative and efficient 12315 administrative law enforcement system by the end of 2020. The integration and construction work is divided into two phases. In 2019, it is a transitional period. It mainly realizes “No.1 external and multi-line number, centralized answering, contracting at all levels, and department according to responsibility”; upgrading the national 12315 platform, preliminary unified market supervision complaints and reports Entrance, real-time collection and dynamic management of 12315 hotline data in the national 12315 platform. Before the end of this year, the market supervision departments at all levels across the country will use the national 12315 platform in a unified manner to achieve omni-channel, full-service, and system-wide complaints and reports. In 2020, relying on the national 12315 platform, the 12315 administrative law enforcement system with unified national level and up and down five levels will be established to realize the working mechanism of “No. 1 external, centralized management, convenient and profitable enterprises, and efficient law enforcement”.

    Hotline "hot"

    Ensure that consumer complaints fall

    The Opinions clarify the main tasks of platform and hotline integration.

    The first is to unify the hotline number and realize the number one. Provide market supervision complaint reporting service with a number of 12315.

    The second is to uniformly operate the platform and improve the functional modules. Gradually integrate the Internet, WeChat, mobile APP and other online complaints and reports receiving channels set up by the former departments of industry and commerce, quality inspection, food and drug, price, intellectual property, etc., through the unified construction and operation of the national 12315 platform, to achieve omni-channel and full-service The system-wide complaints and reports are collected together.

    The third is to unify the working organization and achieve five levels of continuity. The General Administration of Market Supervision clarifies the national 12315 platform management and data analysis work organization; the provincial (autonomous region, municipality directly under the central government) market supervision department clarifies the 12315 command and data analysis work organization; the city (prefecture, state, and alliance) market supervision department clarifies 12315 command work organization; (District, city) clear 12315 working institutions; grassroots market supervision and branch offices (offices) clear 12315 workstations.

    The fourth is to standardize the system and optimize the working procedures. Integrate the rules and regulations of the original departments for complaints and reports, form a unified "market management complaints and reports handling methods" and related documents, and formulate the "12315 Complaint Reporting Center Working Rules."

    The fifth is unified analysis and judgment, data security sharing. The General Administration of Market Supervision has formulated business standards and data standards for market supervision complaints and reports, and has carried out overall checks on the construction of the national 12315 information network. All localities exchanged and exchanged information on government service platforms or external units, and promoted the collection of data information to the national 12315 platform.

    The sixth is to unify performance evaluation and implement scientific assessment. Establish and improve the 12315 performance evaluation system, and use the combination of internal assessment and external evaluation to supervise and evaluate the hotline and platform services.

    The seventh is to strengthen business integration and form a joint effort. Strengthen the handling of complaints and reports, work with law enforcement, emergency command management, credit supervision, and local government services, and promote the interconnection and data sharing of the 12315 platform and other market management and local government service hotline platforms.

    Eight is to maintain brand characteristics and improve service efficiency. All localities may not transfer or entrust the 12315 complaints reporting and receiving functions to other departments. The data that has been transferred shall be collected according to the market supervision complaint reporting standards and collected in time to the national 12315 platform. The market supervision department will take this hotline and platform integration as an opportunity to further unblock the channels for consumer complaints and reports, and effectively “hot” the hotline to ensure that consumers complain and report “there are pieces of content, and everything is echoed”.

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