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    Ye Tan: China's biggest opportunity in the countryside in the next 30 years!

    2019-03-13 09:13:38

    Financial sector websiteYe Tan

    Author: well-known financial commentator, financial columnist Ye Tan  

    Twenty years ago, when the hukou was moved from rural to urban areas, it would not be possible to break the head; now, many people are thinking about moving their hukou from the city to the countryside. The change of the household registration highlights the new trend of social development.

    Combined with the experience of buying a house, you can roughly draw a vague and correct conclusion - the biggest change and the biggest opportunity in the countryside in the next few decades.

    Some trends can be judged by common sense and feelings. The opportunities of the future, from the micro-feeling can also come to the conclusion of the same goal.

    The first thirty years, the opportunity in the city, the last thirty years, the opportunity in the countryside

    From rural to urban, from urban to rural, the economy has always spiraled upward.

    Twenty years ago, there were always friends or neighbors around us, coming to the city from the countryside, coming to the big city from a small city, working or doing a little business? Even if there is not much professional knowledge and skills, with hard work and sincerity, and struggling for seven or eight years, basically, you can buy a suite in the suburbs of the big cities, become a middle class in the city, and share the dividends of reform and development through integration into the city.

    The trend is important and timing is important. The original pattern of wealth distribution has changed. Now, buying a house in a first-tier city, even a university graduated from a prestigious elite school, has not accumulated for seven or eight years, and it is difficult to bear without the support of parents.

    In any economy, urbanization has reached a certain stage, and it is necessary to return to the countryside, solve rural problems, achieve a win-win situation in urban and rural areas, and eventually become a developed economy.

    The day of our country has finally arrived. The sign is that, except for the first-tier cities, the household registration of other cities is basically liberalized.

    In the past 30 years, China's megatrends have been in the cities. In the next 30 years, the biggest opportunity is in the countryside. The city enters an efficient commercial society, and the rural areas are still in a self-sufficient small-scale peasant economy. The two do not match.

    There are a large number of liberated laborers in the countryside. There are no hundreds of millions of people in the countryside. The millions of peasants in the United States still support the most efficient farm economy in the world.

    There are many people in rural China, and there are various obstacles in the transfer of land, which cannot form a modern farm economy. This is also the root cause of the current rural land security rights. How do you determine the land? How to price?

    The circulation of “three plots” will greatly increase the income of farmers.

    according toThe Pacific OceanAccording to securities calculations, the transfer of homesteads brought about by the reform of the homestead system will bring about a total increase of 5 trillion yuan in income. Together with the increase in income from collective construction and construction land, the income of farmers will expand by 13 trillion in the next two years. space.

    What is this concept? At present, the per capita income of rural areas is only 14,000 yuan, and rural consumption will explode. In ten years, rural income will double.

    Ma Xiaoyu let Gansu Dongxiang woman see hope

    The biggest opportunity for China in the countryside is Zhang Ming. The question is, why is there no fire in the countryside?

    Some big problems have not been solved. The memory in rural areas is still the standard configuration in the era of small-scale peasant economy. From culture to labor, it is too primitive.

    The rural chips have to be replaced, and the system, business, and labor allocation need to be connected with the industrial era.

    Enterprises that look at opportunities for rural transformation are easy to succeed. Rise quickly, focus on the huge township market, and graft the existing urban business model to the countryside to meet the needs of rural culture.

    In terms of eliminating urban and rural information asymmetry, it is far from enough.

    In fact, there is a group called returning home to take root in entrepreneurial youth. They not only understand the city's efficient business operation mode, but also understand the rural areas. The practical operation cannot be virtualized, and they have developed their habit of seeking truth from facts. By grafting the two together, we can realize rural genetic improvement from the roots.

    Let us applaud the young and old entrepreneurs who have gone deep into the countryside.

    The series of documentary "A Thousand Miles Return", the first episode of returning hometown entrepreneurship is Ma Xiaoyu.

    Ma Xiaoyu grew up in the rural area of ​​Dongxiang, Gansu. After graduating from college, he has worked in the city for many professions, technology, clothing, catering, and e-commerce. Unlike other people, Ma Xiaoyu has the basic qualities of entrepreneurs' optimism and anti-risk. She is not timid and wants to know clearly.

    In July 2018, Ma Xiaoyu returned to Dongxiang from Lanzhou. In the city, he used to go to the high-rise flats. After returning to Dongxiang, he found that he was twenty years old. Women bring their children at home and serve their in-laws. 150,000 women are basically unemployed. Their highest achievement is childbearing.

    What is this phenomenon? It is the unliberated productivity!

    Ma Xiaoyu aimed at the traditional art of Dongxiang embroidery. He successfully sold Dongxiang embroidery to Guangzhou. Dongxiang embroidery was finally commercialized. Dongxiang women found a piece of heaven and earth, won wages and gained respect.

    She did the right thing and solved the information asymmetry. Let everyone know the traditional embroidery of Dongxiang, organize production, and send the goods to the channel dealers.

    She also increased the monthly income of Dongxiang embroidered women from zero to 2,500 yuan, and many families were thus out of poverty.

    Rural revitalization, doing incremental, let all participants benefit and get out of the closed circle, is the business logic that Ma Xiaoying should have.

    Why is a company like Country Garden the most effective in poverty alleviation?

    There are too few people like Ma Xiaoyu who dare to return to their hometown to eat crabs.

    The concentration of resources in rural areas is far too far from that of cities. Urban people enjoy the convenience, the job opportunities are relatively high, the income is relatively high, let them return to the countryside, the reasons must be sufficient, the prospects must be clear, for example, the expected return is significantly higher than the current income.

    Even if you see the big trend, it is still very difficult to really act. A small businessman in a city enters the country like a salt into a glass of water, unable to solve a series of problems such as industry and capital.

    Industrial poverty alleviation has the ability to hematopoietic and support local characteristic industries, which can more effectively stimulate the endogenous motivation in poverty-stricken areas. Country Garden accurately found the pain points of these local small businesses, and resolutely solved the pain points. The logic of revitalizing the village is to set up funds, build factories, build brands, send technology, expand markets, and set up platforms to reduce the cost of rural entrepreneurs, improve short-term gains, and enable entrepreneurs to see short-term profits. Long lived well.

    Country Garden has solved the problem of imbalance in production relations.

    The fisherman's cultural tourism project of Country Garden is undertaken by Country Garden. The operating income is 10% to the town, 20% to the village committee, 30% to the operation team, and 40% to the villagers and cooperatives.

    This is the most effective and advanced model. Resources are shared and revenue sharing is the essence of the shareholding system. It not only improves production efficiency, but also introduces the most advanced distribution model, the “One Two Three Four” distribution model. Rural development depends on industrialization, farmization, technology, capital, and resource integration. This is precisely the advantage of enterprises.

    In the future, the development of the city depends on high technology, relying on professionals, and there is no skill to make a career in the city. The difficulty is far greater than 30 years ago.

    Returning to the countryside is not just a return of the idyllic population, but a return of technology, capital, talent, and business models. Country Garden is undergoing a very forward-looking return.

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