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    Tan Haojun: I regretted not buying a house 10 years ago. After 10 years, I regret that the house did not change cash.

    2019-01-30 10:28:54

    Financial sector websiteTan Haojun

    Author: columnist, media commentator Tan Haojun  

    Since the real estate market was liberalized in 2003, the real estate prices have indeed come out of a wave of “big bull market”. The big cities have risen from a few thousand yuan to tens of thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of flats. The medium-sized cities are also one thousand yuan and one flat. Rising to nearly 10,000 yuan, tens of thousands of yuan a flat, even the third and fourth-tier cities are less than a thousand yuan to rise to a few thousand yuan, a million yuan. Many people regret that why didn't they change their cash into a house? Anyone who exchanges cash for a house can now make a fortune.

    There is no regret in the world, and it is impossible to return the house price back to the past. Then, in the face of such high housing prices, some people ask, should we replace the house with cash now? Will there be regrets after not changing the house to cash after 10?

    I did not exchange cash for a house 10 years ago. It is impossible for no one to regret it. No one does not blame for not having a long-term vision. However, after 10 years, I regret that I have not changed my house to cash, and it may not have fully appeared. The reason is that there has not been a significant drop in house prices. In the absence of a significant decline, the house is not motivated to change into cash.

    Compared with today, the house price 10 years ago has indeed increased a lot. If it was 15 years ago, it would be impossible to compare. However, there is an era of psychology in an era. The money in the hands of residents 10 years ago is not a lot. To buy a house, you must be in debt. At that time, there were very few people who dared to be in debt. Because the Chinese have a common feature, that is, debt-free. Most of the Chinese people liked the days of comfort and the days of calm and calm. Carrying a debt, I don’t feel comfortable.

    When they have "enlightened" and gradually realize that debt is also a way of life, and debt can make the money more, the house price has reached a certain level, and if you want to buy, you must have a large debt. This is one of the main reasons why many Chinese people are now burdened with debt burdens, and one of the main reasons for the rapid rise in household debt ratio.

    Therefore, turning cash in your hand into a house is not all that can make money, and can appreciate a lot. It is not all right. The key is to look at the timing, the timing is missed, and there is no value. Later, many of the cash-changing houses were built on the basis of lowering the overall level of life, and affecting other aspects of consumption power and consumption levels.

    So, if you turn your house into cash today, does it mean correct? We do not deny that the current housing prices have indeed reached an important node, and can even be considered as an inflection point. However, what changes will occur in the end may be difficult to say. Because house prices do not have the basis for a sharp decline, but can only be stable. After stabilization, it is a small decline, a slow decline, or continue to rise, and it is still impossible to judge. Only one thing is clear: the foundation for a sharp rise is gone. Therefore, whether you want to turn the house into cash, there are many suites, you can consider. After turning the house into cash, invest in other areas. If it is a living room, what is the significance of not becoming cash? After 10 years, even if the house price falls, don't regret it. At that time, the currency will depreciate. After the currency is exchanged for cash, it may not match the house price decline after depreciation.

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