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    Big Tree: A year-end award. How should I spend it?

    2019-01-30 10:27:45

    Financial sector websiteBig tree

    Author: Tao Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. Guangzhou win chairman, founder Chenguo Gang  

    After 2018, I spent the New Year's Day, and the Spring Festival ahead is waving to us! Do you think that the hard days in front of you are not so difficult? In the spirit of suffering, all the spirit of looking forward, the days are still running, isn’t it?

    Of course, there are good news and bad news ahead.

    The good news is: the year-end award!

    The bad news is: the year-end awards are not much!

    The good news is: New Year is coming!

    The bad news is: Where to spend money!

    Wife wants a designer bag...

    Children have to report to the training class...

    Mom and Dad should also honor it...

    Can't forget the father-in-law...

    There is also a hard work for a year...

    Whether it is more or less, the year-end award is an expectation. After all, it is a year of hard work and affirmation.


    What should I do after I get the year-end award?

    ◆ Is it for consumption or for investment?

    ◆ How much to spend, how much to invest?

    ◆Invest in some, how to configure?

    ◆Can stocks be bought?

    ◆Can gold be bought?

    ◆How much does insurance buy?

    ◆ Still buying a wealth management?

    It’s really a headache!

    Sure enough, rich and moneyless,

    What is embarrassing is that this kind of money is not enough for the general public.

    The tree still clearly remembers that when the first year of the year-end award was won, when I saw a cash flow in the bank card, I was happy.

    The first year of the year-end award bought some gifts for the family, and also gave the parents a big red envelope, and other money was bought into stock. Later, I caught up with the bull market, and the year-end award was very cost-effective.

    Then, after so many years of financial practice, what are the experiences of Dashu’s investment in consumption and year-end awards? The following points are summarized:

    01.Do a good job of funding and set aside some cash

    Now is the era of no cash, the only day that needs to set aside some cash, I am afraid that only the Spring Festival. After all, it is necessary to have some physical red envelopes to help the atmosphere, especially for the elderly and children at home.

    Now the WeChat Alipay red envelope is very convenient, but it is better to hold a thick red envelope to bring a strong sense of happiness! Especially in the customs of Guangdong, the married people are all red envelopes.

    Therefore, the first thing to do after the year-end award is to do a good job in fund planning.

    First, let a part of the cash be set aside. Secondly, the credit card can be used to pay for the credit card, for example, to give gifts to the wife and children. Then, try to save the rest of the funds to save money.

    02.Pre-holiday investment is better than post-holiday investment

    You might say that this is really nonsense! But there are people who are really entangled in this problem.

    The big tree can only say that if I choose it myself, I will definitely choose to invest before the Spring Festival. Because time is money, money has not only intrinsic value, but also time value.

    The big tree has seen a statistic before, which is a feature of our big A shares:

    In the past ten years, in February each year, A shares rose by an average of about 4%. In addition to the impact of the stock market crash in February 2016, in the other years, A shares basically rose in the month of the Spring Festival.

    This data, it seems that there is no specific theoretical support, we may be superstitious to open a door, so if you have plans to invest in A shares, the probability of February will be good.

    However, this is only a big probability. The specific situation is different every year. The specific problems have to be analyzed in detail. Regarding the investment in stocks, Dashu has written a lot before. Regarding the situation of A shares next year, it is ok to look back at the previous articles of Dashu.

    When it comes to A shares, many people will feel scared. If you don't want to invest in A shares, are there any other options?

    03.In addition to stocks, there are many other options.

    This year our big A shares are indeed a heavy loss, including the big tree itself. So if funds can't invest long-term to balance short-term fluctuations, what else can they choose? There are also the following:


    The year-end award is basically a big cash flow every year. It is a good choice to make a fund plan based on the annual investment. For funds that can be invested for a long time, in addition to stocks, index funds are also a good choice. Regarding the fund, Dashu recently wrote articles:Buying a fund loses money! In addition to the stock market decline, what is wrong?

    Convertible bond

    Regarding convertible bonds, a recent article by Dashu also devoted to investment guides. You can read back the article:2019, the stock market low risk bottoming guide.


    For short-term use of funds that can roughly determine the time of use, you can choose bank wealth management. The cash-based financial management and bond funds on the Internet are also basically classified into this category. The income is not high, but the nature is stable. It is enough to buy the fingers.


    The article before the big tree also wrote that the central bank’s purchase of gold does not mean that gold will continue to rise, so buying up is not a good operation. Specific articles can be read:I heard that the central bank’s large purchases indicate that the price of gold will take off in 2019. Ha ha......

    Reverse repurchase

    For the funds that will be used immediately after the holiday, taking advantage of the tight funds before the Spring Festival, it is also a good choice to use a securities account to buy a reverse repo. Only this year's amount of funds is expected to be relatively loose. I will not buy the children's shoes that are reversely repurchased. I can search the public number for [reverse repurchase].

    Regarding how to invest in the year-end award, it is a sentence to say less: spend less and stay. But if you go too far, it can be a university financial course or even a finance major.

    In order to understand the mystery of the system in depth, in addition to going to the university to re-read the finance major, you can also read the following articles:

    6 short-term regrets of long-term regrets of 6 financial behaviors

    The last week before the Spring Festival: Five core events affecting our wallet

    True and false bank structured deposit100,000 yuan for 5 years, how to save the highest interest

    If you still don’t feel addicted after reading it, it’s better to come to school:

    Big Tree Family Finance Course

    I don't want people to block the road, and I don't want to waste time. It's better to learn about family finances and charge! Is it not good to have a peaceful Spring Festival in the ocean of knowledge?

    Hesitate again, the year-end award has to be devalued!

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