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    The price of litchi is generally more than 30 yuan / kg.

    2019-05-15 07:36:10

    Beijing Business Daily 

    The “swelling” of fruit prices has caused heated discussion and concentrated fermentation. Who should back this “pot”? Recently, consumers around the world have discussed the prices of lychee, peaches and other fruits on social platforms, and they have said that prices have risen significantly. Beijing Business Daily reporters checked the price data of Beijing Xinfadi Market and found that the average price of many fruits such as strawberry and coconut green did increase compared with the same period of last year. In this regard, fruit growers and retail companies said that the rise in fruit prices has its own reasons behind the rise in logistics, transportation, planting, labor, etc., but it is also affected by the increase in the proportion of high-quality goods such as imports and organics under consumption upgrades.

    The tens of dollars and a catty of the cherries had been heated up at the beginning of this year. Recently, the price increase of common fruits such as lychee, mangosteen and even apples has once again caused consumer discussion. According to media reports in Chengdu, Nanjing and other places, the local litchi price is generally 20-40 yuan / kg. Beijing Business Daily reporter visited Beijing offline supermarkets and fruit shops and found that the current price of litchi sold in various offline channels is also generally more than 30 yuan / kg.

    Behind the “high-priced lychee”, there are obviously reasons why the price of the product was too high when it was first launched. Beijing Business Daily reporters checked the price data of Beijing Xinfadi Market and found that the average price of lychee was about 18.5 yuan/kg when it was first listed at the end of May last year. Later, with more origins and varieties of lychee listed, the price dropped significantly. In July, the average price has dropped to between two and three yuan to ten yuan depending on the variety of litchi.

    However, it is worth noting that the Beijing Business Daily reporter also found that compared with the same period of last year, the average price of many fruits such as strawberries, apples, and coconut green did rise to varying degrees, and the prices of some commodities even turned over. Two or three times. Beijing Xinfadi market data shows that the red strawberry has increased from an average of 7.5 yuan / kg in the same period last year to the current 9.5 yuan / kg, an increase of 27%. The average price of Fuji apple (film bag) in early May rose from 1.65 yuan/kg last year to 4.5-4.75 yuan/kg this year.

    It is reported that the increase in fruit prices is mainly affected by climatic factors, resulting in the reduction of production of some fruit categories, caused by imbalance between supply and demand. The litchi production areas in Guangdong and Guangxi are also affected by the high temperature and rainy weather. According to Guangming.com, some orchards harvested 700,000 kilograms of lychee last year, which is expected to be less than 2,000 pounds this year. A lot of relevant person in charge said that due to the "cold spring", the price of apples also rose significantly. The overall production of apples in Shaanxi Province was greatly reduced. In March this year, the price of film bags was three times higher than in previous years.

    In addition to the impact of climate and cost factors, the overall improvement in fruit prices is also driven by the increase in the proportion of high-end goods such as imports and organic fruits. Chilean cherries, Thai durian, New Zealand kiwifruit and other categories are already common in various retail channels, and fruit with national characteristics has become a frequent visitor on the consumer table.

    According to relevant data released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the growth rate of China's fruit imports in 2018 was as high as 34.5%, and the first trade deficit (exports were less than imports).

    The former CEO of Jiangsu Luran Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, who specializes in the cultivation of single-category fruit, has been engaged in fruit planting for more than ten years. He believes that with the upgrading of consumption, the fruit has already changed from basic life demand products to refined life quality. consumer goods. In addition to the hot sale of imported fruits, this change in demand has also forced our country’s fruit.Agricultural productsTo the development of refinement and standardization, the price of commodity fruits produced by upgrading equipment, screening, cold chain and transportation must be higher than the price of fruit grown in the past small farmers' economy.

    Further introduction before the money, the peach variety that was introduced exclusively from abroad has only been planted at a cost 10%-20% higher than ordinary peaches in Hebei and other places, so the price will be much higher than other peaches. But it will still be ordered quickly by the channel. Consumer demand for good fruits is very large. For some scarce categories, prices will gradually decrease in the future as capacity increases.

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