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Sichuan Guang'an cracked the network investment financial fraud case involving the amount of 10 million yuan

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2019-04-15 11:10:22 source:Xinhua Net Author:Wu Guangyu, Zhang Hailei

The reporter learned from the Public Security Bureau of Guang'an City, Sichuan Province that the police in Guang'an District of Guang'an City recently cracked a network.Investment and financial managementIn the case of fraud, 42 suspects were arrested, and the amount involved was more than 10 million yuan. The police reminded that investment and financial management must be vigilant, do not trust the financial information of various informal channels, let alone believe in "high-yield" deceptive propaganda.

In March, the Public Security Bureau of Guang'an District received a report from the masses that it was recommended by the “financial lecturer” to purchase investment through the online chat platform last year.Financial productAfter being venture capitalized, I found that I was cheated. The police quickly set up a task force to conduct investigations and found that this was a suspected network investment financial fraud gang.

After more than a month of investigation, the task force grasped the composition of the gang, the location of the dens and the facts of the crime. After investigation, the criminal gang adopted a corporate management method and chatted with customers through a network platform. The “financial lecturer” conducted brainwashing lectures, in the name of stocks such as stock trading and futures, and “high-yield, high-return” as a bait to lure. Customer purchaseBuy wealth management products. The amount of victims who were defrauded was less than 10,000 yuan and more than one million yuan. On April 10, the police in Guang'an District attacked and smashed 3 dens, arrested 42 suspects, and arrested 96 mobile phones and 89 computers according to law. Currently, the case is under further investigation.

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