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    Do you spend money on hospitalization? Want to "free hospitalization" you can do this

    2019-04-15 08:05:47

    Big cat finance, cat sister

    Have a day to talk about medical expenses:

    ● A said that the public justice rectal cancer, some time ago to come to Beijing to see a doctor, her family is now overcast, saying that medical expenses estimated hundreds of thousands may not be cured.

    ● B said that her boss was hospitalized for 10 days of severe pneumonia last winter. After the medical insurance report was finished, she still squandered 10,000. As a result, the boss was discharged from the hospital and pneumonia, and spent thousands more.

    ● C's mother-in-law's high blood pressure, the doctor suggested that the hospitalization, said that the various checks are easy to do, then live, have been living in the week, did not say that when you can be discharged, how much you have to spend is still not known.


    When I was young, I had to change my money. After I was 40, I took my money and saved my life.

    Hospitalization expenses range from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands. For most families, it is not a small amount.

    How can we achieve "free hospitalization"? Cat sister suggested that you can combine this way.


    Millions of medical insurance in the snow

    Most of the families now have some savings. The hospitalization of spending thousands or tens of thousands will not affect their lives, but they are afraid of 100,000+, hundreds of thousands of expenses, even if the money is not spent, people may not be able to stay. Catastrophic medical expenses.

    In view of this, the million medical insurance has always been the product recommended by the cat girl.

    What millions of medical insurance can do is actually very simple, that isBreaking the red line of "social security coverage", including expensive self-funded drugs, imported drugs, targeted drugs, and self-funded inspections, etc.A scary ICU ward, such as a high price, is also covered and 100% reimbursed. Millions of medical insurances have a high insurance coverage and can reach a million levels.Sufficient to withstand 99% of catastrophic medical expenses.

    And the price of millions of medical insurance is not expensive.For people of most ages, as long as a few hundred a year,It’s really insurance that can be spent on small things.

    But everyone also has a correct understanding of the million medical insurance, it is cheap becauseMost of the million medical insurance has a threshold of 10,000 yuan for deductibles, and it is also self-funded after social security reimbursement.In fact, for most hospitalizations, the part of social security reimbursement is less than 10,000 yuan. For example, B's children lived in ten days, and finally they had just passed 10,000 yuan. Moreover, millions of medical insurance are not for anyone who wants to buy, can buy,Those who must meet the health notice or those who pass the underwriting can do so.

    About how to choose a million medical insurance products, cat sister has also said many times, there are twenty or thirty products on the market, each with some small patterns, but the cat girl is still the most recommended product in the head area.

    Howling the head area? Big sales! Big sales! Big sales! The important thing is said three times.

    Another point is that this product must be seen,The insurance company or the sales platform feels that it is very important to operate with care, rather than thinking that this product has to be owned by someone else, or that the agent needs this product, so take it to “knock the door” and sell other expensive products. .

    Why do you have these two conditions? The reason is simple, because insurance companies and regulators control the renewal of millions of medical insurance for the purpose of preventing risks. The products are all one-year, and the suspension can not be renewed. Once the product is discontinued, if the body is good, you can change the product, but for those who are not very healthy, the impact is great.

    Only a few years after the emergence of millions of medical insurance, some products have been discontinued. and so,If you want the product to live longer, you must choose a product with a large base, good wind control, and careful intention to bet.

    For specific products, Cat Girls recommend these three models:

    ●Enjoy e-born 2019

    Although enjoying e-life is not the cheapest, it is absolutelyIt is the best service at the moment, and the iteration is very fast.Various upgrades have always brought the rhythm of millions of medical insurance.

    ●Good medical insurance ·Long-term medical care

    Good health insurance is a customized product of Alipay, and the company that cooperates is currently health insurance.Because of the bargaining power of the platform, the price is low.Especially during childhood, the premium advantage is even more pronounced.

    ●Peace e-life insurance (guarantee renewal version)

    If you only believe in big brands and want to buy big company products,Not sensitive to price,It is best to choose it.


    Small inpatient insurance

    More than one cat friend asked, who can give me a million yuan for the $10,000 medical insurance?

    The needs of the masses are strong!

    If you don’t buy a million medical insurance and just want to buy a small hospitalization insurance, it’s not recommended that the cat girl is a wall cracker.Because what we can't afford is catastrophic medical expenses.

    If you buy a million medical insurance and have spare cash, you can buy another small hospitalization insurance. Once you are hospitalized, the perfect reimbursement path is this:First use social security to directly settle, the remaining part of social security reimbursement, less than 10,000 yuan, take a small amount of hospitalization insurance, more than 10,000 parts, with millions of medical insurance.

    People with millions of medical insurance, do not have to buy too much insured amount to buy a small inpatient insurance.10,000 insurance is enough,Buying more will not repeat the loss.

    There are quite a few small inpatients on the market, but many products only cover the cost of social security. Cat sister thinks that the current social security coverage in the social security coverage is actually quite good, and the reimbursement rate is also very high. Take Beijing, the employee medical insurance deductible line is the first hospitalization of 1,300 yuan, second and later hospitalization. 650 yuan, the minimum reimbursement rate is 85%, the highest can reach 97% (different amounts and hospital grade, reimbursement ratio is different). Therefore, if you only report the expenses within the social security, it does not mean much. So suggestIf there is a demand, it is a priority to cover products that cover both internal and external social security expenses.

    Specific products, cat sister recommended these three:

    Zhongan Wanbao personal inpatient medical insurance

    The amount of insurance is 10,000 yuan, 0 is free of compensation, not limited to imported drugs, self-funded drugs, bed fees, meals, nursing expenses, ICU fees, etc., as long as the medical expenses within the responsibility are 100% reimbursement, 0-65 years old have social security People can buy it, and the maximum can be renewed to 80 years old.It is a perfect match for millions of medical insurance.

    Although the amount of insurance is only 10,000, the premium is not cheaper than the one million yuan medical insurance, which is mainly due to the higher probability of claims.

    Another point to note,This product will be adjusted according to the payment situation, medical expenses level, and the physical condition of the insured.In this regard, the cat sister thinks it is understandable, because this kind of zero-deductible medical insurance is actually very high in business risk, and it is difficult to control against adverse selection and moral hazard. And to be honest, this type of product is a icing on the cake, even if it is not sold, can not be renewed, the impact on everyone is not much.

    Ping An 1+1 Hospitalization Insurance 2018 Edition

    Ping An 1+1 is also a 10,000 yuan insured amount, 0 is free of compensation, 100% reimbursement, but only covers the self-paid drugs, does not extend other self-funded items. The maximum age for insurance is 55 years old and the highest renewal age is 70 years old.

    Compared with Zhongan Wanbao, Ping An 1+1 is more expensive, and the self-funded part only guarantees its own medicine, and does not expand other self-funded items. Although it has increased 10,000 accidental death and disability protection, the insurance amount is only 1 Ten thousand yuan, too low. In addition, for children under 6 years of age, increased vaccination liability (excluding self-funded drugs) and hospitalization allowances are not very valuable items.

    If you like big brands, you can buy them.

    In addition,High-risk professional groups can pay attention,This product has a slightly smaller limit on the occupational level and can be purchased except for some special occupations.

    Anlian Hospitalization

    This product takes into account the accidental outpatient service; can be extended to non-social insurance drugs, 0 free compensation, although the reimbursement rate is not 100%, but there are 90% social security, no social security 80%, especially the proportion of no social security has been very high. The waiting period is only 30 days (the tonsil, thyroid, hernia, female reproductive system disease waiting period of 120 days) is currently the shortest.

    It is currently the best renewal rule in these products.Similar to the current million medical insurance: the insurance coverage of the insured's reinsurance insurance plan will not be adjusted separately due to changes in the health status or historical claims of an insured. The same suspension can not be renewed.

    Overall, the price is better, especially in the 40-65 age group.

    Finally, remind everyone,The premise of all commercial insurance is to have a social security base, and it must be on the job. The older the more useful.Advise those who feel that social security is not worth relying on commercial insurance, save the province, the positioning of commercial insurance is a useful supplement to social security, not only medical insurance, but also old-age insurance.

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