Jiang Yan: Why do you say that Didi's "Net Car Finance" business has entered the huge blue ocean market?

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On April 11th, there was a news in the long-lost Chinese science and technology finance field. Didi Financial Services recently launched a one-stop “network-to-car finance” service platform “all oranges” system. As a leading company in China's network car, why is the “Net Car Finance” business opened by Didi?

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On April 11th, there was a news in the long-lost Chinese science and technology finance field. Didi Financial Services recently launched a one-stop "network-to-car finance" service platform "all oranges" system. As a leading company in China's network car, why is the "network car finance" business opened by Didi?

First, the drip opening of the network about the car financial era

On April 11, Tencent's "First Line" learned from Didi Officials that Didi Financial Services has recently launched a one-stop "network-to-car finance" service platform "all oranges" system. According to market public information, the system is managed through the unique account management of Didi Financial Services.Big DataWind control capabilities to provide tailored financial services more efficiently for travel partners. "Full Orange" and auto financing leasing company Shan State, a number of funders andInsurance companyWhen the partners are docked, the car rental company that serves the middle of the industry will greatly simplify the financial service process for vehicles and drivers.

This system has several very specific features:

First, the participants in the service industry. Didi's financial service system has begun to provide services for car rental companies. The system can effectively reduce the labor costs of car rental companies, thus providing sufficient financial technology support for all parties in the industry.

Second, the product categories are diverse. Didi Financial Services is on the line of Didi's travel products, covering insurance, wealth management, payment and other products that are suitable for passengers and drivers. These services are provided to users on the platform. This "Full Orange" system is a comprehensive product that effectively opens up various services, providing a full range of funds and asset services for all parties in the platform industry chain.

Third, the data foundation is strong. At present, the overall service number of Didi's travel platform exceeds 550 million, and more than 30 million drivers and car owners have the opportunity to earn revenue on the platform. A large number of users provide a large amount of data assets for Didi, and become an effective basis for their development of financial business. The most essential thing about the financial logic of the network car is the leading edge of data and scene risk control, which can open up data, scenes and industries.

It can be said that Didi started a financial era in China, and what is the logic of the financial market? Why is the network car finance a new blue ocean of technology finance?

Second, what kind of blue ocean is the network car finance?

Since the middle of 2018, technology finance can be described as a constant loss of consumption.Internet bankingThere have been problems in the enterprise, so that the industry has even seen a phenomenon of tens of thousands of horses. Everyone is wondering, where is the future of China's technology finance? In fact, the Internet-based car finance opened by Didi is giving us all a different perspective. This is probably an important pilot for technology finance, and it’s possible that Didi may come out of a different technology. Financial roads.

First of all, what is the logic of Didi's network car finance itself? In fact, the essence of Drip Network Car Finance is the advantage of data and scene risk control. In particular, the loan-minding part of the industry before, relying on operational data risk control, can pre-identify and reduce the risk management, and realize the closed-loop fund repayment, which truly reflects the asset advantages of the scene finance.

From the scene, Net Car Finance has set up a very clear scene financial system, covering the three major markets of travel market, automobile market and consumer market. The financial logic prospects covered are very clear, and the so-called "financial industry is not stable." The industry is not financially strong."

First, the market for auto finance is vast. In the financial sector, auto finance has always been the best financial market. Due to the large volume of the auto industry, high unit prices, and strong financial demand, most auto companies have very clear financial needs. As early as in the last century, auto finance has become the focus of many well-known auto giants, so that GM will be called the general financial company. At the same time, a large number of car rental companies also have very clear financial needs in the process of business development, and they and the car companies are the users of this network of car leading enterprises. Therefore, Didi provides services to them through their own financial technology advantages, not only in a clear direction, but also in stable demand, less competitors, and differentiation.Competitive advantagesObviously, it can be described as a huge blue ocean.

As an Internet technology company with advanced technology advantages, Didi has such a huge expansion space. In the future, it can provide diversified technology services to the participants of the automotive industry, reduce the research and development costs of the traditional automobile industry, and improve the professionalism of auto finance. The level of so that the automotive industry participants can easily achieve financial touch. This part of the previous "torrent" system has been described.

Taking the car rental industry as an example, under the whole orange system, car rental companies can provide financial leasing services at a lower cost, further expand the financial strength of enterprises, reduce the risk and increase the benefits through economies of scale, and thus allow car rental companies. Has a large market adjustment space.

Second, travel financial derivatives are better. Today, the current auto market industry is relatively sluggish. Almost all auto manufacturers have focused their attention on the online car market. Geely launched the Cao Cao car, and Shouqi launched the first car, and SAIC launched the road. It can be said that the group of dragons gathered around the network. In fact, from the fundamental logic, the network car is not very prosperous in the entire car sales market today, in fact, it has become an important channel for most auto companies to digest their own production capacity. In this context, with the full compliance of the market, many car rental companies have replaced and compliant vehicles andnew energy vehiclesThe demand has provided a large amount of market demand for the network car market. In this respect, the lack of traditional financial services has also left a large amount of market space for the network car companies such as Didi.

At the same time, Didi is the largest service provider in China's network car industry. They have the most extensive network of car driver users. These groups have huge demand from payment to credit, insurance to wealth management. Compared with the commercial bank's lack of understanding of the revenue of the network driver, Didi can be said to accurately grasp the user data of 30 million drivers and owners. After the data is desensitized, the risk control and demand analysis can be effectively realized through big data analysis. Therefore, it has a more accurate market advantage than traditional financial institutions such as commercial banks.

Third, the second-hand car financial market has huge space. InGuoxin Energy(Quotes600617,Medical stockToday, with the rapid development of automobiles, new energy vehicles have long suffered from low residual values ​​and serious depreciation of used vehicles. However, for the network car market, the new energy vehicles are actually more compliant car types. The network car companies can completely operate the new energy vehicles through the financial services, making the second-hand new cars cheaper. Energy vehicles provide a high positive cash flow to the market, which not only enhances the asset value-added capacity of new energy used vehicles, but also makes the development of financial leasing business more promising and the market risk is lower.

Four isConsumer financeThe market advantage is obvious. As we said earlier, the Didi travel platform has already served more than 550 million users, and the network travel has become the habit of most people traveling daily. As an important scene of people's daily consumption, Didi has a very obvious advantage in behavioral data analysis, through big data,artificial intelligenceThe analysis can better analyze the financial needs of users, and this demand can be synchronized to the financial institutions that the Drip platform cooperates. When users need their own financial services, Drip can more accurately reach users, help users and finance. The organization achieves matching and docking of requirements.

Secondly, "network-about car finance" is of great significance to Didi. As we all know, the network car is a meager profit or even a loss of the industry, international and domestic network car players are actually facing the same profit problems, whether it is the internationally renowned network car companies Uber, Lyft, or domestic network car companies It is more difficult for the US Mission to achieve large-scale profit in the online car market. Under such a premise, Drip and other network car companies need to have diversified profit advantages, and transform their data assets and technological advantages into their own business sources. Therefore, the development of network car finance for Didi can not only help it expand its business type, provide more services to all parties in the industry, but also contribute more profits and benefits to Didi, helping Didi to achieve diversified business. Develop to improve the ability to respond to market risks.

Third, a new model for the financial industry is worth looking forward to. In fact, many problems in the development of technology finance in the past are in some sense the problems arising from the separation of finance from the actual scene. Because many businesses of Internet finance lack practical scenes, they become virtual financial idling of financial service providers themselves. This has resulted in a large number of risk events. For technology finance, it is only closely integrated with the scene.Financial productIn order to truly realize the realization of the financial services real economy, Didi’s online car finance model will undoubtedly do this. If this model proves to be successful, it will undoubtedly provide a new kind of development for China’s technology and financial industry. The possibility.

Didi's network car finance has a broad prospect from now on, so it depends on how it is advanced. After all, the "spiral growth" industry has grown more than straight.

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