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    The financial industry "Goggles" list released: February super match with the champion Hua Ping Securities

    2019-03-06 15:20:23

    Financial sector website 

    As of the close of February 28, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2940.95 points, and in February it rose 13.79%. The Shenzhen Component Index and the GEM index closed at 0903.93 points and 1535.68 points respectively. The Shenzhen Composite Index rose more than 20%, and the GEM monthly increase of 25.06% was the best performance in history.

    In February, the industry rose sharply. The electronics industry in Shenwan's first-class industry saw the largest increase, with a cumulative monthly increase of 28.77%. The computer industry's cumulative monthly increase was 27.98%, followed by the cumulative monthly increase of 27.87% in the communications industry.

    In the financial industry, "Guangyan" monthly super-match industry selection, a total of 20 brokers participated in February. According to industry statistics compiled by various brokers, the top three winners in the February list were: Ping An Securities,Founder Securities,CITIC Construction Investment.

     The financial sector's eye-catching list, the over-match industry, Ping An Securities

    February top match list of brokers rose in the top ten rankings

    First place: Ping An Securities

    In February, the results of Ping An Securities were leaps and bounds. In the case of a moderate overall ranking in January, the precision-equipped securities, communications equipment, and semiconductor industries in February made the total scores leading the ranks of various brokers, especially in the configuration. The performance of the three industries is also gratifying, both above 25%, and the total increase is nearly 6 percentage points lower than the second-ranked Founder Securities.

    For the investment strategy in March, Ping An Securities stated:

    First, we believe that the upward trend of this round of A-share market is not over yet. In March, the A-share market will continue to fluctuate upward. Under the influence of the pre-market overheating and financial regulatory policies, the short-term fluctuations in the current market position are inevitable. Although the inflow of overseas funds has fluctuated, the inclusion rhythm of MSCI is faster than market expectations, and the entry of medium and long-term funds should not be too worrying.

    Second, the two sessions will be held soon, and the market in March is expected to start around the main content of the two sessions. 1. The fiscal and tax incentives will be confirmed. The size of the fiscal deficit will be determined, and the strength and direction of capital investment in infrastructure investment will be further clarified. 2. The policy will continue to support the development of private enterprises, mainly the support of tax policies and financial policies is expected to be further clarified. 3. The policy will further support economic transformation and upgrading, and increase the layout of emerging industries. That is to increase manufacturing technology transformation and equipment renewal, accelerate the pace of 5G commercialization, and strengthen the construction of new infrastructure such as artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, and Internet of Things.

    Third, in terms of A-share market allocation, it is recommended to add some defenses to the leading high-quality listed companies that meet the preferences of foreign-funded and ETF products, as well as emerging industries such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, new energy vehicles, and 5G. Therefore, in March, it is recommended to pay attention to:China Pacific Insurance,Vanke A,CITIC Bank,Yili,Tongce Medical,Ningde era,Huayu Software,Hengrun shares,Bonfire communication,Daye Special Steel.

    Second place: Founder Securities

    Founder Securities has always been stable in the industry configuration, won the third in the January super-distribution list, is still on the list in February, and is still in the list of three industries in February: communication equipment, electronics manufacturing Real estate development has basically maintained the industry configuration since January. Due to the drag of the recommended real estate development industry, the total score is slightly inferior to the first place, but this stable style is still worth learning by various brokers.

    For the investment strategy in March, Founder Securities said:

    First, the market view: The market may have a benign adjustment when the strategy has not retreated. In the process of economic downturn, what are the conditions for the valuation to repair the market to the bull market? We compared the three rounds of the market in 1999-2001, 2008-2009 and 2014-2015. The nature of the market changes and must continue to have two conditions: Liquidity has a huge turning point in quantity or price. It cut interest rates four times in 1998-1999, cut interest rates five times in 2008-2009, and cut interest rates six times in 2014-2015. The adjustment of policy interest rates is very obvious and strong; The policy support is strong, the national six in 1999, the national nine in late 2008 and the new nine in 2014. At present, it is still defined as the valuation repair market. Whether it is converted into a bull market needs to be observed. The core lies in the policy interest rate being constrained. At present, there will be no huge inflection point in the liquidity level. The policy interest rate is at a historical low level and currently does not have the basis for continuous interest rate cuts.

    Second, the main idea of ​​industry allocation: In general, the market may have a benign adjustment in March, but when it is not strategically retreat, the impact of exports and real estate is still unclear in terms of economy; from the perspective of liquidity, the reserve ratio is still There is room for downward adjustment but the interest rate cut may be too high; the policy perspective focuses on the reform of the financial supply side and the reform of the registration system of the science and technology board. On the whole, the current configuration focuses on three clues. 1. Technology innovation, direct financing and indirect financing are all supporting science and technology. The sub-sectors focus on communications, electronics, computers, etc. 2. New infrastructure, including electrical equipment, 5G, Internet of Things 3. Focus on stable consumption, including food and beverage, home appliances, etc. In March, the over-match industry maintained its configuration since February, namely communications, electrical equipment and home appliances.

    Third, in March, preferred communications, electrical equipment, and home appliances. The supporting logic of communication lies in the speed of 5G commercial process, the performance of pits, the existence of repair expectations and the upswing, which is the driving force of manufacturing investment. The supporting logic of electrical equipment lies in the new infrastructure to enhance industry demand, sector valuation at the bottom of history and the driving force for manufacturing investment. The supporting logic of home appliances lies in the continuous inflow of foreign capital, good matching of performance valuation and easing of trade situation.

    Third place: CITIC Jiantou

    CITIC Jiantou ranked third in the industry allocation in February, less than 1 percentage point from the second-ranked Founder Securities. The six recommended industries are: securities, communications equipment, semiconductors, computer equipment, beverage manufacturing, white goods, and many recommended industries.

    For the investment strategy for the first week of March, CITIC Jiantou stated:

    From the perspective of investment strategy, we maintain the most optimistic judgment in the whole market. In terms of large-scale asset allocation, we suggest that the order of configuration is stock (including convertible bonds) > credit bonds > local currency > commodities > national debt, continue to actively look at the stock market, optimistic about the economic bottoming and the appreciation of the renminbi brought about by the easing of Sino-US trade talks The process is to warn of the possible rise in risk-free interest rates in the government bond market.

    In the stock market industry configuration, in the third week and the fourth week of February, after the market has risen sharply in the direction of our proposed growth and brokerage, the white horse blue chips along the exchange rate appreciation of food and beverage, home appliances, etc. can continue. Upstream. If the stock market pulls back, we recommend continuing to raise positions. Continue to increase the number of dividends represented by jiacang communications, computers and electronics, and lay out high-dividend sectors such as food and beverages and home appliances, and add market players to benefit from the market.

    The most optimistic industry for brokers in March is shown below.

     The financial sector's eye-catching list, the over-match industry, Ping An Securities

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